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Super Mario
Mario New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe.png
Full name Mario Mario[1]
Aliases Jumpman, Big Bro, The Great Gonzales, Big M
Species Human
Place of Origin Mushroom Kingdom
Residence Mushroom Kingdom
New Donk City (formerly)
Age ● 24-25 (Donkey Kong)[2]
● ~30 (Modern day)[3]
Height 1.55 m[4]

Mario is a plumber and the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom, who has saved Princess Peach from his archenemy Bowser on many occasions. He is recognizable from his red hat with an “M” emblem, moustache and cheery appearance. He has a younger twin brother named Luigi who he often brings along on his adventures. Mario leads a very active life, partaking in many sports events. Both his heroism and sporting ventures have given Mario worldwide fame and fortune.


Early Life

Mario was born alongside his brother Luigi in the Stork World, as implied by the opening cutscene of Yoshi’s New Island.[5] Soon after, Baby Mario & Baby Luigi are picked up by the Stork to be taken to their parents.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

The events of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island began with the Stork, carrying Baby Mario & Baby Luigi in his bill, on his way to the Mushroom Kingdom. All of a sudden Kamek flew in on his broom, attacking the stork and causing him to drop Baby Mario. Kamek grabbed Baby Luigi & the Stork and brought them back to his castle in the Koopa Kingdom. Baby Mario fell down and landed on the back of yoshi on Yoshi’s Island. The yoshi took Baby Mario back to his clan and they all agreed to help reunite the baby brothers. When he realised that he had only grabbed one of the babies, Kamek sent out his Toadies to retrieve Baby Mario and bring him back to the Koopa Kingdom. The yoshis protected Baby Mario as he led them towards where his brother was being held using some sort of “brotherly telepathy”.[6]

Baby Mario and the Yoshis ventured across Yoshi’s Island and eventually to the Koopa Kingdom. In the Koopa Kingdom, the Yoshis and Baby Mario came face-to-face with Kamek. Kamek was quickly disposed of by a young Prince Bowser, who wanted to ride on Yoshi. This led to a battle between Baby Mario & Yoshi and Baby Bowser in which Baby Bowser attempted to knock Baby Mario off of Yoshi’s back and ride on Yoshi himself. This fight resulted in Baby Bowser’s defeat. Kamek then came back, only to be shocked to see his young Prince defeated at the hands of Yoshi. He then used his magic to revive Baby Bowser and grow him to a great size. Using Giant Eggs, Yoshi and Baby Mario defeated Baby Bowser and Kamek, saving Baby Luigi and the Stork. Kamek and Bowser flew off into the night on Kamek’s broomstick and the Yoshi Clan blew up Baby Bowser’s Castle. The Stork took the babies once again and flew them to their home in the Mushroom Kingdom.[7]

Yoshi’s New Island

Yoshi’s New Island began directly where Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island left off.[5] The Stork finally delivered the babies to their home. Unfortunately, there had been a mixup. The Stork had brought Baby Mario and Baby Luigi to the wrong parents. So, the Stork took off into the night sky in order to deliver them to their rightful home. Kamek suddenly reappeared, wanting to kidnap the babies once and for all. Once again, Kamek only managed to grab Baby Luigi and the Stork. Baby Mario floated down using the cloth he was wrapped in as a parachute. He landed safely on Egg Island, home of another clan of Yoshis that had just recently been taken over by Baby Bowser due to his own castle’s destruction. While the Yoshis were discussing how they would find Baby Bowser’s Hideout, Baby Mario landed on the island and began to crawl with determination towards his brother. The Yoshis agreed that they would help Baby Mario to get where he needed to go, as the island was far too dangerous for a baby.

