Sunshine Archipelago

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The Sunshine Archipelago

The Sunshine Archipelago is a archipelago of tropical islands located to the northwest of the Mushroom Continent, near the equator line. It is composed of 8 major islands, with 5 of them being made up of additional smaller islands. The archipelago is mainly inhabited by the Piantas and the Noki, and is a very popular tourist destination due to its tropical climate and attractions.

Arguments and evidence for the placement of each location can be found here.


Isle Delfino

Isle Delfino is a large dolphin-shaped island located in the center of the archipelago, directly over the equator line.

  • Delfino Plaza - A large plaza and the main tourist hub of the island. Its most predominant feature is the large Shine Gate located on its center, around which the island's Shine Sprites gather.
  • Delfino Town - A town located on the north coast of the island, partially hidden by Corona Mountain.
    • Delfino Square - A small town square with a small market, temporarily converted into a racing track for the Mario Kart Grand Prix (DS) and Mario Kart Grand Prix (Wii).
    • Delfino Pier - A large docking zone, temporarily used as a battle course in the Mario Kart Grand Prix (Wii).
  • Bianco Hills - A lush community of villas located at the foot of Corona Mountain, surrounding a lake, and it's known for its large windmill.
  • Ricco Harbor - The industrial and trading port of the island, containing large warehouses and industrial equipment such as cranes and lifts. Its fish market is famous for selling the freshest seafood for miles around.
  • Gelato Beach - The largest and most visited beach in Delfino. Famous for its smoothie drinks and its Watermelon Festival.
  • Sirena Beach - A secluded beach home to the extravagant four-star Hotel Delfino.
  • Pinna Park - An amusement park located on Pinna Island.
  • Noki Bay - A bay surrounded by steep cliffs on the north of Delfino. It is the home of the Noki and is brimming with ancient history.
  • Pianta Village - The ancestral home of the Pianta, built on a giant tree over a giant crater.
  • Corona Mountain - A large active volcano located on the center of the island. Hot springs surrounding it are a popular destination for tourists.

Isle Granchio

Isle Granchio is a large crab-shaped island southwest of Isle Delfino.

  • Coconut Mall - A shopping mall located in the north coast of the main island, alongside a large road. It was temporarily converted into a racing track during the Mario Kart Grand Prix (Wii) and once again during the Mario Kart Grand Prix (3DS).
  • Peach Beach - A beach on the sandy shores of the right claw island. It is located next to a large town. It was also temporarily converted into a racing track during the Mario Kart Grand Prix (GCN) and Mario Kart Grand Prix (Wii).
  • Mario Beach - A beach on the left claw island. Unlike Peach Beach, it seems to be more isolated and features a permanent racing track built for the Mario Kart Arcade Grand Prix (ARC2).

Isle Tartaruga

Isle Tartaruga is a large sea turtle-shaped island southeast of Isle Delfino.

  • Sunshine Airport - An international Airport that serves as the main entry to the Sunshine Archipelago. It is located on the right "limb" of the island. During the Mario Kart 8 Grand Prix (MK8) it was converted into a racing track.
  • Koopa Cape - The cliff-side region in the west coast of the main Shell Island. Since the Mario Kart Grand Prix (Wii) it now contains a racing track and since the Mario Kart Grand Prix (3DS) its underwater tunnels had their top half removed following advancements in kart technology.
  • Koopa Troopa Beach - A beach on the right frontal limb of the island. Famous for its Koopa-shaped rock formations. It contains a racing track used in the Mario Kart Grand Prix (64) and the Mario Kart Grand Prix (3DS).

Isle Manta

Isle Manta is a Manta-shaped island west of Isle Delfino. It is now completely covered by the Baseball Kingdom, a collection of baseball stadiums built by Princess Peach for the Mario Super Sluggers tournament.

Isle Yoshi

Isle Yoshi is a Yoshi-shaped island home to many Yoshis. It's main feature is a racing track along its border, used in the Mario Kart Grand Prix (GCN), Mario Kart Grand Prix (DS) and Mario Kart Grand Prix (MK8).

Other Islands

Other unpopulated islands in the archipelago are:

  • Isle Mola, a sunfish-shaped island in the far northwest corner of the archipelago.
  • Isle Pesce, a sardine-shaped island east of Isle Granchio.
  • Isle Mordorena, an eel-shaped island south of Isle Tartaruga.
  • Isle Medusa, a jellyfish-shaped island east of Isle Delfino.