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Super Mario
Mario New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe.png
Full name Mario Mario[1]
Aliases Jumpman, Big Bro, The Great Gonzales, Big M
Species Human
Place of Origin Mushroom Kingdom
Residence Mushroom Kingdom
New Donk City (formerly)
Age ● 24-25 (Donkey Kong)[2]
● ~30 (Modern day)[3]
Height 1.55 m[4]

Mario is a plumber and the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, who has saved Princess Peach from his archenemy Bowser on many occasions. He is recognizable from his red hat with an “M” emblem, moustache and cheery appearance. He has a younger twin brother named Luigi who he often brings along on his adventures. Mario leads a very active life, partaking in many sports events. Both his heroism and sporting ventures have given Mario worldwide fame and fortune.


Early Life

Mario was born alongside his brother Luigi in the Stork World, as implied by the opening cutscene of Yoshi’s New Island.[5] Soon after, Baby Mario & Baby Luigi are picked up by the Stork to be taken to their parents.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

The events of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island began with the Stork, carrying Baby Mario & Baby Luigi in his bill, on his way to the Mushroom Kingdom. All of a sudden Kamek flew in on his broom, attacking the stork and causing him to drop Baby Mario. Kamek grabbed Baby Luigi & the Stork and brought them back to his castle in the Koopa Kingdom. Baby Mario fell down and landed on the back of yoshi on Yoshi’s Island. The yoshi took Baby Mario back to his clan and they all agreed to help reunite the baby brothers. When he realised that he had only grabbed one of the babies, Kamek sent out his Toadies to retrieve Baby Mario and bring him back to the Koopa Kingdom. The yoshis protected Baby Mario as he led them towards where his brother was being held using some sort of “brotherly telepathy”.[6]

Baby Mario and the Yoshis ventured across Yoshi’s Island and eventually to the Koopa Kingdom. In the Koopa Kingdom, the Yoshis and Baby Mario came face-to-face with Kamek. Kamek was quickly disposed of by a young Prince Bowser, who wanted to ride on Yoshi. This led to a battle between Baby Mario & Yoshi and Baby Bowser in which Baby Bowser attempted to knock Baby Mario off of Yoshi’s back and ride on Yoshi himself. This fight resulted in Baby Bowser’s defeat. Kamek then came back, only to be shocked to see his young Prince defeated at the hands of Yoshi. He then used his magic to revive Baby Bowser and grow him to a great size. Using Giant Eggs, Yoshi and Baby Mario defeated Baby Bowser and Kamek, saving Baby Luigi and the Stork. Kamek and Bowser flew off into the night on Kamek’s broomstick and the Yoshi Clan blew up Baby Bowser’s Castle. The Stork took the babies once again and flew them to their home in the Mushroom Kingdom.[7]

Yoshi’s New Island

Yoshi’s New Island began directly where Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island left off.[5] The Stork finally delivered the babies to their home. Unfortunately, there had been a mixup. The Stork had brought Baby Mario and Baby Luigi to the wrong parents. So, the Stork took off into the night sky in order to deliver them to their rightful home. Kamek suddenly reappeared, wanting to kidnap the babies once and for all. Once again, Kamek only managed to grab Baby Luigi and the Stork. Baby Mario floated down using the cloth he was wrapped in as a parachute. He landed safely on Egg Island, home of another clan of Yoshis that had just recently been taken over by Baby Bowser due to his own castle’s destruction. While the Yoshis were discussing how they would find Baby Bowser’s Hideout, Baby Mario landed on the island and began to crawl with determination towards his brother. The Yoshis agreed that they would help Baby Mario to get where he needed to go, as the island was far too dangerous for a baby.

Throughout their adventure, the Yoshis were aided by Mr. Pipe, a mysterious being that resembles a Warp Pipe. While venturing across Yoshi’s Island they ran into Kamek and his minions multiple times, before eventually finding Baby Bowser’s Hideout. Once again, Baby Bowser spotted the yoshi and wanted a ride, engaging in a fight with Baby Mario and Yoshi. Mario & Yoshi won, prompting Kamek to once again make Baby Bowser grow to a massive size. Yoshi and Baby Mario successfully defeated Baby Bowser once again using Mega Eggdozers. Kamek and Baby Bowser flew off, with Kamek vowing that they’d return one day. Yoshi and Baby Mario rushed over to the Stork and Baby Luigi. Suddenly, warping through space and time, King Bowser from the future appeared. He fought Yoshi and Baby Mario, only to be defeated and dropped into a pool of lava by Yoshi’s Metal Eggdozers. Kamek returned, using his magic to revive King Bowser and make him giant. Yoshi used the Eggdozers one last time to put an end to Bowser’s plot. Bowser was sent back to his own time through the Wormhole he came through.

The Yoshi Clan had successfully reunited Baby Mario with his brother. With Baby Bowser defeated, the Yoshis could also go back to their normal lives. The Stork finally delivered Baby Mario and Baby Luigi to their correct home in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mr. Pipe was actually Mario from the future the entire time. He finally removed his disguise and returned to his own time.

Yoshi Touch & Go

Taking place around this time, in Yoshi Touch & Go Kamek attacked the Stork once again. This time both Baby Mario & Baby Luigi fell to the island below. With the help of some magical clouds, Baby Mario landed safely on the back of a Yoshi. The Yoshis carried Baby Mario across Yoshi’s Island, trying to find Baby Luigi and get both of the babies back to the Stork before Kamek could kidnap them. Eventually the heroes found Baby Luigi in the clutches of Kamek's Toadies. Once the Toadies were defeated, the brothers were reunited once again.

Yoshi’s Island DS

One night, in Yoshi's Island DS, some time after the events of the previous games, babies from all over the world were kidnapped by Kamek and Bowser from the future. They were looking for the seven Star Children. These were seven Babies with stars in their hearts that possessed extraordinary power. Kamek saw that the Stars had fallen in this time period, so Bowser and Kamek parked Bowser’s Castle in the skies above Yoshi’s Island and sent out their minions to bring all of the babies back to the castle. Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, who were actually two of the Star Children, were taken from their homes by a Toady. They were being brought to Bowser’s Castle like all of the other babies, when the Stork flew in to try and save some of them. He managed to knock Baby Mario and Baby Peach out of the Toadies’ grasps, but Baby Luigi and the other babies were taken to the castle.

Baby Mario and Peach fell to the island below. Baby Mario landed on the back of a familiar Yoshi and Baby Peach floated down with her parasol. Kamek soon realised that he was missing Baby Mario and Baby Peach. Infuriated, he sent his minions out to retrieve the missing babies. The Yoshis decide to have a meeting in order to decide what to do with the two babies. Baby Mario wants to save all of the other kidnapped babies, but he knows he can’t do it by himself. The Yoshi Clan eventually decided that, like before, they would help Baby Mario by carrying him around on their backs. This time, the Stork and Baby Peach would also help the Yoshis save all of the other babies. The team set off, venturing into Yoshi’s Island once again.

During the adventure, they met various other babies that joined them in their quest to stop Bowser and Kamek,, including baby DK, Baby Wario and even Baby Bowser. Eventually, the team made it to Bowser’s Castle. Once inside the castle, Baby Bowser told the others to leave to which they refused. Then, thinking that they were going to steal his treasure, Baby Bowser fought against Yoshi and the others. Yoshi defeated Baby Bowser, of course, but then Adult Bowser arrived. Seeing what Yoshi did to his younger self led Bowser to fight Yoshi and the babies, but he too was defeated. Kamek then arrived, turning Bowser into a giant once again. This time, four Yoshis and the four babies worked together, and they used Giant Eggs to defeat Bowser. Baby Luigi and the other kidnapped babies were saved and returned to their homes by the Storks. Bowser, Kamek and their minions go back to their own time period.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

In Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, Baby Mario & Baby Luigi, now older than they were during Yoshi’s Island DS, went to Mushroom Castle to have a playdate with Baby Princess Peach. When they arrived at the castle, they were greeted by Toadsworth, who welcomed them and told them to head to the throne room, where the princess awaited them. When the brothers arrived at the throne room, it was revealed that Baby Bowser had entered the castle and grabbed Baby Peach, intending to take her home to his Castle. Toadworth objected to this, but he was quickly defeated by Baby Bowser’s flame. Baby Mario began a battle with Baby Bowser, while Baby Luigi looked after the princess. Using his jumps, Baby Mario managed to defeat the Koopa Prince. Unbeknownst to Mario and the others, the Shroob fleet were in the skies above the Mushroom Kingdom, ready to launch their invasion.