Throughout their adventure, the Yoshis were aided by Mr. Pipe, a mysterious being that resembles a Warp Pipe. While venturing across Yoshi’s Island they ran into Kamek and his minions multiple times, before eventually finding Baby Bowser’s Hideout. Once again, Baby Bowser spotted the yoshi and wanted a ride, engaging in a fight with Baby Mario and Yoshi. Mario & Yoshi won, prompting Kamek to once again make Baby Bowser grow to a massive size. Yoshi and Baby Mario successfully defeated Baby Bowser once again using Mega Eggdozers. Kamek and Baby Bowser flew off, with Kamek vowing that they’d return one day. Yoshi and Baby Mario rushed over to the Stork and Baby Luigi. Suddenly, warping through space and time, King Bowser from the future appeared. He fought Yoshi and Baby Mario, only to be defeated and dropped into a pool of lava by Yoshi’s Metal Eggdozers. Kamek returned, using his magic to revive King Bowser and make him giant. Yoshi used the Eggdozers one last time to put an end to Bowser’s plot. Bowser was sent back to his own time through the Wormhole he came through.

The Yoshi Clan had successfully reunited Baby Mario with his brother. With Baby Bowser defeated, the Yoshis could also go back to their normal lives. The Stork finally delivered Baby Mario and Baby Luigi to their correct home in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mr. Pipe was actually Mario from the future the entire time. He finally removed his disguise and returned to his own time.

Yoshi Touch & Go

Taking place around this time, in Yoshi Touch & Go Kamek attacked the Stork once again. This time both Baby Mario & Baby Luigi fell to the island below. With the help of some magical clouds, Baby Mario landed safely on the back of a Yoshi. The Yoshis carried Baby Mario across Yoshi’s Island, trying to find Baby Luigi and get both of the babies back to the Stork before Kamek could kidnap them. Eventually the heroes found Baby Luigi in the clutches of Kamek's Toadies. Once the Toadies were defeated, the brothers were reunited once again.

Yoshi’s Island DS

One night, in Yoshi’s Island DS, some time after the events of the previous games, babies from all over the world were kidnapped by Kamek and Bowser from the future. They were looking for the seven Star Children. These were seven Babies with stars in their hearts that possessed extraordinary power. Kamek saw that the Stars had fallen in this time period, so Bowser and Kamek parked Bowser’s Castle in the skies above Yoshi’s Island and sent out their minions to bring all of the babies back to the castle. Baby Mario and Baby Luigi, who were actually two of the Star Children, were taken from their homes by a Toady. They were being brought to Bowser’s Castle like all of the other babies, when the Stork flew in to try and save some of them. He managed to knock Baby Mario and Baby Peach out of the Toadies’ grasps, but Baby Luigi and the other babies were taken to the castle.

Baby Mario and Peach fell to the island below. Baby Mario landed on the back of a familiar Yoshi and Baby Peach floated down with her parasol. Kamek soon realised that he was missing Baby Mario and Baby Peach. Infuriated, he sent his minions out to retrieve the missing babies. The Yoshis decide to have a meeting in order to decide what to do with the two babies. Baby Mario wants to save all of the other kidnapped babies, but he knows he can’t do it by himself. The Yoshi Clan eventually decided that, like before, they would help Baby Mario by carrying him around on their backs. This time, the Stork and Baby Peach would also help the Yoshis save all of the other babies. The team set off, venturing into Yoshi’s Island once again.

During the adventure, they met various other babies that joined them in their quest to stop Bowser and Kamek,, including baby DK, Baby Wario and even Baby Bowser. Eventually, the team made it to Bowser’s Castle. Once inside the castle, Baby Bowser told the others to leave to which they refused. Then, thinking that they were going to steal his treasure, Baby Bowser fought against Yoshi and the others. Yoshi defeated Baby Bowser, of course, but then Adult Bowser arrived. Seeing what Yoshi did to his younger self led Bowser to fight Yoshi and the babies, but he too was defeated. Kamek then arrived, turning Bowser into a giant once again. This time, four Yoshis and the four babies worked together, and they used Giant Eggs to defeat Bowser. Baby Luigi and the other kidnapped babies were saved and returned to their homes by the Storks. Bowser, Kamek and their minions go back to their own time period.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

In Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, Baby Mario & Baby Luigi, now older than they were during Yoshi’s Island DS, went to Mushroom Castle to have a playdate with Baby Princess Peach. When they arrived at the castle, they were greeted by Toadsworth, who welcomed them and told them to head to the throne room, where the princess awaited them. When the brothers arrived at the throne room, it was revealed that Baby Bowser had entered the castle and grabbed Baby Peach, intending to take her home to his Castle. Toadworth objected to this, but he was quickly defeated by Baby Bowser’s flame. Baby Mario began a battle with Baby Bowser, while Baby Luigi looked after the princess. Using his jumps, Baby Mario managed to defeat the Koopa Prince. Unbeknownst to Mario and the others, the Shroob fleet were in the skies above the Mushroom Kingdom, ready to launch their invasion.

