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The geography of the Mario franchise covers the Mushroom Kingdom, the Mushroom Continent where the Mushroom Kingdom is located, Mario's home planet Earth, and the rest of Mario's Universe, which includes other dimensions and galaxies. This page is not intended to be complete — it only focuses on Mario's home regions, nested by decreasing size.

Mario's Universe

Mario's home dimension

Mario's Dimension

Mario's home galaxy cluster

World Five (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

Mario's home galaxy

The Milky Way[1]

Other large parts of Mario's home dimension

World Six (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

Smaller locations somewhere in Mario's home dimension

Shroob Planet

Planet Plantaen

Future Fun Land

The Factory

Other dimensions

Count Bleck's Dimension



Gloam Valley Dimension

Land of the Cragnons Dimension

Lineland Dimension

Outer Space Dimension

Parallel Dimension

Paranormal Dimension

Sammer's Kingdom Dimension

Shake Dimension

Dream World

The Bitlands Dimension

The Underwhere and Overthere Dimension

The Milky Way

Mario's home star cluster

World Three (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

Mario's home star system

World Two (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

Mario's home planet

Mario's Planet

Mario's Planet


Eastern Continent

Northern Continent

Southern Continent

Western Continent


Mario's home continent

Mushroom Continent

Other microcontinents

Far West Continent

Lost Continent

Mushroom Continent


Koopa Kingdom

Desert Hill

Flower Kingdom

Grass Land

Greater Diamond City

Jewelry Land

Mushroom Kingdom

Nimbus Land

Beanbean Kingdom

Sea Side

Sunshine Archipelago

Independent Polities

Bob-omb Buddy Kingdom

Bob-omb Kingdom

Dry Dry Desert

Fahr Outpost

Forever Forest and Gusty Gulch

Lavalava Island


Monstro Town


Poshley Heights

Raven Tribe


Mushroom World

Mario's home Kingdom

Mushroom Kingdom

Other Kingdoms

Grass Land

Desert Hill

Ocean Side

Big Island

The Sky

Iced Land

Pipe Maze


  1. A "Galaxy" in the Mario Universe can apply to clusters of celestial bodies ranging from a single planet to billions