All of a sudden, Shroob UFOs began attacking the castle from the outside. They began shooting at Toad Town and abducting its residents. Baby Bowser called Kamek, telling him to come pick them up in the Koopa Cruiser. Kamek arrived just in time, and the babies and Toadsworth escaped from the Mushroom Kingdom capital in the Koopa Cruiser. It wasn’t long before almost all of the Mushroom King fell under Shroob Control. As the Koopa Cruiser flew Baby Bowser’s Castle, the Shroob UFOs gave chase, shooting at the ship. Baby Mario, Baby Luigi and Baby Peach began crying. Toadsworth wheeled the Princess to the bridge of the Koopa Cruiser, while Baby Bowser instructed the everyone else to also come to the bridge over a speaker system. Hearing this, Baby Mario stopped his crying and tried to get Baby Luigi to do the same to no avail. Instead, Baby Mario had to push Luigi out of the room. Baby Mario & Baby Luigi made their way to the bridge, where they met up with Baby Bowser and the others. Baby Bowser fired the Koopa Cruiser’s Koopa Cannon, which took out the Shroob UFOs on their tail.

While flying over Hollijolli Village, the Koopas noticed some villagers under Shroob attack. While Baby Bowser was initially willing to fly past as if they saw nothing, Baby Peach’s unapproving cries convinced him otherwise. Baby Bowser fired the Koopa Cannon at the Shroobs in the village, crushing one and scaring the other two away. He told the Baby Bros. that they could take care of the villagers, letting them out of the Koopa Cruiser at the edge of the village. Baby Mario walked around the village with his brother, until they eventually found the “villagers” they were looking for. As it turned out, the villagers they had just saved were actually Mario & Luigi from the future. Just then, the one Shroob climbed out from under the Koopa Cannonball and another joined him. Unable to wake up their adult counterparts, Baby Mario & Baby Luigi had to fight off the two Shroobs on their own. Using their jumps and a Shell attack from Toadsworth, they defeated the two Shroobs and brought their adult counterparts to the Koopa Cruiser. When Mario & Luigi woke up, Toadsworth brought them up to speed on the events of the Shroob invasion. Mario explained to Toadsworth that he and Luigi had come from the future to save Princess Peach of the future, who they believed was being held in the Shroob Castle. Toadsworth didn’t believe him, thinking they weren’t of sound mind. Before Mario could say anything else, the Koopa Cruiser received a transmission from Shroob Castle. Princess Shroob appeared on the monitor, speaking the Shroob language. While nobody in the Koopa Cruiser could understand what she was saying, it wasn't long before they got her message. A shroob missile sent from Shroob Castle was heading straight for the Koopa Cruiser. With the Koopa Cannon out of ammo, the Shroob Missile landed a direct hit on the Koopa Cruiser. The Koopa Cruiser had a crash landing, barely making it within the walls of Bowser’s castle. Everyone that was inside the cruiser had been thrown away from the crash site during the landing.

Baby Mario and Baby Luigi landed on a metal beam above a lava pool in Baby Bowser’s Castle, before the Adult Bros. arrived on the scene. Baby Mario quickly jumped from the beam, with adult Luigi breaking his fall, while Baby Luigi took some coaxing from adult Mario, before eventually falling down onto the well-padded leather of Stuffwell, who adult Mario and Luigi had brought to the past. Deciding to continue as a group to reunite with the Koopa Troop, Baby Peach and Toadsworth, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi received piggybacks from their adult selves as they made their way through the castle. After exploring for a short while, the Bros. encountered Kamek, who remembered them from the events of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. He noted how they now looked much bigger and hairier, and recalled how his plan didn’t work out so well. Despite the weirdness of the situation, he attempted to defeat the Bros. by summoning some Minions to fight them. When the minions were defeated, Kamek flew off in search of Prince Bowser once again. After exploring the castle further, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi found a chest with a mysterious shard. Taking the shard with them, the four Bros. made their way to Baby Bowser’s room, where they were reunited with Baby Peach and Toadsworth. A time hole which led back to adult Mario’s time had opened up in the room, and the Bros. intended on using it to head back to the future. They advised Toadsworth to follow and bring Baby Peach. While he initially refused due to the potential unknown dangers through the hole, he changed his mind after being name-called by Stuffwell.

In the future, Baby Mario and Luigi went with adult Mario and Luigi to see Professor E. Gadd, the inventor of the Time Machine adult Princess Peach had used to get to the past. After being presented with the mysterious shard, the professor informed the group that it was a piece of the Cobalt Star, the power source of the Time Machine. How it got broken and how it ended up in Bowser’s Castle however is still a mystery. After witnessing the shard react to a Junior Shrooboid he’d been researching, the professor came to the conclusion that the Cobalt Star was linked in some way to the Shroobs. The Bros. were urged to return to the past and track down the Cobalt Star shards in the hope that it would lead them to Princess Peach. Reacting to the other Cobalt Star shards still scattered in the past, the Cobalt Star shard in the Bros. possession tore another time hole leading them to the location of the next shard.

Heading back into the past, the four Bros. ended up in Toadwood Forest. After exploring for a short time, the Marios heard their name being called. Toadiko, a Toad who accompanied the adult Princess Peach to the past in the Time Machine, was trapped, stuck to a Toadwood Tree and slowly being drained of her Vim. After accidentally scaring adult Luigi, Baby Luigi and Baby Mario away, she explained to adult Mario that upon arrival in the past, they were attacked by the Shroobs. Luigi came back with both babies on his back as Toadiko explained that Peach was captured by the Shroobs, while here in Toadwood Forest the Shroobs were converting Toad Vim gathered from the Toadwood Trees into fuel for their flying saucers. Toadiko urged adult Mario to leave her, enter the factory and retrieve the Cobalt Star shard within. Shroob UFOs arrived and began firing at the group. While adult Luigi & the Baby Bros. ran away and Mario dodged the oncoming shroob energy bolts, Toadiko was shot and turned into a Shroob Mushroom.

The Bros. made their way into the Shroob’s Vim Factory, where they were stopped by the “L33T HAMM3ER BROZ.”, Hammer Bros. who were being mind-controlled by antennas that the Shroobs had implanted in their helmets. Adult Mario and Luigi were then captured by factory machinery, leaving the Baby Bros. to face of against the Hammer Bros. by themselves. After breaking the antennas on their heads, Baby Mario & Baby Luigi returned the Hammer Bros. to their senses, receiving hammers as thanks. After a lesson from the Hammer Bros. on how to use their new hammers, the Baby Bros. set off further into the factory in search of their adult counterparts. Eventually the Babies found adult Mario & Luigi and set them free from the nose of a Toadwood Tree in the centre of the factory. Reunited, the group continued through the factory until they came face-to-face with the Swiggler, the being that the Shroobs were using to convert the Vim into fuel for their UFOs. While Mario & Luigi discussed the situation, Baby Mario used his hammer to knock over the Swiggler’s glass of Vim while they weren’t looking, enraging the creature. The Bros. fought the Swiggler, defeating it and the Shroobs protecting it. After the battle the Bros. retrieved another shard from the Cobalt Star.

Suddenly, Baby Bowser appeared. After running in circles around the Bros., he caused them to drop both shards from dizziness. He took both shards, claiming that this was payback for them taking the first shard from his castle. Before any of the Bros. got a chance to react, he escaped the factory in his Koopa Clown Car with Kamek. Stuffwell suggested that they all return to the future to rework their strategy. Meeting with the future Professor E. Gadd once again, they learned that while they were away four new time holes had opened up around future Princess Peach’s Castle, one of which was giving off strong readings of Cobalt Star Energy. Believing that hole to be where Baby Bowser made his escape to, the professor told the Bros. to head there next. Before they left for the past once again, the Bros. headed to Peach’s Castle’s Garden, where they met both the future and past Toadsworths attempting to stop Baby Peach’s cries. Performing the Toadsworth Twist the duo were met with giggles from the three children. While the future Toadsworth collapsed, Toadsworth of the past explained to future Mario & Luigi that he’d been caught up on the current situation and was now rooting for them to save the future Princess Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom of the past.