All of a sudden, Shroob UFOs began attacking the castle from the outside. They began shooting at Toad Town and abducting its residents. Baby Bowser called Kamek, telling him to come pick them up in the Koopa Cruiser. Kamek arrived just in time, and the babies and Toadsworth escaped from the Mushroom Kingdom capital in the Koopa Cruiser. It wasn’t long before almost all of the Mushroom King fell under Shroob Control. As the Koopa Cruiser flew Baby Bowser’s Castle, the Shroob UFOs gave chase, shooting at the ship. Baby Mario, Baby Luigi and Baby Peach began crying. Toadsworth wheeled the Princess to the bridge of the Koopa Cruiser, while Baby Bowser instructed the everyone else to also come to the bridge over a speaker system. Hearing this, Baby Mario stopped his crying and tried to get Baby Luigi to do the same to no avail. Instead, Baby Mario had to push Luigi out of the room. Baby Mario & Baby Luigi made their way to the bridge, where they met up with Baby Bowser and the others. Baby Bowser fired the Koopa Cruiser’s Koopa Cannon, which took out the Shroob UFOs on their tail.

While flying over Hollijolli Village, the Koopas noticed some villagers under Shroob attack. While Baby Bowser was initially willing to fly past as if they saw nothing, Baby Peach’s unapproving cries convinced him otherwise. Baby Bowser fired the Koopa Cannon at the Shroobs in the village, crushing one and scaring the other two away. He told the Baby Bros. that they could take care of the villagers, letting them out of the Koopa Cruiser at the edge of the village. Baby Mario walked around the village with his brother, until they eventually found the “villagers” they were looking for. As it turned out, the villagers they had just saved were actually Mario & Luigi from the future. Just then, the one Shroob climbed out from under the Koopa Cannonball and another joined him. Unable to wake up their adult counterparts, Baby Mario & Baby Luigi had to fight off the two Shroobs on their own. Using their jumps and a Shell attack from Toadsworth, they defeated the two Shroobs and brought their adult counterparts to the Koopa Cruiser. When Mario & Luigi woke up, Toadsworth brought them up to speed on the events of the Shroob invasion. Mario explained to Toadsworth that he and Luigi had come from the future to save Princess Peach of the future, who they believed was being held in the Shroob Castle. Toadsworth didn’t believe him, thinking they weren’t of sound mind. Before Mario could say anything else, the Koopa Cruiser received a transmission from Shroob Castle. Princess Shroob appeared on the monitor, speaking the Shroob language. While nobody in the Koopa Cruiser could understand what she was saying, it wasn't long before they got her message. A shroob missile sent from Shroob Castle was heading straight for the Koopa Cruiser. With the Koopa Cannon out of ammo, the Shroob Missile landed a direct hit on the Koopa Cruiser. The Koopa Cruiser had a crash landing, barely making it within the walls of Bowser’s castle. Everyone that was inside the cruiser had been thrown away from the crash site during the landing.

