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Full name Bowser Koopa
Species Koopa
Residence Koopa Kingdom

King Bowser Koopa, alternatively called Lord Bowser or simply Bowser, is the ruler of the Koopa Kingdom and the leader of the Koopa Troop. His minions refer to him as "Lord Bowser" or some variation of "Your highness" that replaces the word high with a negative trait Bowser has. While the only confirmed biological relative of Bowser's is his son, Bowser Jr., Kamek raised him and continues to serve and advise him. Bowser and the Koopa Troop have tried to take over the Mushroom Kingdom many times. Bowser is known across the world for being the leader of a nation with a formidable military, as well as his monstrous appearance, frequent kidnappings of Princess Peach and his frequent conflicts with his arch nemesis, Mario. He has a group of 7 minions known as the Koopalings who are his high-ranking generals.


Early Life

The identity of Bowser's parents, and the exact time of Bowser's birth, are unknown. However, his parents were likely the King and Queen of the Koopa Kingdom at the time, as he was the prince, and he was raised by Kamek.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

As a baby, Bowser, who was then Prince of the Koopa Kingdom, encountered the newborn Mario, as well as Yoshi. He attacked Mario in attempt to ride the Yoshi. This was the beginning of Mario's lifelong fight against Bowser.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Later in Bowser's childhood, he entered Peach's Castle and attempted to kidnap Princess Peach. Toadsworth tried to attack him, but was defeated. Mario then fought and defeated Bowser. Shortly thereafter, Shroob ships attacked the castle. Prince Bowser, along with Peach, Toadsworth, Mario, and Luigi, fled from the castle on the Koopa Cruiser. However, the Cruiser was pursued and attacked by Shroob ships. Bowser, who was in command of the cruiser, successfully destroyed all the pursuing ships. The cruiser flew over Hollijolli Village, attacked Shroobs in the village at the time, and landed in the village.

Adult Life

Super Mario Bros.

In Super Mario Bros., Bowser had grown up and commanded his forces to take control of the Mushroom Kingdom. Using his magic spell, he turned the Toads into mere stones, bricks, and even field horse-hair plants. He then kidnapped all of Princess Peach’s Mushroom Retainers and Princess Peach herself, as she’s the only one who can undo his magic spell. When he was done taking over, he took a big nap.[1]

All of a sudden, the Mario Bros. arrived at his castle holding Princess Peach. The two brothers then sank Bowser into lava as Peach is returned to her castle.[2]

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

In Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, not deterred by his failure, Bowser enacted the exact same plan in taking over the Mushroom Kingdom, including turning its citizens inanimate. This time, Bowser took Princess Peach to a “parallel world”, and the kingdom is under much tighter control by his forces.[3][4][5][6]

When the Mario Bros. arrived at the castle holding Princess Peach, he fought the two before falling yet again. Although saved, Bowser kidnapped Peach again and forced the two brothers to travel through five more worlds before finally being defeated and allowing Peach to be saved, unleashing the Mushroom Kingdom of his control.

Super Mario Bros. (Game & Watch)

In Super Mario Bros. (Game & Watch), Bowser kidnapped Peach yet again and had taken her to one of his castles. Peach was saved when Mario reached the castle he was at, throwing him out of the castle, defeated.[7]

Super Mario Bros. 3

In Super Mario Bros. 3, Bowser hired the Koopalings, a group of 7 Koopas that love to be mean, to invade the 7 neighboring countries of the Mushroom World and spread chaos. While the Mario Bros. are away saving the kings, Bowser snatched Peach and sent a letter daring the Bros. to come to his castle in Dark Land.[8]

Having the Bros. at his castle, Bowser took to stomping and breathing fire onto the brothers. What he didn’t expect was that the floor was quite breakable, and so Mario & Luigi lured him to break open a hole in the floor, sending him tumbling into the castle’s depths below.

Yoshi Topsy-Turvy

In Yoshi Topsy-Turvy, Bowser had been raising trouble all over.[9] His current rampage was on Eggland where he wanted to eat all of the Egglings. Bowser gave chase to the Egglings, hunting them down to Yoshi’s Island. Having found them all, he cursed them into apples to keep them from running.[10] Then suddenly, Hongo, spirit of the Forbidden Pop-Up Book, sealed Bowser away inside the book to stop any more rampages from occurring.

Inside the book, Bowser found his way inside a cave on the last page of the book and Yoshi started attacking him with falling bombs before tilting the world to cause Bowser to fall deeper inside the book. Bowser swears revenge on Yoshi, saying he’ll remember this day, before falling deeper inside the book.[11]

Bowser escaped the book not long after.

Super Mario World

In Super Mario World, Bowser invaded Dinosaur Land and all of its areas. To help further with this, he placed a terrible spell under the Reznors, forcing them to defend the four fortresses spread throughout Dinosaur Land.[12] The Koopalings were also placed inside seven castles across Dinosaur Land. The Valley of Bowser, right in the middle of Dinosaur Land and also holding his castle, was hidden under the seabed and could only be accessed via a Magic Ball inside the sunken airship that crashed after the events of Super Mario Bros. 3. Yoshi’s friends were also sealed inside eggs, Yoshi himself being sealed in one when he tried to save them.