Returning to the past, the four Bros. found themselves on Yoshi’s Island. Making their way to the village, they found it to be completely abandoned, aside from the reporter Kylie Koopa. Kylie Koopa was there to investigate a giant egg that had appeared on the island that she believed was connected to the Shroobs. Using a platform inside one of the Yoshi Houses, Baby Mario & Baby Luigi discovered many Yoshi Villagers hiding in a room on the second floor of the house. After hearing a roar and stomping outside, the Yoshis fled, running to the first floor and out the front door, before being followed by Kylie. The Bros. also went outside only to be met with Yoob, a shroobified Yoshi that had hatched from the giant egg. They quickly ran back inside as Yoob ate the Yoshis and Kylie Koopa. Kylie was spat out by Yoob and sent ricocheting around the village in her shell. Yoob attempted to use its tongue to grab the Bros. inside the house, but it eventually gave up and left. After briefly reuniting with Kylie Koopa, she mentioned to the Bros. that she saw an evil-looking Magikoopa enter one of the other buildings in the village. Heading inside, the Bros. once again met Kamek, who was searching for cookies for Baby Bowser. They explained to him that they needed the Cobalt Star Shards back, but Kamek said he didn’t have time for them and left after mentioning that Baby Bowser was on the Cliff Top. Kamek was then eaten and spat out by Yoob, before heading to the next house in search of more cookies.

The Mario Bros. followed Kamek around the Island, with Kamek starting fires in an attempt to prevent them from getting to the Cliff Top. By drinking water springs found on the island, Baby Mario was able to spit drops of water on the fires Kamek had created and clear a path to the Cliff Top for the others. Once there, they found Baby Bowser scoffing the cookies that Kamek had collected. The adult Mario Bros. tried to explain to Baby Bowser that they needed the Cobalt Star shards and asked him to return all of the cookies too, while Baby Mario & Baby Luigi sneak around them and ate all of the cookies. When Baby Bowser noticed the missing cookie pile, it was already too late. An enraged Baby Bowser was instructed to walk it off by Kamek, as he fought the Mario Bros. himself. After defeating Kamek, the Bros. cornered Baby Bowser at a dead end on the Cliff Top. Out of spite for the babies eating the cookies, Baby Bowser decided to eat the Cobalt Star shards. Adult Mario & Luigi held Baby Bowser in place while Baby Mario jumped on his head in an attempt to get him to spit up the shards. Just then, Shroob UFOs flew overhead and spotted the group on the Cliff Top. One UFO shot an energy bolt at Yoob, increasing his size dramatically. Yoob then swallowed Baby Bowser and the Mario Bros.

Inside Yoob’s Gastric Chambers, adult Mario falls unconscious while the babies cry. Adult Luigi manages to cheer them up with Yoshi Cookies that he’d collected earlier on in the village. After Mario awakens, the babies come across one Yoshi pushing a Chomp Rock in an attempt to make his escape from Yoob, believing that rolling the Chomp Rock down the hole would be enough to expand the passage out. The Mario Bros. gather the six Yoshis scattered throughout Yoob’s Belly. With all of the Yoshis pushing the Chomp Rock, they were able to get it moving. The Yoshis ran ahead with the Bros. following, but beyond the area opened by the Chomp Rock was a shroob egg factory. The Yoshis were put through the factory’s assembly line and converted into Yoob Eggs. The Bros. continued through the factory in an effort to set the Yoshis free and find Baby Bowser. Setting some of the Yoshis free, the heroes were able to make their way to the end of Yoob’s dorsal cavity with the help of a second Chomp Rock. On the other side the Bros. came across an amnesiac Toadbert, who had accompanied future Princess Peach to the past. He had lost all of his memories but one, which he drew on a piece of paper and presented to Baby Mario & Baby Luigi. The drawing depicted Princess Peach, the Cobalt Star and another being. Toadbert told the Bros. that he awoke in the Yoshis’ Village shortly before they were attacked by Yoob. Toadbert was attempting to save the Yoshis trapped in eggs by getting them out of Yoob’s belly, but his path was blocked by Sunnycide. The Bros. went ahead and faced off against the creature, who was guarding many Yoob Eggs as well as the exit. Baby Bowser had been trapped inside one of the eggs and broke free when Sunnycide tossed one at Toadbert. With the help of the Yoshis they had set free from the Yoob Eggs, the Mario Bros. defeated Sunnycide and unblocked the exit to the outside. Toadbert stayed to free the rest of the Yoshis still in eggs while the Mario Bros., Baby Bowser and the other Yoshis escaped. With all of the eggs outside of Yoob, he became immobile.

After returning to the Yoshis’ Village, the Bros. found Baby Bowser, claiming to be the one who had saved them all, receiving Yoshi Cookies as thanks from the villagers. At the sight of Baby Mario, Baby Bowser decided to scarf down the cookies before the baby Bros. could get the chance. This caused Baby Bowser to choke and cough up the Cobalt Star shards he’d eaten earlier on. The shards flew into Baby Bowser, knocking him off of Yoshi’s Island. Toadbert then arrived and explained to the Yoshis that Baby Bowser wasn’t the one who saved them, telling them to instead thank the four Mario Bros., before they headed back to the future once again.


At some unknown point between Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time and Mario’s Bombs Away, Mario & Luigi moved to New Donk City, where they spent much of their early adulthood.

Mario’s Bombs Away

In Mario's Bombs Away, Mario fought in a war where he served as a soldier that would deliver bombs from one of his Buddies to the other while preventing the bombs from being set off by the enemy soldiers or the Heavy Smoker. After delivering 5 bombs, the enemy soldiers were defeated by Mario and the others.

Mario Bros. (Game & Watch)

In Mario Bros. (Game & Watch), Mario and Luigi started working at a Bottle Factory. They had to work together, loading Bottles onto conveyor belts and onto a truck. They were fired from this job by the Foreman when they accidentally allowed three packages of bottles to fall due to the constantly increasing speed of the conveyor belts.

Mario’s Cement Factory

In Mario's Cement Factory Mario began working in the Cement Factory, where he had to empty Cement from hoppers into two trucks. Mario had to run between multiple floors of the cement Factory to empty the hoppers before they could overflow. In the end, Mario accidentally spilled cement on the truck drivers.

Wrecking Crew

In Wrecking Crew, Mario and Luigi found work at a Construction Site, where they began working as demolition men under Foreman Spike. The Bros. used their hammers to demolish the buildings piece-by-piece, but as Mario and his brother worked on the site, they had some encounters with Gotchawrenches, Hatchets and Eggplant Men. Foreman Spike also antagonised Mario, causing Mario hassle on the construction site and attempting to take coins on Bonus Stages for himself.

Donkey Kong Circus

In Donkey Kong Circus, Mario went to a circus near the Construction Site where a Kong named Donkey Kong was performing. Mario found Donkey Kong’s act hilarious, much to Donkey Kong’s frustration. Mario ended up becoming the owner of Donkey Kong, somehow obtaining him from the circus.[8][9]

Donkey Kong Hockey

In Donkey Kong Hockey, Mario and Donkey Kong went to a field hockey pitch and the two played a game against each other.

Donkey Kong

During the events of Donkey Kong (Arcade) & Donkey Kong (Game & Watch), Donkey Kong escaped and kidnapped Mario’s girlfriend at the time, Pauline, in revenge. Donkey Kong carried Pauline up through the site, with Mario following in hot pursuit. Mario, after dodging barrels thrown his way by Donkey Kong and climbing 100 Meters up the construction site and through the Cement Factory, removed the bolts that were holding the girder Donkey Kong was standing on in place. Donkey Kong fell down, hitting his head on the steel below. With Pauline safe and sound thanks to Mario, Donkey Kong escaped into the forest outside New Donk City.[10] Mario, feeling somewhat responsible for Donkey Kong and believing he needed to be brought to justice after the trouble he’d caused, followed him.

Donkey Kong Jr. / Donkey Kong II

In Donkey Kong Jr. (Arcade), Donkey Kong Jr. (Game & Watch) and Donkey Kong II, Mario found Donkey Kong in the forest and locked him up in a cage. Donkey Kong’s son, Donkey Kong Jr., followed Mario with intent to set his father free. Mario used his helicopter to bring Donkey Kong to his Hideout, where he’d keep Donkey Kong locked up indefinitely. Donkey Kong Jr. followed Mario to the hideout, before unlocking the cage and setting his father free. Mario gave chase to the kongs, before getting a kick from Donkey Kong and giving up.


In Pinball Mario played in a giant pinball machine at the construction site with Pauline.

Mario Bros. (Arcade)

In Mario Bros. (Arcade), Mario & Luigi became plumbers, working in the sewers of New Donk City. Shellcreepers, Fighter Flies, Sidesteppers and Freezies began emerging from the pipes in the sewers, attacking the brothers. Mario & Luigi fought off the enemies and cleared out the sewers, before taking a pipe, leading them back to the Mushroom Kingdom.[11][12][13]

Super Mario Bros.