Baby Mario and Baby Luigi landed on a metal beam above a lava pool in Baby Bowser’s Castle, before the Adult Bros. arrived on the scene. Baby Mario quickly jumped from the beam, with adult Luigi breaking his fall, while Baby Luigi took some coaxing from adult Mario, before eventually falling down onto the well-padded leather of Stuffwell, who adult Mario and Luigi had brought to the past. Deciding to continue as a group to reunite with the Koopa Troop, Baby Peach and Toadsworth, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi received piggybacks from their adult selves as they made their way through the castle. After exploring for a short while, the Bros. encountered Kamek, who remembered them from the events of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island. He noted how they now looked much bigger and hairier, and recalled how his plan didn’t work out so well. Despite the weirdness of the situation, he attempted to defeat the Bros. by summoning some Minions to fight them. When the minions were defeated, Kamek flew off in search of Prince Bowser once again. After exploring the castle further, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi found a chest with a mysterious shard. Taking the shard with them, the four Bros. made their way to Baby Bowser’s room, where they were reunited with Baby Peach and Toadsworth. A time hole which led back to adult Mario’s time had opened up in the room, and the Bros. intended on using it to head back to the future. They advised Toadsworth to follow and bring Baby Peach. While he initially refused due to the potential unknown dangers through the hole, he changed his mind after being name-called by Stuffwell.

In the future, Baby Mario and Luigi went with adult Mario and Luigi to see Professor E. Gadd, the inventor of the Time Machine adult Princess Peach had used to get to the past. After being presented with the mysterious shard, the professor informed the group that it was a piece of the Cobalt Star, the power source of the Time Machine. How it got broken and how it ended up in Bowser’s Castle however is still a mystery. After witnessing the shard react to a Junior Shrooboid he’d been researching, the professor came to the conclusion that the Cobalt Star was linked in some way to the Shroobs. The Bros. were urged to return to the past and track down the Cobalt Star shards in the hope that it would lead them to Princess Peach. Reacting to the other Cobalt Star shards still scattered in the past, the Cobalt Star shard in the Bros. possession tore another time hole leading them to the location of the next shard.

Heading back into the past, the four Bros. ended up in Toadwood Forest. After exploring for a short time, the Marios heard their name being called. Toadiko, a Toad who accompanied the adult Princess Peach to the past in the Time Machine, was trapped, stuck to a Toadwood Tree and slowly being drained of her Vim. After accidentally scaring adult Luigi, Baby Luigi and Baby Mario away, she explained to adult Mario that upon arrival in the past, they were attacked by the Shroobs. Luigi came back with both babies on his back as Toadiko explained that Peach was captured by the Shroobs, while here in Toadwood Forest the Shroobs were converting Toad Vim gathered from the Toadwood Trees into fuel for their flying saucers. Toadiko urged adult Mario to leave her, enter the factory and retrieve the Cobalt Star shard within. Shroob UFOs arrived and began firing at the group. While adult Luigi & the Baby Bros. ran away and Mario dodged the oncoming shroob energy bolts, Toadiko was shot and turned into a Shroob Mushroom.

The Bros. made their way into the Shroob’s Vim Factory, where they were stopped by the “L33T HAMM3ER BROZ.”, Hammer Bros. who were being mind-controlled by antennas that the Shroobs had implanted in their helmets. Adult Mario and Luigi were then captured by factory machinery, leaving the Baby Bros. to face of against the Hammer Bros. by themselves. After breaking the antennas on their heads, Baby Mario & Baby Luigi returned the Hammer Bros. to their senses, receiving hammers as thanks. After a lesson from the Hammer Bros. on how to use their new hammers, the Baby Bros. set off further into the factory in search of their adult counterparts. Eventually the Babies found adult Mario & Luigi and set them free from the nose of a Toadwood Tree in the centre of the factory. Reunited, the group continued through the factory until they came face-to-face with the Swiggler, the being that the Shroobs were using to convert the Vim into fuel for their UFOs. While Mario & Luigi discussed the situation, Baby Mario used his hammer to knock over the Swiggler’s glass of Vim while they weren’t looking, enraging the creature. The Bros. fought the Swiggler, defeating it and the Shroobs protecting it. After the battle the Bros. retrieved another shard from the Cobalt Star.

