Count Bleck's Dimension

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Count Bleck's Dimension is the unnamed dimension from which Count Bleck, Timpani, and Count Bleck's Father originate. It was the first dimension to be destroyed by Count Bleck, and was where the Dark Prognosticus and the Tribe of Darkness were located for a considerable amount of time.


Count Bleck's dimension was where Bleck, then known as Blumiere, met Timpani. After several secret meetings with Timpani, Blumiere fell in love with and proposed to her. However, Blumiere, being a member of the Tribe of Darkness, was forbidden from marrying outside of the tribe. This caused Bleck's father to intervene.

Eventually, Blumiere's father banished Timpani from the dimension. Believing Timpani no longer existed, Blumiere decided life no longer had meaning. Blumiere stole the Dark Prognosticus, took the moniker "Count Bleck," and used the prophetic book's power to destroy the dimension.