In Super Mario Bros., Mario & Luigi, hearing of the curse Bowser had placed on the Mushroom Kingdom, set out to save Princess Peach, who was being held in Bowser’s Castle.[13] The brothers made their way through seven worlds, with Mario facing off against a Fake Bowser in each and saving the seven Mushroom Retainers. During 4-3, the two brothers took a snack break on one of the mushroom platforms before continuing. Mario ate a green pepper pizza and drank a shake.[14] Mario also performed some juggling, which a Goomba saw aswell.[15]

Finally, they found themselves in the Koopa Kingdom. Mario defeated Bowser and rescued Princess Peach, becoming smitten with the Princess as she kissed him out of gratitude for saving her.[16][17][18]

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

In Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Bowser attempted the same plan once again, with the Mushroom Kingdom being even tighter control by his forces this time around.[19] Princess Peach was taken to a “parallel world” and Mario & Luigi had to travel through eight worlds once again to rescue her.[20][21][22] Once the Princess had been saved, she was kidnapped once again, prompting Mario & Luigi to travel through World 9, World A, World B, World C and World D, before defeating Bowser (Blue) and Bowser once again. Having finally restored peace to the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario was praised as a hero.

Super Mario Bros. (Game & Watch)

In Super Mario Bros. (Game & Watch), Bowser kidnapped Princess Peach once again and confined her within a castle. Princess Peach wrote a letter to Mario, requesting that he save her once again. Setting out on his own, Mario had to brave eight worlds, meeting an Illusion of Princess Peach at the end of each one to guide him to the next. With the help of Super Stars and 1-Up Mushrooms that Peach had hidden for him throughout the land, Mario defeated what remained of Bowser’s Army and rescued Princess Peach from Bowser’s clutches.[23]

Famicom Grand Prix: F-1 Race

In Famicom Grand Prix: F-1 Race, Mario went to Earth to participate in a Formula One Grand Prix where he had to face off against twenty other racers, including the world’s strongest, from France, Brazil, England, Italy, America and West Germany.[24] Mario ultimately did win the Grand Prix and returned home.[25]

Famicom Grand Prix II: 3D Hot Rally

In Famicom Grand Prix II: 3D Hot Rally, geared up in a pair of mechanic uniforms, Mario and Luigi took place in a number of rallying events, Mario taking the role of driver. After finishing their rallying, the Bros. popped a champagne to celebrate.[26]

Donkey Kong (Gameboy)

In Donkey Kong (Gameboy), Mario was back in New Donk City to star in his solo acrobatic act. After this act, Donkey Kong reappeared and took off with Pauline. Chasing him from the same construction site through New Donk City, Mario unleashed his full arsenal of acrobatic moves to maneuvre his way through the city’s wirelines and critters.

This chase continued into the outskirts of the city and into Forest, and onto a Ship which took course to Jungle.[27] Inside the Jungle, Mario had to deal against a Donkey Kong/Donkey Kong Jr. team-up, which made things more difficult for him.[28] Despite those obstacles, Mario pursued further and inside many pyramids in the desert, and onto an war airplane.[29] The many locked doorways made it difficult to know which one Pauline was being held at, and even the airplane’s cannons were against him, but Mario continued his relentless pursuit before the airplane landed on an Iceberg.[30] Some of the doorways here were covered in snow, and even placed too high up for Mario to reach normally, but he found a way through.

The drifting ice chunks lead the chase to Rocky-Valley, coincidentally being on the Mushroom Continent.[31] The falling boulders were great to maneuver around, the boiling lava not so much.[32] Their chase all culminated into climbing a giant tower with Donkey Kong’s face on it.[33] He managed to trap Donkey Kong Jr. inside a cage before confronting Donkey Kong himself.[34] Throwing one last barrel at him, Mario knocks Donkey Kong out of his own tower and is reunited with Pauline.

But the two are broken apart yet again by a sudden surprise: Donkey Kong has grown extremely large by eating a bunch of Mushrooms. Dodging the Kong’s large hands and throwing a bunch of barrels at him, he is defeated again and Mario & Pauline are reunited yet again. As the two happen to be in the Mushroom Kingdom after this, he’s given a Mushroom by Pauline which causes him to grow to her height. Suddenly, Donkey Kong falls ontop of him, but he’s able to lift him up.[35]

Donkey Kong Jr. (Modern)

In Donkey Kong Jr. (Modern), having caged up Donkey Kong, Mario took a sitting break in the Mushroom Kingdom while throwing the key away somewhere. Seeing Donkey Kong Jr. free his father, he took Donkey Kong elsewhere higher upward to not have the young son chase them, but Donkey Kong was freed regardless.

Donkey Kong (Modern)

In Donkey Kong (Modern), Mario chased after Donkey Kong, who had managed to take Princess Peach and took her to a factory. After letting Donkey Kong fall, he took Peach to some cliffs before taking her on a flying airship. Nonetheless, Mario saved Peach.

Finally, their battle ended with peace, and a picture was taken with him, Pauline and the Kongs to signify it. Mario also had to break the news that he had a change of heart about Pauline and broke up with her.[36]

Mario the Juggler

In Mario the Juggler, Mario was juggling a fragile Heart, Super Star, and bomb to an audience of Mushroom Retainers, to the amazement of the Koopa Troop.[37] After a while, they found Mario’s enjoyment intoxicating and wanted to join in.[38]

Super Mario Bros. 3

In Super Mario Bros. 3, the Mushroom Kingdom has been a peaceful place thanks to the brave deeds of Mario and Luigi.[39] However, trouble struck in the Mushroom World, where Bowser had sent all seven of the Koopalings to invade and turn its kings into different creatures. After hearing of this news, Mario and Luigi set off to save the Mushroom World's kings.

However, this was all a ploy to keep the Mario Bros. busy as, while they were off, Bowser arrived to kidnap Peach. Entering Dark Land, Mario & Luigi entered Bowser's Castle and saved the Princess after a ground-stomping fight with Bowser.[40]

Super Mario World

In Super Mario World, after saving the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser and the rest of the Koopalings in Super Mario Bros. 3, Mario and Luigi needed to recuperate from their adventures. Together they agreed that the best place to vacation was a magical place called Dinosaur Land.[41]

But while Mario and Luigi flew around the island with their cape and Cape Feather, Princess Peach disappeared, apparently seized by evil forces. After searching for hours for their missing friend, Mario and Luigi came upon an enormous egg in the forest. Suddenly the egg hatched, and out popped a young dinosaur named Yoshi, who proceeded to tell Mario and Luigi a sad tale of how his dinosaur pals were sealed in similar eggs by a group of monstrous turtles.

After coming to the realization that Bowser and his bunch have returned, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi set off across Dinosaur Land to find the Princess and to free Yoshi's friends. This all came to a head in the Valley of Bowser where, after a climactic fight against Bowser in his Clown Car, Princess Peach had been saved along with all of Yoshi's friends.

After having journeyed through all of Dinosaur Land, Fall arrived and the two brothers spread a bunch of Mario masks across the land.[42]

Donkey Kong 3 (Modern)

In Donkey Kong 3 (Modern), Mario was having a bubble-blowing fight with Donkey Kong inside a Ghost House. The rules of this fight were to push a fireball and a Boo to the opposite side of eachother.[43]

Rain Shower (Easy)

In Rain Shower (Easy), while relaxing on a clothesline, Bowser emerged from within one of the trees and started throwing colored water balloons under the unsuspecting chillgoers. Mario, with quick wit and timing, maneuvered his friends out of the way of the incoming water balloons. After avoiding enough water balloons, Mario gained enough strength to punch Bowser out of the tree.[44]

Dr. Mario

In Dr. Mario, over the last few years, Mario’s been involved in some pretty wild adventures. Now he worked in the virus research lab at the Mushroom Kingdom Hospital, researching these odd viruses that have popped up. Throughout his research, he’s developed the Megavitamin, a vitamin he believed should take care of these viruses.

One day, an out-of-control experiment caused the viruses to spread quickly, so Dr. Mario utilized the Megavitamins to take care of the Virus pests.[45]

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Mario, Mallow, Geno, Peach, and even Bowser teamed up together to stop the invading Smithy Gang and save the Star Road in order to have the people's wishes granted once again.

Parachute (Modern)

A flying airship required everyone inside to evacuate. Mario was there under the airship, steering a row boat, and caught everyone safely.

Manhole (Modern)

Mario was skipping along a series of manholes, held together by Yoshi.

Chef (Modern)

Mario, with a chef's hat, was cooking a multitude of food to feed Yoshi with.