Suddenly, Baby Bowser appeared. After running in circles around the Bros., he caused them to drop both shards from dizziness. He took both shards, claiming that this was payback for them taking the first shard from his castle. Before any of the Bros. got a chance to react, he escaped the factory in his Koopa Clown Car with Kamek. Stuffwell suggested that they all return to the future to rework their strategy. Meeting with the future Professor E. Gadd once again, they learned that while they were away four new time holes had opened up around future Princess Peach’s Castle, one of which was giving off strong readings of Cobalt Star Energy. Believing that hole to be where Baby Bowser made his escape to, the professor told the Bros. to head there next. Before they left for the past once again, the Bros. headed to Peach’s Castle’s Garden, where they met both the future and past Toadsworths attempting to stop Baby Peach’s cries. Performing the Toadsworth Twist the duo were met with giggles from the three children. While the future Toadsworth collapsed, Toadsworth of the past explained to future Mario & Luigi that he’d been caught up on the current situation and was now rooting for them to save the future Princess Peach and the Mushroom Kingdom of the past.

Returning to the past, the four Bros. found themselves on Yoshi’s Island. Making their way to the village, they found it to be completely abandoned, aside from the reporter Kylie Koopa. Kylie Koopa was there to investigate a giant egg that had appeared on the island that she believed was connected to the Shroobs. Using a platform inside one of the Yoshi Houses, Baby Mario & Baby Luigi discovered many Yoshi Villagers hiding in a room on the second floor of the house. After hearing a roar and stomping outside, the Yoshis fled, running to the first floor and out the front door, before being followed by Kylie. The Bros. also went outside only to be met with Yoob, a shroobified Yoshi that had hatched from the giant egg. They quickly ran back inside as Yoob ate the Yoshis and Kylie Koopa. Kylie was spat out by Yoob and sent ricocheting around the village in her shell. Yoob attempted to use its tongue to grab the Bros. inside the house, but it eventually gave up and left. After briefly reuniting with Kylie Koopa, she mentioned to the Bros. that she saw an evil-looking Magikoopa enter one of the other buildings in the village. Heading inside, the Bros. once again met Kamek, who was searching for cookies for Baby Bowser. They explained to him that they needed the Cobalt Star Shards back, but Kamek said he didn’t have time for them and left after mentioning that Baby Bowser was on the Cliff Top. Kamek was then eaten and spat out by Yoob, before heading to the next house in search of more cookies.

The Mario Bros. followed Kamek around the Island, with Kamek starting fires in an attempt to prevent them from getting to the Cliff Top. By drinking water springs found on the island, Baby Mario was able to spit drops of water on the fires Kamek had created and clear a path to the Cliff Top for the others. Once there, they found Baby Bowser scoffing the cookies that Kamek had collected. The adult Mario Bros. tried to explain to Baby Bowser that they needed the Cobalt Star shards and asked him to return all of the cookies too, while Baby Mario & Baby Luigi sneak around them and ate all of the cookies. When Baby Bowser noticed the missing cookie pile, it was already too late. An enraged Baby Bowser was instructed to walk it off by Kamek, as he fought the Mario Bros. himself. After defeating Kamek, the Bros. cornered Baby Bowser at a dead end on the Cliff Top. Out of spite for the babies eating the cookies, Baby Bowser decided to eat the Cobalt Star shards. Adult Mario & Luigi held Baby Bowser in place while Baby Mario jumped on his head in an attempt to get him to spit up the shards. Just then, Shroob UFOs flew overhead and spotted the group on the Cliff Top. One UFO shot an energy bolt at Yoob, increasing his size dramatically. Yoob then swallowed Baby Bowser and the Mario Bros.

