The Milky Way

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The Milky Way[1] is a large Galaxy[2] composed of many smaller Galaxies. It is the largest home galaxy of Earth[3].

Star Clusters Inside

World Three (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

Star Systems Inside

World Two (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

Galaxies Inside

Gateway Galaxy

• Sky Station Galaxy

• Yoshi Star Galaxy

• Spin-Dig Galaxy

• Fluffy Bluff Galaxy

• Flip-Swap Galaxy

• Rightside Down Galaxy

• Puzzle Plank Galaxy

• Hightail Falls Galaxy

• Boulder Bowl Galaxy

• Cosmic Cove Galaxy

• Wild Glide Galaxy

• Honeybloom Galaxy

• Bowser's Lava Lair

• Tall Trunk Galaxy

• Cloudy Court Galaxy

• Haunty Halls Galaxy

• Freezy Flake Galaxy

• Rolling Masterpiece Galaxy

• Beat Block Galaxy

  1. Name is from the Darker Side brochure in Super Mario Odyssey
  2. A "Galaxy" in the Mario Universe can apply to clusters of celestial bodies ranging from a single planet to billions
  3. Earth is also in the smaller Grand Finale Galaxy