Fire (Modern)

A fire breaks out in Peach's Castle, which required everyone inside the evacuate. Luckily, Mario was there, alongside Luigi, with an emergency trampoline to catch anyone jumping out of the castle.

Oil Panic (Modern)

Bowser was preparing to cause a large fire by dropping buckets of oil onto a lit floor. Mario was there, alongside Yoshi, to catch those drops of oil. After Mario fed Yoshi enough drops of oil, Yoshi climbed the newly-built blocks and blasted Bowser from the castle's roof.

Mario Clash

Upon hearing about the invasion of the Clash House Tower, Mario entered the tower and climbed his way to the top, taking out all of the invaders in the process. After climbing up all of the 99 floors, the enemies inside surrendered.

Yoshi's Safari

Bowser and the Koopalings' invasion of Jewelry Land and its 12 gems caused the kingdom to become unstable and be split into a Light and Dark Realm. Mario and Yoshi set off toward the kingdom and defeated Bowser and his forces, saving the royal family in the process.

Mario's Cement Factory (Modern)

Inside a cookie factory, Mario pulled a bunch of levers with produced a large number of cookies.

Yoshi's Cookie

After making a bunch of cookies, Bowser arrived and steals them all. Mario and Yoshi then journeyed all the way to Bowser's Castle to battle Bowser. After defeating him, Mario and Yoshi got their cookies back. This was then reenacted via a paper puppet show to a couple of Toads where, after the show, Princess Peach presented the cookies in question, which everyone then started to eat.

Egg (Modern)

Mario was there to witness Yoshi eating a bunch of cookies.

Turtle Bridge (Modern)

Mario wanted to gift Peach a bunch of items. However, Peach was on the other side of another castle tower. It was a good thing Toad was there to deliver the necessary items for Mario.

Mario's Tennis

It was the first tennis tournament, and Mario was there to play ball. He played as an average player whose court speed and leg strength were solid. His racquet contact area was average, and he relied on his skillful groundstrokes, though he would approach the net occasionally.[46]

Super Mario Kart

This was also the first Mario Kart Grand Prix, meaning it was quite rudimentary and everyone raced in metal pipe frame go-karts. While racing, Mario and Luigi's friendly sibling rivalry kickstarted again, causing the two to block other racer's paths.[47]

Super Mario Bros. 2

One night, Mario had a mysterious dream. He dreamed he was climbing a long stairway that led up and up to a closed door. When he reached the top and opened the door, he found himself gazing out at a world he had never seen, stretching out to the horizon. A voice told him about an evil toad named Wart that had taken over Subcon, the land of dreams. And then a bolt of lightning suddenly split the sky, and Mario woke up to find himself on the floor. He had fallen out of bed.

A few days later, Mario and his friends hiked to some nearby mountains for a picnic. Upon reaching their picnic spot, they looked around and found a small cave. When they entered the cave, they were amazed to discover the land Mario had seen in his dream stretching out before them. Saving the people of Subcon and thwarting Wart's invasion, Mario found himself back in bed. Had that entire adventure really been a dream all along?

BS Super Mario USA

Subcon was once again in danger of Wart's invasion, and so the king of Subcon called forth Mario and his friends. It seems this land hadn't been a dream as Mario and his friends were called upon multiple times to thwart Wart's plans.

Mario and his friends came out unscathed, along with a new friend called Birdo.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong

Inspired by his adventure in Subcon, the Mario Toy Company produced many toys based on the creatures he's seen. Also introduced into the toy line were the Mini Mario toys, proving to be an instant success and selling out instantly.

Mario heard about a big monkey robbing his toy factory and chased after him. This turned out to be Donkey Kong, the grandson of the Donkey Kong he had made up with some time ago. After chasing him throughout many of the areas, Mario made peace with the Kong by offering him one Mini Mario.


An airborne invasion of Koopa Troop forces was present. Mario, with some quick thinking, caged up the forces inside the broken shells of Yoshi eggs.

Mario Party

Mario threw a party to hang out with some of his friends. After laughing with Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Yoshi, Wario, and Donkey Kong about the adventures they shared together in the past, an argument rang out about which one of them was the biggest Super Star. Toad came to a compromise that, in order to figure out which one is the biggest Super Star, they'd have to come out on top in several adventures.

Everyone entered the Warp Pipe in Mushroom Village to see which one was the biggest Super Star. Wario came out on top.

Mario Party 2

Construction was finished on a new land. After arguing over who it should be named after, another Mario Party rang out. Mario won in the end and the land was named Mario Land.

Super Mario Land

Mario got word of Sarasaland being invited by the alien invader Tatanga; he had brainwashed all of its citizens and planned on making Princess Daisy his queen by force. Mario journeyed through its empire, eventually reaching Tatanga and saving Daisy from a horrible marriage.

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

While Mario was away in Sarasaland, Wario managed to take over Mario Land, also brainwashing its citizens inside. In the process, Wario had also taken the 6 Golden Coins, the key mechanism needed to enter Mario's castle, and spread them across the many areas of Mario Land. Mario managed to take all of the coins, slotted them back into his castle, and defeated Wario for the reclamation of his land.

Wrecking Crew '98

After those two adventures away from the Mushroom Kingdom, he finds that the kingdom's been filled with Bowser's skyscrapers, which are blocking the sunlight of many flowers, causing them to wither. Taking his trusty magic hammer from his Wrecking Crew days, Mario sought to demolish every single building. After catching up with a vengeful Foreman Spike, a small battle reinvigorated him and told Mario where Bowser's lair was. Mario was then successful in demolishing every last building.

NES Open Tournament Golf

Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Daisy traveled to Tour Earth to play some golf. Mario, meanwhile, was on a quest to become a millionaire. After winning many tournaments, the collective prize money he gained definitely earned him the title of a millionaire.

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

Mario was part of Cranky Kong's competition on who'd collect the most DK Coins on Crocodile Isle. He came out on 39 DK Coins, one coin short of collecting them all.

Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3

After the destruction of Syrup Castle, the golden statue of Princess Peach, which had been stolen by the Black Sugar Gang, was revealed to have been inside the castle. After being exposed in the open, Mario was free to fly his plane and reclaim the statue back in the Mushroom Kingdom's rightful hands.

Mario the Juggler/Ball (Modern)

Mario juggles a bunch of items.

Mario's Picross/Mario's Super Picross/Picross 2

Mario, along with Wario, work on a number of archeological sites across many areas. Many new images were uncovered during the expedition.

Mario & Wario

Hearing about a forest said to grand happiness to whoever sees the fairies living there, Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi, and Yoshi visited the Fairy Forest to see if the legend was true. When Luigi got separated from the group, Mario went to try and find him.

During the search, however, Wario arrived to drop a bucket on Mario's head. Fortunately, Wanda, a resident of the Fairy Forest, was there to safely lead Mario onto the right track. After being saved enough, Mario chases after Wario in his own plane and drops an oil drum on his head.

Dr. Mario

It's flu season, meaning Mario has to wear his doctor's suit and treat all of his ailing patients with his Megavitamin. After noticing his Megavitamins have disappeared one day, he notices Wario and assumes he stole them. They then notice Mad Scienstein has taken them and both chase after him. They reach Rudy's castle and defeat him. After Mario figures out Rudy just wanted to treat his cold, Mario cures him and returns home.

Mario Party 3

Someone acting as the Millennium Star turned the entire world into a toy box and a Mario Party was hosted as there was a legend that, whoever possessed the Millennium Star, would be destined to become the Super Star of the universe. Mario was part of this Mario Party.

Luigi also moved into Mario's house after his island had been taken over by Waluigi. A new extension is built in Mario's house.

Paper Mario

A party was held at Peach's Castle and Mario was invited. When the castle was hoisted up in the air thanks to Bowser and his newly stolen Star Rod, Mario had to journey across the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond to free the Star Spirits and reach Peach's Castle again. A victory parade was held a few days later where, during the parade, Mario and Peach snuck off together to watch the firework show alone together.

Super Mario 64

Mario was invited by Peach for a cake. When he arrived, Luigi and Wario arrived too to want a piece of that cake. When they entered inside, they heard of the conflict going on and headed inside Bob-omb Battlefield, but they were ambushed and sealed within the castle walls, with Mario being guarded by Goomboss.

Yoshi was there to save everyone, freeing Mario which allowed him to climb up into the highest room of the castle and defeat Bowser, freeing Peach and everyone else inside.

Mario Bros. (Modern)

Mario, Luigi, and Wario were working together inside a cake factory to make a lot of cake.