Inside Yoob’s Gastric Chambers, adult Mario falls unconscious while the babies cry. Adult Luigi manages to cheer them up with Yoshi Cookies that he’d collected earlier on in the village. After Mario awakens, the babies come across one Yoshi pushing a Chomp Rock in an attempt to make his escape from Yoob, believing that rolling the Chomp Rock down the hole would be enough to expand the passage out. The Mario Bros. gather the six Yoshis scattered throughout Yoob’s Belly. With all of the Yoshis pushing the Chomp Rock, they were able to get it moving. The Yoshis ran ahead with the Bros. following, but beyond the area opened by the Chomp Rock was a shroob egg factory. The Yoshis were put through the factory’s assembly line and converted into Yoob Eggs. The Bros. continued through the factory in an effort to set the Yoshis free and find Baby Bowser. Setting some of the Yoshis free, the heroes were able to make their way to the end of Yoob’s dorsal cavity with the help of a second Chomp Rock. On the other side the Bros. came across an amnesiac Toadbert, who had accompanied future Princess Peach to the past. He had lost all of his memories but one, which he drew on a piece of paper and presented to Baby Mario & Baby Luigi. The drawing depicted Princess Peach, the Cobalt Star and another being. Toadbert told the Bros. that he awoke in the Yoshis’ Village shortly before they were attacked by Yoob. Toadbert was attempting to save the Yoshis trapped in eggs by getting them out of Yoob’s belly, but his path was blocked by Sunnycide. The Bros. went ahead and faced off against the creature, who was guarding many Yoob Eggs as well as the exit. Baby Bowser had been trapped inside one of the eggs and broke free when Sunnycide tossed one at Toadbert. With the help of the Yoshis they had set free from the Yoob Eggs, the Mario Bros. defeated Sunnycide and unblocked the exit to the outside. Toadbert stayed to free the rest of the Yoshis still in eggs while the Mario Bros., Baby Bowser and the other Yoshis escaped. With all of the eggs outside of Yoob, he became immobile.

After returning to the Yoshis’ Village, the Bros. found Baby Bowser, claiming to be the one who had saved them all, receiving Yoshi Cookies as thanks from the villagers. At the sight of Baby Mario, Baby Bowser decided to scarf down the cookies before the baby Bros. could get the chance. This caused Baby Bowser to choke and cough up the Cobalt Star shards he’d eaten earlier on. The shards flew into Baby Bowser, knocking him off of Yoshi’s Island. Toadbert then arrived and explained to the Yoshis that Baby Bowser wasn’t the one who saved them, telling them to instead thank the four Mario Bros., before they headed back to the future once again.


At some unknown point between Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time and Mario’s Bombs Away, Mario & Luigi moved to New Donk City, where they spent much of their early adulthood.

Mario’s Bombs Away

In Mario’s Bombs Away, Mario fought in a war where he served as soldier that would deliver bombs from one of his Buddies to the other while preventing the bombs from being set off by the enemy soldiers or the Heavy Smoker. After delivering 5 bombs, the enemy soldiers were defeated by Mario and the others.

Mario Bros. (Game & Watch)

In Mario Bros. (Game & Watch), Mario and Luigi started working at a Bottle Factory. They had to work together, loading Bottles onto conveyor belts and onto a truck. They were fired from this job by the Foreman when they accidentally allowed three packages of bottles to fall due to the constantly increasing speed of the conveyor belts.

Mario’s Cement Factory

In Mario’s Cement Factory Mario began working in the Cement Factory, where he had to empty Cement from hoppers into two trucks. Mario had to run between multiple floors of the cement Factory to empty the hoppers before they could overflow. In the end, Mario accidentally spilled cement on the truck drivers.

Wrecking Crew

In Wrecking Crew, Mario and Luigi found work at a Construction Site, where they began working as demolition men under Foreman Spike. The Bros. used their hammers to demolish the buildings piece-by-piece, but as Mario and his brother worked on the site, they had some encounters with Gotchawrenches, Hatchets and Eggplant Men. Foreman Spike also antagonised Mario, causing Mario hassle on the construction site and attempting to take coins on Bonus Stages for himself.

Donkey Kong Circus

In Donkey Kong Circus, Mario went to a circus near the Construction Site where a Kong named Donkey Kong was performing. Mario found Donkey Kong’s act hilarious, much to Donkey Kong’s frustration. Mario ended up becoming the owner of Donkey Kong, somehow obtaining him from the circus.[8][9]

Donkey Kong Hockey

In Donkey Kong Hockey, Mario and Donkey Kong went to a field hockey pitch and the two played a game against each other.

