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Full name Rogueport
Greater location Eastern Continent
Inhabitants Toads, Goombas, Piantas, Doogans, Craws, Koopa Troopas, Bob-ombs, Shamans, etc.
Nearby Locations
Fahr Outpost Boggly Woods Petal Meadows
Twilight Town Rogueport Poshley Heights
Cap Kingdom Keelhaul Key Sand Kingdom

Rogueport is a coastal town in the north of the Eastern Continent. The town is known for its many criminals and is de-facto ruled by two criminal organisations. The town is located where the Ancient City stood 1000 years ago. The town is home to a few shops, Podley's bar and the the Trouble Center.


Ancient history

An illustration of the Ancient City, as seen in a book

3000 to 1500 years ago

Long ago, an ancient civilization settled in the area Rogueport is now located. They built a city there, that soon rose to be very prosporous, described as bustling, blessed and a place all people lived happy lives.[1] The city was located on a series of islands off of the coast Rogueport is located on in the modern day. Sometimes, around 1000 years ago, the pirate king Cortez would raid the city.

1000 years ago

A group of the members of the ancient civilization, calling themselves The Great Ones, summoned a demon, known as the Shadow Queen. This Demon destroyed the city in one night, causing it to sink under the sea. The Shadow Queen reigned terror across the land, using the palace at the center of the former Ancient City, untill 4 heroes united to fight her. Her body was destroyed, but her soul lingered, before being sealed in a deep dungeon in her palace, using the Crystal Stars.

Less then 1000 years ago

At first, the area where the Shadow Queen once dwelled was feared by all, but the story of the Ancient City slowly faded into legend and when the last ruins of the city had faded from the surface, generations had forgotten the terror of the Shadow Queen. Criminals from all over the world gattered and settled in a new town that they called Rogueport and the town slowly grew into a prospouring harbor, home to many species from across the world.

Not long ago

The X-Nauts search Rogueport, looking for a Crystal Star, which they manage to uncover. Princess Peach and Toadsworth were travelling throug the Mushroom Kingdom, but they head to make a stop, due to the boat running out of fuel. Toadsworth was very afraid and paranoid in the town, because of its criminality. Thus, he was very protective over Peach, but she refused to listen. Peach was looking around the town, when she stumbled across Beldam, who was carrying the chest containing the Magical Map, who ushered in Peach, so she could open the chest to thest if she was a fair maiden. Beldam gave her the chest and she managed to open it, proving that she had a pure heart. Beldam wanted to kidnap Peach at that instant, but she decided against it, due to the fact that she was paranoid over all the prying eyes that might see her. Peach sent the map to Mario, so that he could come to Rogueport and help her find the treasure, but soon, Beldam kidnapped her and took her to the X-Nauts.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

One day, Mario and Luigi were talking in their house about adventure, untill Luigi heard Parakarry delivering a letter. The letter was from Peach, who asked Mario to come to Rogueport to help her find the treasure that the map she sent him referred to. Mario travelled with a boat to Rogueport, where he found Goombella being harassed by a few X-Nauts, together with Lord Crump, who were trying to get information out of her, regarding the location of the Crystal Stars. Mario defeats Lord Crump, before Crump orders his minions to jump him and Goombella, but Mario escapes with her. After introducing themselves to eachother, Goombella befriends Mario and the two set their sights for Professor Frankly. Toadsworth walks outside form the inn and asks Mario to help find the princess. Mario travels to Frankly, who tells him about the legend of The Thousand-Year Door and the treasure of Rogueport, whereafter they travel to the door and the magical map reacts, by revealling the first Crystal Star to be located in Petal Meadows. Mario and his partners then continually come back to Rogueport after retreiving another Crystal Star, before they can finally enter the Thousand-Year Door. Bowser visits Rogueport two times as well, the first time to visit Glitzville and the second time he finds Rawk Hawk's secret training grounds. Luigi also continually visits Rogueport as a waypoint during his adventure to find Princess Eclair.


Rogueport is located to the on the southern coast of the northern part of the Eastern Continent. There are forests to the close west and east of the town. To the close north is a vast field.[2] To the further east of the town is a vast desert and to the far northeast of the town is Petal Meadows.[3] To the north of Rogueport are the Boggly Woods, to the west is Twilight Town and to the northwest is Fahr Outpost. To the south of the town is a vast ocean and to the far south is the island of Keelhaul Key.[4]

Economic and political situation

Rogueport is beset by strife because of a turf war that has recently heated up between two criminal organisations, being the Pianta Syndicate and the Robbo Thieves.[5] The Pianta Syndicate has control over the western side of Rogueport and the Robbo Thieves have control over the eastern side, with the two organisations contesting the center of Rogueport.


Many of Rogueport's residents were or are criminals, some of which went to Rogueport to escape the law. Many species live and work in Rogueport, such as Bob-Ombs, Toads, Goombas, Squeeks, Beanish, Shamans, Craws, Bandits, Doogans, Twilighters, Piantas, Boos and other species we don't know the name of.


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