Rain Shower (Modern) (Hard)

Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Yoshi were all relaxing on a clothesline. Suddenly, Bowser reappeared under the same tree to drop colored water balloons again. Mario was back in action to divert the water balloons away from his friends. After enough dodging, Mario knocked Bowser out of the tree again.

Mario Kart 64

Mario competed in another Mario Kart Grand Prix.

Excitebike: Bun Bun Mario Battle

Mario competed in a series of biking tournaments on Excitebike Arena.

Luigi's Mansion

Luigi got an unexpected letter announcing that he had won a mansion. Despite promising to meet up at the mansion together, Mario wanted to investigate the mansion himself. Mario entered the mansion along with a Power Star and spare clothing. After putting his cap in the washing machine, the ghosts ambushed him which caused him to run away. After hiding a note in the mansion's mailbox and his Power Star in the observatory, King Boo caught Mario and trapped him inside a portrait.

Later on, Luigi would arrive wielding a Poltergust, catching King Boo and unsealing Mario from his portrait.

Mario Party-e

This Mario Party had a simple objective: collect the three Superstar items. After collecting all three, the partygoer would be called the Superstar. It's unknown if Mario won.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Mario competed in this Mario Kart Grand Prix.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Mario received a letter from Peach about a map she had bought in Rogueport and asked if he could join her for some treasure hunting. After collecting all the seven necessary Crystal Stars to enter the Palace of Shadows, Mario fought a Shadow Queen-possessed Peach and both of them safely return home. Some time later, Peach visits Mario's house with another treasure map.

Octopus (Modern)

Mario goes treasure-hunting underwater with Princess Peach waiting on the boat. After cleverly maneuvring around the giant octopus guarding the treasure, the both of them come out with a lot of treasure.

Super Paper Mario

After hearing about the news of Peach's kidnapping, the Mario Bros. presume Bowser had taken her and headed to his castle. Everyone then figures out that Count Bleck had taken the Princess, taking her and Bowser into a forced wedding, summoning the Chaos Heart which will destroy all of the dimensions.

Traveling through many dimensions and collecting the Pure Hearts hidden within each of them, Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Bowser take the fight to Castle Bleck and stop the Chaos Heart. By allowing Tippi and Count Bleck to marry, a new set of Pure Hearts were created, canceling out the Chaos Heart and undoing all of the damage it had caused.

Mario Pinball Land

Mario was with Peach at the Fun Fair, waiting in line to try a ride called the Sky Cannon, where you have to turn into a ball first. Bowser's minions then sabotage the cannon which launches Peach to Bowser's castle. Mario then turns into a ball himself and saved Peach at Bowser's castle.

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

Mario and Luigi were given the news that Peach's voice had been stolen by Cackletta and Fawful of the Beanbean Kingdom. After traveling to the Beanbean Kingdom with Bowser's assistance, the Mario Bros. figure out that Peach's voice was never stolen in the first place, but simply Birdo's disguising as the Princess.

The Bros. then decide to collect the Beanstar before encountering Bowser, who had been possessed by Cackletta. By reaching Bowser's castle, the Bros. defeats Cackletta and her soul. Everyone then returns home safely.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Professor E. Gadd's time travel machine traveled Peach, Toadiko, and Toadbert to the past, during the Shroob invasion, causing her to be captured by the Shroobs. By traveling back in time, the Mario Bros. would encounter their infant selves and the four would team up together to defeat the Shroobs of the past. Everyone then returned to their appropriate times.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis

Based on the success of the Mini Mario toys, many new mini toys and a new Super Mini Mario World theme park were being promoted. Mario invited Pauline to the opening of the theme park when Donkey Kong falls in love with the damsel. Mario chases after the Kong when he takes Pauline, but is stopped by he takes the elevator to the roof of the building. Thankfully, the Mini Marios were there to help Mario reach the top, where Pauline is found save and cared for. Everyone makes up with eachother.

Mario Golf (N64)

Mario takes a well-deserved break from his role as the Mushroom Kingdom's busiest hero and returns to the links for some world-class golfing action. To not be so lonely, he's brought along a group of friends to play along with him.

Mario Golf (GBC)

Kid from Tour Earth was invited to Mario's Planet to play in Peach's Tournament. He managed to beat Mario before returning back to his planet.

Mobile Golf

Mario plays some more golfing, but this time on Tour Earth alongside Peach, Yoshi, and Foreman Spike.

Mario Tennis (N64)

Mario plays in a tennis tournament. After seeing Bowser, Wario, Waluigi, and a Boo try to enter, Mario decided to invite them anyway.

Mario Tennis (GBC)

After hearing about Alex' fierce style of tennis play, Mario decided to invite him to his world to hang out. When arriving, Bowser, Wario, and Waluigi assume Alex is here to beat Mario in a round of tennis. After playing against Mario in an exhibition match, Alex wins against Mario.

Mario Party 4

A giant foreboding Party Cube had arrived in front of Peach's Castle, and it was going to celebrate Mario's birthday. Mario gets a bunch of furniture as presents, but it's all stolen by Bowser. Mario defeats Bowser, gets his furniture back, and afterward gets an entire constellation shaped after themselves.

Super Mario Sunshine

Mario, Peach, and Toadsworth were on vacation to Delfino Isle, when Mario is suddenly arrested for the pollution of the island and the scattering of the Shine Sprites. Donning the F.L.U.D.D., Mario defeats his imposter and saves the island back to its former glory.

Dr. Mario Online Rx

Mario takes a break from his adventuring ways and once again dons his stethoscope; the viruses have returned and Mario defeats the lot of them with his Megavitamin.

Dr. Mario Express

Mario once again dons his stethoscope to battle the forces of illness.

Mario Kart Arcade GP

Mario engages in another Mario Kart Grand Prix.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Mario engages in another Mario Kart Grand Prix, but this time he has to work together with one other driver to control their kart.

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour

Mario played in a series of golfing tournaments.

Mario Golf: Advance Tour

Mario was there to compete in the newly build Mushroom Course for the Mushroom Tourney. Neil, an invitee from Tour Earth, won against Mario.

Mario Power Tennis

Mario and Luigi competed together in the doubles Peach Dome Tournament. During the finals, they were intended to fight against Yoshi and Donkey Kong. However, Wario, Waluigi, and Bowser invaded the tournament, loaded with a bunch of Bob-ombs and Bullet Bills. Mario, along with a bunch of other people, use their expert tennis skills to launch the Bob-ombs and Bullet Bills back at them.

This did result in the destruction of the Peach Dome, though.

Mario Tennis: Power Tour

Mario journeys to Tour Earth to meet the Royal Tennis Academy's top player and invite them to his world, but he takes both Clay and Ace along with him. Mario, along with his other friends, then plays against them in the rebuilt Peach Dome tennis tournament.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again!

The reopening of the Super Mini Mario World is underway, with Mario having invited Pauline again. Yet again, Donkey Kong was angered at the toys being sold out and kidnapped Pauline all the way to the top of the building. After reaching the top of the building, Mario finds out that this whole kidnapping thing was all a test run for the Mini Mario's, with it proven to be a success.

Super Mario Strikers

Some hardcore intense Strikers matches are played. Mario played as the team captain, and was pretty reliable as one.

Mario Party 5

Bowser and Koopa Kid were threatening to destroy everyone's good dreams in the Dream Depot and replace it with theirs, so the Star Spirits summon Mario and his closest friends to save everyone's dreams. Bowser is defeated and everyone can have good dreams again.

Mario Party Advance

Bowser has invaded Party World and shattered all of its minigames and Gaddgets all across Shroom City. Driving around Shroom City and helping the citizens within, Mario slowly but surely got all of the Gaddgets and minigames to eventually confront Bowser. Defeating Bowser, he gives the final Gaddget and Shroom City's peace returns.

Mario Party DS

One night, Mario encountered a Sky Crystal that had fallen near him. Being invited to Bowser's Castle for a feast, Bowser ambushed the group and shrunk them down. Along the way to return back to Bowser's Castle, Mario and his friends helped many people deal with their own problems. After returning to Bowser and defeating him, the Sky Crystals all form together to make a crystal DS.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Mario and Luigi were invited to discuss the troubling Blorb epidemic. After stopping a disruptive Bowser, he returned to suddenly inhale everyone in the meeting room. Mario then jumped into an adventure to stop Fawful and his reawakening of the Dark Star.

Mario Superstar Baseball

While playing baseball, Bowser sends Mario and friends a letter challenging everyone to come beat him. Mario gathers together an all-star team of 9 and challenges Bowser head-on.

