Big Island

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Big Island
SMB3 Big Island Map.png
Map of Big Island
Full name Big Island
Greater location Mushroom World
Inhabitants Toads, Humans
Capital Big Island Castle
Nearby Locations
↖{{{northwest}}} Pipe Maze ↗{{{northeast}}}
Sea Side Big Island The Sky
↙{{{southwest}}} Mushroom Kingdom ↘{{{southeast}}}

Big Island is one of the many kingdoms of the Mushroom World, ruled over by Big Island's King[1]. Much like the rest of the Mushroom World, it's typically a peaceful kingdom and has been a target of the Koopa Kingdom in the past.


Super Mario Bros 3

Big Island was invaded by Bowser and the Koopa Troop during the events of Super Mario Bros. 3. Iggy Koopa had been sent by Bowser to make mischief in the Kingdom as a part of Bowser's revenge plot after his defeat during the events of Super Mario Bros..[2] With a base of operations in his airship, Iggy Koopa attacked Big Island on a stormy day and stole the King's Magic Wand, before transforming him into a Kong.[3] The Koopa Troop quickly took over much of Big Island. Mario and Luigi, at the behest of Princess Peach, set out to save Big Island after saving Sea Side and its inhabitants. After making their way to Sea Side Castle, Mario & Luigi boarded the Airship and defeated Iggy Koopa., before returning the Magic Wand to the King. Big Island was the fourth kingdom of the Mushroom World that Mario explored; after finishing there, Mario moved on to The Sky.[4]

General Information


Big Island is a Kingdom in the Mushroom World. It is east of Sea Side and west of The Sky.

Distinguishing Features and Landmarks

Big Island is very simular to Grass Land with brown soil and grass covering up the ground. Unlike the other kingdoms in the Mushroom World almost everything is of a massive size including the ? Blocks, Brick Blocks, Warp Pipes and even the Cloud Blocks.


Big Island is home to a bunch of Toads and their human king. It is also home to large sized Goombas, Koopa Troopas and Piranha Plants, although its unknown if they were a part of the Koopa Troop or they were residents of the island.