Donkey Kong

During the events of Donkey Kong (Arcade) & Donkey Kong (Game & Watch), Donkey Kong escaped and kidnapped Mario’s girlfriend at the time, Pauline, in revenge. Donkey Kong carried Pauline up through the site, with Mario following in hot pursuit. Mario, after dodging barrels thrown his way by Donkey Kong and climbing 100 Meters up the construction site and through the Cement Factory, removed the bolts that were holding the girder Donkey Kong was standing on in place. Donkey Kong fell down, hitting his head on the steel below. With Pauline safe and sound thanks to Mario, Donkey Kong escaped into the forest outside New Donk City.[10] Mario, feeling somewhat responsible for Donkey Kong and believing he needed to be brought to justice after the trouble he’d caused, followed him.

Donkey Kong Jr. / Donkey Kong II

In Donkey Kong Jr. (Arcade), Donkey Kong Jr. (Game & Watch) and Donkey Kong II, Mario found Donkey Kong in the forest and locked him up in a cage. Donkey Kong’s son, Donkey Kong Jr., followed Mario with intent to set his father free. Mario used his helicopter to bring Donkey Kong to his Hideout, where he’d keep Donkey Kong locked up indefinitely. Donkey Kong Jr. followed Mario to the hideout, before unlocking the cage and setting his father free. Mario gave chase to the kongs, before getting a kick from Donkey Kong and giving up.


In Pinball Mario played in a giant pinball machine at the construction site with Pauline.

Mario Bros. (Arcade)

In Mario Bros. (Arcade), Mario & Luigi became plumbers, working in the sewers of New Donk City. Shellcreepers, Fighter Flies, Sidesteppers and Freezies began emerging from the pipes in the sewers, attacking the brothers. Mario & Luigi fought off the enemies and cleared out the sewers, before taking a pipe, leading them back to the Mushroom Kingdom.[11][12][13]

Super Mario Bros.

In Super Mario Bros., Mario & Luigi, hearing of the curse Bowser had placed on the Mushroom Kingdom, set out to save Princess Peach, who was being held in Bowser’s Castle.[13] The brothers made their way through seven worlds, with Mario facing off against a Fake Bowser in each and saving the seven Mushroom Retainers. Finally, they found themselves in the Koopa Kingdom. Mario defeated Bowser and rescued Princess Peach, becoming smitten with the Princess as she kissed him out of gratitude for saving her.[14][15][16]

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

In Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Bowser attempted the same plan once again, with the Mushroom Kingdom being even tighter control by his forces this time around.[17] Princess Peach was taken to a “parallel world” and Mario & Luigi had to travel through eight worlds once again to rescue her.[18][19][20] Once the Princess had been saved, she was kidnapped once again, prompting Mario & Luigi to travel through World 9, World A, World B, World C and World D, before defeating Bowser (Blue) and Bowser once again. Having finally restored peace to the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario was praised as a hero.

Super Mario Bros. (Game & Watch)

In Super Mario Bros. (Game & Watch), Bowser kidnapped Princess Peach once again and confined her within a castle. Princess Peach wrote a letter to Mario, requesting that he save her once again. Setting out on his own, Mario had to brave eight worlds, meeting an Illusion of Princess Peach at the end of each one to guide him to the next. With the help of Super Stars and 1-Up Mushrooms that Peach had hidden for him throughout the land, Mario defeated what remained of Bowser’s Army and rescued Princess Peach from Bowser’s clutches.[21]

Famicom Grand Prix: F-1 Race

In Famicom Grand Prix: F-1 Race, Mario went to Earth to participate in a Formula One Grand Prix where he had to face off against twenty other racers, including the world’s strongest, from France, Brazil, England, Italy, America and West Germany.[22]


Mario is very athletic and active, participating in a lot of sports (such as Golf, Tennis, Soccer, and Baseball) and kart racing. He’s quite cheery and jolly, and he usually makes light of the most dire situations and tries to have fun with everything he does. He’s known to be very brave; he stands up to fearsome foes and fights for what he thinks is right. However, he’s almost never resentful and always forgiving towards those who have fought against him. He’s great at making friends & meeting new people and he’s always up for an adventure.


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