Toad Town

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Toad Town
Toad Town TOK.png

Greater location Mushroom Kingdom
Inhabitants Toads
Points of Interest Toad Town Mall, Club 64, Musee Champignon
Nearby Locations
Peach's Castle Picnic Road
Goomba Road Toad Town Pleasant Path
Whispering Woods

Toad Town is the capital city of the Mushroom World, as well as its governing territory, the Mushroom Kingdom. It is bustling area that is located south of Peach's Castle, it is regularly visited by tourists from around the world.


Mario & Luigi Partners in Time (Past)

Mario, Luigi and their baby selves end up in a past version of Toad Town that is deserted and destroyed due to the Shroobs. Most of the Toads were also removed from Toad Town with the exception of Gramma Red and Gramma Green who run the item and badge shop[1]

Super Mario RPG

After Mario helped Mallow get his stolen Frog Coin back from Croco, He returns to the town to discover that it has been invaded by Shymores, who have been harassing the towns residents. When they went inside the castle, Mario and Mallow discover that Claymorton a member of the Smithy Gang was behind the invasion. After defeating him they recieved a blue star and the town went back to normal[2].

Paper Mario

In Paper Mario Mario visited Toad Town many times durring his journey. After Mario and Goombario visit Shooting Star Summit a local Shaman named Merlon tells Mario that the first Star Spirit is being held in the Koopa Bros Fortress[3]. After defeating the Koopa Bros they arrive at the station and take the train to Mt Rugged. After returning from Dry Dry Desert Mario and his partners find a Toad guard claim that he saw a ghost vanish into Forever Forest said ghost ends up being Bootler a servant of Lady Bow, Bootler tells Mario to go to Lady Bow's mansion. When Mario and his partners return from Gusty Gulch they discover that Toad Town has been overrun by Shy Guys, who have been stealing everyones personal belongings. Mario and his partners discovered that the Shy Guys were coming from a small toy box located inside a vacant house. They went inside the toy box to stop the Shy Guys and after that was done they set sail to Lavalava Island on the back of a whale. When they arrived back in Toad Town they went through a portal leading to Flower Fields.

Mario & Luigi Bowsers Inside Story

During the events of Mario & Luigi Bowsers Inside Story many of Toad Town's residents start contracting the Blorbs[4]. After Fawful invades Toad Town to steal the Dark Star from underground, Mario and Luigi go to Dr. Toadley who reveals that they must find the 3 Star Cures to cure the Blorbs

Paper Mario: The Origami King

Mario and Luigi show up in Toad Town for the Origami Festival after being invited by Princess Peach. When the Mushroom Kingdom is covered in 5 streamers by King Oly. Mario and Olivia arrive in an abandoned Toad Town only to find it being attacked by Paper Macho Goombas. They defeat the Goombas and rescue the Toads.


Toad Town Mall

Toad Town Dojo

Toad Town Post Office

Rowf and Ruff's Badge Shop

Merlons House

Shroom Grocery

Minh T's Flower Garden

Tayce T's Kitchen

Russ T's House

Abandoned House

Train Station

Li'l Oink Farm

The Playroom

Harry's Shop


Club 64

Gramma's Place

Battle Lab

Musee Champignon



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