Mario Party 6

To help settle an argument between Brighton and Twila, Mario plans on throwing a Mario Party to fill up the Star Bank. Noticing the effort Mario and friends went through to fill up the bank, Brighton and Twila apologize to eachother and resume watching over Mario's world till the end of time.

Super Princess Peach

Mario is kidnapped, along with Luigi and Toad, and sent to Vibe Island. Peach arrived on the island and saved everyone.

Mario Party 7

Mario's morning constitutional was interrupted by Toadsworth who had invited him to a luxury ocean liner called the MSS Sea Star. The cruise ship stops in a handful of luxury locations, but then the ship was on its way to Bowser's Enchanted Inferno. Using the power of the Stars, Bowser is launched to a small island where the vacation goers can continue their vacation.

Yakuman DS

Mario played yakuman.

Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix

Mario was notified of the scattering of the Music Keys, causing everyone to hear music and be trapped into dancing forever. Traveling to different worlds, Mario gathered all of the Music Keys and battled Bowser. Using the power of the Music Keys, a little music was planted into everyone's souls, making the world a happier place.

New Super Mario Bros.

While distracted by a thundercloud attacking Peach's castle, Bowser Jr. sneakily kidnapped Peach. Mario chased them all the way to Bowser's castle and defeated them, saving the Princess.

Mario Party 8

MC Ballyhoo held the Star Battle, a competition wherein the person had to collect the most Power Stars, the winner of which would be crowned the Superstar and win a year's worth of candy. Mario participated.

Mario Kart DS

Mario competed in another Mario Kart Grand Prix.

Mario Strikers Charged

Another intense Strikers tournament took place. Mario competed as a captain again with heart and determination to every match.

Super Mario 3D Land

Mario had discovered that Peach had been kidnapped by Bowser. Mario journeyed to Bowser's Castle and saved the Princess. Mario also got word that Luigi got kidnapped too into the Special World, so he journeyed there to save him too.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Peach and her subjects (which includes Mario) were invited to vacation at Pi'illo Island. During their stay, Antasma appears to kidnap Peach to use her to escape from the Dream World. Mario, with the help of Luigi, jumps in and out of the Dream World to stop Antasma, who had also allied himself with Bowser. With Bowser betraying Antasma, he ate the Dream Stone, giving him a ton of power. Despite that, Mario and Luigi defeat him regardless and everyone's vacation at Pi'illo Island resumed.

Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure

The viruses have returned and Dr. Mario, with the help of the Miracle Cure, started eradicating all of the viruses.

Mario Super Sluggers

Mario and friends were invited to Peach's Baseball Kingdom. Suddenly, Bowser Jr. invaded the kingdom, sending the Baseball Kingdom into chaos and making everyone uncomfortable. Through the chaos, Mario gathered all of his friends and battled Bowser Jr. in his own baseball arena. After defeating Bowser Jr., Bowser arrived with his castle to battle the team now. Despite that, Mario's team won regardless and everyone could play ball in peace.

New Super Mario Bros. 2

After flying around with the Super Leaf, Peach was suddenly kidnapped by the Koopalings. Mario and Luigi then journey to Bowser's Castle and save the Princess.

Mario Hoops 3-on-3

Mario played in a series of basketball tourneys in teams of three.

Mario Party 9

While stargazing at night with his friends, they soon find that all of the Mini Stars had been stolen by Bowser. Traveling through many locations holding Mini Stars, the group eventually reached Bowser Station and free all of the Mini Stars.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

On Princess Peach's birthday, Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings kidnapped Peach and taken her to Bowser's Castle. Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad, and Yellow Toad journey their way to his castle and free Peach after a large fight against Bowser.

Super Mario Galaxy

Peach had invited Mario during the Star Festival to show him something. During the festival, Bowser suddenly invaded the kingdom and took Peach and her castle all the way to the center of the universe. With thanks to Rosalina, her Comet Observatory reached the center where Mario could battle Bowser.

Unfortunately, Bowser accidentally causes a universe-destroying black hole, causing the Lumas to cause the universe to reset. Mario is saved from this reset and is dropped to a past point where everyone fell unconscious in front of the castle.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Mario is invited to the Star Festival, but when Mario arrived Bowser had taken Peach and warped them both to the center of the universe. Thanks to Lubba and the Starship Mario, Mario traveled to many galaxies to reach the center of the universe. Mario then battled Bowser, saved Peach, and everyone celebrated.

Mario Sports Mix

Mario participated in several tournaments of several sports based on the Sports Crystals that have crashlanded. After collecting all four crystals, the crystals merge together into a dark crystal which sent Mario to the Behemoth, which he defeated.

After some more tournaments, Mario collected all of the Sports Mix trophies, which merged together into another dark crystal that sent Mario to the Behemoth King, which he also defeated.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem!

Mini-Land has opened, and its first 100 customers received a free Mini-Pauline toy. Donkey Kong arrived to get one of the Mini-Paulines, but they just ran out of Mini-Paulines. Donkey Kong, enraged, took the real Pauline. After crossing through the theme park's many attractions, Mario eventually pacified Donkey Kong with a Mini-Pauline of his own.

Mario Kart Wii

Mario raced in another Mario Kart Grand Prix.

Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move

Following the success of the Mini Land Theme Park, the Mario Toy Company decided to host a Mini Toy Carnival. Mario, along with Donkey Kong and Pauline, helped host this carnival.

Mario Kart 7

Mario raced in another Mario Kart Grand Prix.

Mario Tennis Open

Mario and his Mushroom Kingdom friends return to the court for a flurry of intense tennis action.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

At some point, King Boo managed to trap Mario inside a painting. After his defeat by the hands of Luigi, Mario was freed from his prison and posed for a picture.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars

Donkey Kong had yet again kidnapped Pauline, causing Mario to chase after him. After chasing him through a bunch of worlds, this whole kidnapping turned out to be a surprise party for Mario.

Super Mario 3D World

The green Sprixie Princess arrived at the Mushroom Kingdom to tell Mario and friends about Bowser having invaded the Sprixie Kingdom. Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad followed after and defeated Bowser, freeing the Sprixie Kingdom from Bowser's control.

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash

Mario competed in a bunch of tennis tournaments.

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

Luigi had accidentally opened a book leading into the Paper World, causing many of its inhabitants to escape out into the 3D world. Mario, Luigi, and Paper Mario travel across the Mushroom Kingdom to stop Bowser who had teamed up with his own paper variant.

Everyone was then returned to their proper worlds.

New Super Mario Bros. U

While having a nice dinner with Peach, Luigi, Yellow Toad, and Toadette, Bowser arrived in his giant airship and threw the bunch out of Peach's Castle. Returning back to Peach's Castle, the group defeat a large Bowser and save Peach and her castle from Bowser's control.

Mario Party: Island Tour

Mario and his friends are invited to the Party Islands. Everyone had a bunch of fun, and they even battled bubble clones of themselves created by Bowser.

Mario Golf: World Tour

Mario played in a bunch of golf tournaments.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Mario was with Peach at Decalburg during the Sticker Fest to witness the Sticker Comet falling down on it. Suddenly, Bowser interrupts the festival to steal the Sticker Comet, which resulted in him being granted a Royal Sticker.

With help from Kersti, Mario retrieved all of the six Royal Stickers, with Bowser being defeated again.

Mario Party 10

Mario helped grab some stray Mini Stars that have fallen to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario Sports Superstars

Mario and friends were playing a wide array of sports, such as horse racing. At soccer, the Mario Sports Press reported a 3-2 win between Mario's team and Bowser's at the Mushroom Cup as a comeback win. At baseball, Mario's team won against Wario's in a 4-3 standing. During tennis, Peach won against Mario in a 2-1 win. And at golf, Mario surges ahead to dominate the Star Cup tournament.

Paper Mario: Color Splash

On a dark and stormy night, Peach arrived at Mario's house to show him a Toad completely drained of paint. Recognizing where the stamp came from, the group heads to Prism Island to figure out this mystery. After collecting all of the missing Big Paint Stars of Port Prisma, Mario (with help from Luigi and his kart) could reach Bowser's Castle. Fighting the possessed black paint off of Bowser, peace returns to Prism Island with everyone celebrating but Mario lamenting Huey's disappearance.

Mario Kart 8

Mario engaged in some more high-stakes thrilling go-kart action.

Paper Mario: The Origami King

Mario and Luigi arrive at Toad Town for its Origami Festival when they find the entire town vacant. It turns out that everyone had been turned into origami by Olivia's older brother, King Olly. With Peach's castle being hoisted atop a volcano, Mario, with help from Olivia, have to remove all of the streams encasing the castle. After Olly's defeat, Olivia sacrifices herself to undo all of her brother's actions. As the Origami Festival resumes, Mario laments Olivia's sacrifice.

