Mushroom Kingdom

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Mushroom Kingdom
Mushroom Kingdom NSMBU.png
Full name Mushroom Kingdom
Greater location Mushroom Continent
Inhabitants Toads, Humans, Goombas, Koopas
Capital Toad Town
Nearby Locations
Koopa Kingdom
Evershade Valley Mushroom Kingdom Mushroom World
Beanbean Kingdom

Mushroom Kingdom flag
Mushroom Kingdom flag

The Mushroom Kingdom is a kingdom that is located on the Mushroom Continent and occupies a significant portion of its landmass. Its capital city is Toad Town. Princess Peach Toadstool is the reigning monarch and head of state. Toads make up the majority of the population of the kingdom, with smaller groups of Humans, Goombas and Koopas also present.

It is surrounded by the Beanbean Kingdom to the south and the Koopa Kingdom to the east, along with many smaller domains and undeveloped wilderness.


The Mushroom Kingdom's terrain is extremely varied. Its most prominent biome is a characteristic grassland punctuated by domed hills, but high alpine terrain, forests, and deserts such as Dry Dry Desert also exist within the kingdom. The kingdom has settlements of all sizes, ranging from small towns such as Koopa Village all the way to large metropolises such as Mushroom City.


The Mushroom Kingdom has well-developed terraforming, construction, and scientific infrastructure, being capable of creating megastructures such as the Mario Kart Stadium and the Baseball Kingdom. Much of the Kingdom's power comes from Power Stars, which fall in the Kingdom every 100 years during the Star Festival. Stars form a major part of the kingdom's iconography and culture. The Kingdom also has a close connection to Star Haven, with Starborn Valley and the Crystal Palace being located within the Kingdom and the royal family having ties to the Star Spirits going back generations. Sports events, such as kart racing, golf, and tennis, have become highly popular during Princess Peach's reign, drawing large crowds to see her compete with other royalty, local heroes, and companions. Mushrooms, which are the namesake of the kingdom, are also deeply ingrained in the culture: both Toads and Goombas bear a resemblance to Mushrooms, the kingdom’s population often live in mushroom-like houses and the Kingdom’s flag and emblem also depict Mushrooms. While Toads are the predominant species in the kingdom, historically, the Mushroom Kingdom has relied on Humans for leadership.

Since the reign of Princess Peach, the Mushroom Kingdom has been defending in a protracted struggle for power with the Koopa Kingdom. The military of the Koopa Kingdom, the Koopa Troop, often occupies much of the kingdom, building fortresses, towers and castles. Princess Peach has been abducted numerous times by the king of the Koopa Kingdom, Bowser Koopa.