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Yoshi MP10.png
Full name Yoshi
Aliases Super Dragon Yoshi
Species Yoshi
Residence Yoshi's Island

Yoshi is a green member of the Yoshi species. He met Mario during Bowser's invasion to Dinosaur Land in Super Mario World.



He is most likely in one of the six Yoshi eggs being guarded by a lone Yoshi.

Yoshi's Island DS

He is born after at the end of this title.

Yoshi's Story

He is one of six baby Yoshis who go on an adventure to retrieve the Super Happy Tree from Baby Bowser.

Adult Life

Yoshi Topsy-Turvy

After Bowser begins to rampage around Yoshi's Island, a spirit named Hongo tries to trap Bowser inside the Forbidden Pop-Up Book but accidently traps Yoshi's Island inside the book. So Yoshi goes on a journey throughout the book and appease the spirits inside in various ways to save Yoshi's Island and stop Bowser.

Super Mario World

Bowser and the Koopalings capture all the other Yoshis and their eggs and Yoshi tries to stop them but he gets trapped inside an a egg by Bowser. He is later freed by Mario and Luigi and he decides to team up with them to stop Bowser's army and save the other Yoshis and Princess Peach.

Tetris Attack

Super Mario RPG





Oil Panic

Mario Clash

Yoshis Safari

Mario's Cement Factory(Modern)

Yoshi's Cookie


Mario's Tennis

Super Mario Kart


Mario Party

Mario Party 2

Donkey Kong Country 2

Mario Party 3

Super Mario 64 DS

Rain Shower (Hard)

Mario Kart 64

Excitebike Bun Bun Mario Battle