Bowser's Fury

During his morning constitutional, Mario is dragged into Lake Lapcat by Bowser Jr. who asks him to help return his dad back to normal. After collecting the three Giga Bells and the assistance of Plessie, Bowser is expelled from all his black paint and returns back to normal.

Mario Party: Star Rush

Mario was up to some good old Mario Party.

Mario Party: The Top 100

On Minigame Island, Mario plays all of the 100 minigames there are to offer, including a match against Bowser.

Super Mario Odyssey

A big fight on Peach's Castle results in Bowser launching Mario far away into the Cap Kingdom. By teaming up with Cappy to also save his sister Tiara, Mario journeys all around the world to stop the forceful wedding between Bowser and Peach.

After reaching the moon, Mario possesses an unconscious Bowser and leads the way out of the crumbling caves with Peach on his shoulder. After all this wedding symbolism, Mario gathers the courage to try and propose to Peach, but Bowser's intrusion causes Mario to start forcing her, making her reject both of their advances.

With the wedding stopped, Mario continued journeying the world with Cappy, collecting all of the Power Moons still seeking to be found. After collecting them all, Cappy bids goodbye to Mario while having his regular cap returned.

Super Mario Run

Bowser had destroyed Toad Town and kidnapped Peach, so Mario chases after him, this time with sick parkour skills. After saving Peach, Mario continued rebuilding Peach's Castle and rallying back the Toads. During the restoration, Princess Daisy was found to have gone missing in the world of Remix 10, kidnapped by Bowser. Daisy is then rescued.

Super Mario Party

Everyone, including Mario, was once again arguing about who among them was the Super Star. It seems like another Mario Party had to be held to figure out this argument.

Mario Tennis Aces

Within the Kingdom of Bask, Wario and Waluigi have managed to unearth the ancient and evil Lucien, and it has now possessed Luigi. With guidance from a mysterious voice called Aster, Mario gathers some of the Power Stones before having to battle the Lucien-possessed Luigi for the other stones. Then Bowser appeared and fuses with Lucien, but Mario still wins in the end, putting the spirit of King Bask to rest.

Dr. Mario World

The viruses have returned, and this time they're everywhere. With the help of many doctors, Dr. Mario defeats every single virus and returns peace to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario Party Superstars

Mario and several of his friends return to the Warp Pipe in Mushroom Village to play in some old locations to help with new troubles that have arisen since they were gone.

Mario Kart Tour

Mario was up to race in a bunch of tracks from both his world and that of Tour Earth.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Booster Course Pass

It's a return to the Mario Kart 8 Grand Prix, but this time with 12 additional cups to race in.

Luigi's Mansion 3

Luigi received a letter congratulating him on a free stay at the world-class hotel, The Last Resort. Luigi invited Mario, Peach, Toad, Blue Toad, and Yellow Toad, but this seems to have been all a big trap as Mario and everyone else sans Luigi are soon trapped inside a painting by King Boo.

Mario is later unsealed from his portrait and leads Luigi to the top of the hotel where Peach's portrait lay. Mario is once again captured by King Boo, but Luigi's battle against him caused the entire hotel to crumble. After being freed, Mario joined the rebuilding of the entire hotel and everyone leaves in peace.

Mario Golf: Super Rush

Mario was playing a round of Battle Golf in the Super Golf Stadium. This event was televised.

Mario was called by Toad that the Snow King had been revived and was wreaking havoc, causing unusual extreme weather in nearby golf courses. When he confronted the Snow King, Mario got immediately caged, causing the rookie golfer to step in and reduce the Snow King to just a head. Bowser was then reawakened and melted all of the Snow King's progress, including himself.

Mario Strikers: Battle League

Mario was up to play another bout of tournaments in the intense sport of Strikers. His high technique and shooting attributes made him a balanced and capable striker.


Mario is described as a "platform-hopping hero",[48] a "great all-rounder with boundless energy and a nose for adventure",[49] "the Mushroom Kingdom's number one good guy",[50] and a pretty swell guy.[51] He's everyone's favorite hero and plumber,[52][53] cheering everyone up simply by his presence.[54][55] He's an intrepid hero, with unstoppable courage and indomitable spirit,[56][57] always ready for action and to be an inspiring hero to the bitter end.[58][59][60] This heroism does take up a lot of his time, causing him to rarely use his television or wax his moustache.[61][62]

Mario loves food,[63] especially Italian as he often leaves behind leftover pasta in his fridge.[64] Mario often gets dreamy when thinking about food,[65] and even dreams about food.[66][67] His love for it is often commented on by other people,[68][69] the Star Gate at Star Hill even recommending to watch his diet.[70]

His sportmanship is unmatched, his fierce play described as a weapon,[71] his shadow metaphorically looming over basketball courts.[72] This competitiveness originated from his friendly rivalry he has with Luigi.[73] Mario boasts about his wins and is up to challenging anyone willing to beat him.[74][75] Mario's often saddened when losing, even bubbling up into anger.[76] But at the end of the day, Mario doesn't care if he wins or loses,[77] congratulating others for winning.[78]

His optimism does have boundaries, grieving when met with great loss, such as with Bob-omb's sacrifice,[79] F.L.U.D.D.'s malfunction,[80] Baby Luma's sacrifice,[81] and Huey's supposed death.[82] Mario is often known to rush headfirst into a situation,[83] despite knowing about the danger beforehand.[84] His brashness also results in some misfortune, such as journeying alone and being ambushed and imprisoned in a painting;[85] attempting to jump in and attack Bowyer, but being stopped by Mallow;[86] and forcing Peach's face in with flowers when Bowser tried woo'ing her, causing her to reject both of them out of frustration.[87]

With all the occupations the blue-collared worker has taken, Mario is indeed a jack-of-all-trades.[88] He wants everyone in life to have fun,[89] as he often does in his day-to-day life by being a party plumber master.[90][91] Mario rarely speaks when adventuring,[92] but he makes up for it via his actions.[93] Mario prides himself of his bravery,[94] often expressing it outwards such as congratulating himself when finishing a level or collecting stuff.[95] His peace sign when celebrating is yet another facet of Mario's heroism, always willing to help out people in need and make peace with others, such as handing Donkey Kong a Mini-Mario toy and the many times he has worked with Bowser and invited him to events.[96]



Luigi is Mario's younger twin brother,[97][98] and his best pal.[99] Ever since childhood, the two have had a heated friendly rivalry against eachother,[73] with Mario grinding his shoe but always making sure if he's okay when hurt too much.[100][101] While Mario knows he's an unlikely hero,[102] he's nonetheless proud whenever he comes out on top.[103] In fact, he's come to expect Luigi to come save him whenever he's in trouble.[104]

Both brothers also share the same fear of ghosts,[105] with Mario only expressing it at rare moments.

Princess Peach

Mario fell in love with Princess Peach the moment the two met eachother,[106] so much so that it caused Mario to have a change of heart towards Pauline, his girlfriend at the time.[107] Mario loves spending time with Peach, either via chatting,[108] or eating cake.[109] They're even described as the "Cutest Couple" when paired in Mario Party 5 and 6.

Mario is willing to save everyone, but he carries a torch for Peach specifically,[110] being one of his most beloved.[111] So much so that he can act rather rashly when Bowser proposes to her at the end of Super Mario Odyssey,[112] with a slightly embarassing amount of honesty.[113]


Bowser is Mario's eternal arch-enemy[114][115] and is responsible for making Mario's life difficult.[116] Despite his hulking appearance, Mario always manages to beat him.[117] Despite their fierce rivalry, Mario has allowed him to join in on his sporting events,[118] where the two set aside their differences for the sake of the sport.[119] When the two do team up together, even for Bowser's selfish reasons,[120][121] Mario's the much more positive of the two, being the first one to accept/propose the team-up, even if they'll have to act out Bowser's demands.[122]


Mario met Wario when the two were young, Wario even claiming the two being childhood friends.[123][124] When Wario took over Mario Land in Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, Mario described Wario as an "evil creep" that's "been jealous of my popularity since we were boys".[125] This hostility continued in games like Mario & Wario and Dr. Mario 64, where Mario dropped a barrel on Wario's head as revenge and accused Wario of stealing the Megavitamins respectively.[126][127] In recent times, the two have made up,[128] though the two still strike a friendly rivalry with eachother.[129] To compare the two, Wario is the anti-hero to Mario's heroism.[130]

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