Toad Minister

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Toad Minister
Toad Minister (old).png
Species Toad
Affiliation(s) Mushroom Kingdom

Toad Minister is an old, green-capped Toad who took the role of a high-ranked servant of the throne, in charge of Peach's Castle and the Mushroom Kingdom in Princess Peach's absence. He also helped to raise the princess and taught her manners.


Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

The Minister's appearance at the time of Super Mario RPG

When Peach went to visit Mario at his house, she got kidnapped by Bowser, who brought her to his castle using his Koopa Clown Car, while Mario chased the two. The Minister, realizing she should have already returned at that time, sent Toad to Mario's pad to see if everything was alright. He and Mario arrive at the Mushroom Castle and the plumber tells the old Toad what happened to Peach and Bowser's Keep is now under the control of the Smithy Gang. He implores Mario to rescue the princess and gives the hero a map, to guide him, while also saying that he shall prepare to his journey and the Vault Guard will assist him.

While Mario was away with Mallow chasing down Croco, Claymorton, a high-ranking servant of Smithy took over Toad Town and the Mushroom Castle. The Minister hid behind a pillar in the throne room during Claymorton's short-lived time in control of the castle. Once Mario defeated Claymorton and his Shymore minions, the Minister meets Mario and wonders who were these guys.

After Mario, Mallow, Bowser etc. save Peach from Booster, who wanted to marry her in Marrymore, they meet the Minister once again in the Mushroom Kingdom. He gets scared by Bowser's presence. After they explain that Smithy has destroyed the Star Road and shattered it into seven pieces, preventing the wishes from being fulfilled, Peach says they need to find them, but the Minister forbids her from going with them, since it goes against the way he taught her to act and he wonders what people would say. He asks Mario to defeat Smithy. The princess, with the help of Grandma who was pretending to be her, escapes the castle without the Minister's permition with her parasol and joins Mario in his quest.

After the defeat of Smithy, the Minister is seen riding Yoshi in the parade to celebrate the heroes' victory. He is also seen in the ending picture along with the others in Yoshi's Island.

Paper Mario

A good while after the events of Super Mario RPG, the Minister, now vivsibly older, organized the party at Peach's Castle. Once Bowser invades the palace and lifts it into the skies, the Minister and other Toads are imprisioned in the dungeon. Several days later, Mario reaches Bowser's Castle after saving all of the Star Spirits and sneaks into the lair of the evil king. He is eventually dropped into a cage by one of Bowser's statues and meets the Minister, who says he loves serving the castle, but it's now under Bowser's control, and asks him to save Peach. After Bowser's defeat, the Minister is freed from his imprisionment.