Later, Mario, Luigi, and Peach arrived at Dinosaur Land for vacation. This was a prime opportunity for Bowser to kidnap Peach and hide her inside the Valley of Bowser. When the Mario Bros. arrived on top of his castle, he unleashed his Koopa Clown Car and unleashed a barrage of harmful bubbles and Mechakoopas. However, the Mario Bros. threw one last Mechakoopa towards him, shortcircuiting his car and releasing Princess Peach.

Tetris Attack

In Tetris Attack, Bowser returned to Yoshi’s Island and had Kamek cast a spell on the island to make it rain, threatening to flood it over. Moreover, he also enchanted Yoshi’s friends to work for him. After doing his invasion, he took a nap.

When he awoke to Yoshi’s friends challenging him, he scoffed and fought the group.[13] When beaten, he can not believe he’s been so completely beaten, and by a Yoshi no less. He couldn’t believe such a Yoshi would be so strong. Bowser’s control over the island was released, and Yoshi’s Island wouldn’t flood.

Rainshower (Modern)

In Rainshower (Modern), Bowser emerged from a tree holding onto a clothesline where Mario, Toad, and Donkey Kong Jr. were hanging from. There, Bowser tries throwing a bunch of colored water balloons at the group.[14] Bowser continued this rampage, even when Peach joined the group in swinging around the wires.[15]

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

While the events begin as yet another battle between Mario and Bowser, Bowser's Castle is taken over by the Smithy Gang. Bowser and the Koopa Troop attempt to retake the castle, but fail, leaving Bowser without of any of his resources. Eventually, Bowser teams up with Mario so that he can get his castle back. He also agrees to help restore Star Road. They are eventually successful in doing so.

Yoshi's Safari

Bowser took over Jewelry Land, kidnapped King Fret and Prince Pine, and taken the 12 gems keeping the land stable. He gave some of the gems to the Koopalings and held Prince Pine prisoner inside his castle, recently placed in the Dark Realm side of the kingdom’s split.

Mario & Yoshi’s arrival had him geared up in his battle suit before battling the duo. Mario’s cannon dealt significance damage to his body, his arms having to be bandaged after a few shots. After enough shots, he surrendered and released the last gem the two needed along with Prince Pine’s savior.[16] His defeat and Jewelry Land’s repair had him take the Koopalings and return to the Koopa Kingdom.

Yoshi's Cookies

Seeing Mario and Yoshi were dozing off, Bowser noticed a table filled with cookies. A plan sprung up and he left a note behind as he nabbed all of the cookies.[17]

Super Mario Kart

Bowser participated in the very first Mario Kart Grand Prix, but still remained Mario’s arch enemy. On the track he was rather hefty, so he has slow acceleration but great top speed. During the competition, he spat out his fireballs and threw his weight around to his advantage.[18] During Balloon Battle, he proved his animosity to Mario by targeting his balloons.[19]

Paper Mario

During the events of Paper Mario, Bowser steals the Star Rod from Star Haven. He is eventually defeated by Mario


Note that this list of abilities are simply meant to list his abilities, not his feats. The abilities shown below also don't mention his feats as a result of those abilities.


Abilities Bowser has used by only using his body.

Move Description Seen in
Enlargement During a crisis of Bowser's flagging life energy, and some stimulated adrenaline from Mario & Luigi at his Rump Command, Bowser first grew in size in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.[20] This growth in size usually lasted a small while, and Bowser would revert to his normal size when the time was up. While this would be the first witnessed event of him growing in size, other instances would usually be the result of Star Magic. Mario Party 10 might be a rare case of Bowser growing in size without magic.[21] Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Mario Party 10
Hands When push comes to shove, Bowser will punch instead, or even claw. His fists could even break rocks, though what type of rock Bowser can claw through depends. Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Super Mario Odyssey
His Weight Bowser has often tried to stomp ontop of Mario, usually resulting in the ground crumbling under him. In Super Mario Bros. 3, Mario took advantage of Bowser's stomp to lead him into a pit.[22] In Mario Party 5, Bowser was led into one of the crumbling tiles into the void below.[23] In Super Mario 3D Land, his surprise attack of stomping Mario caused the ground beneath them to crack. Super Mario Bros. 3, Mario Party 5
Fire Blast Using his Flame Pipe, Bowser shoots a continuous stream of fire from his mouth. This fire both lingers and ends at how much hot air he has left. When concentrated, this blast can even resemble a laser.[24] In Super Mario Sunshine, his Fire Blast starts purple before spreading out as his usual red fire.[25] Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine
Fire Rain Using his Flame Pipe, Bowser shoots multiple balls of fire in the air, letting it rain down on his opponent.[26] In Super Mario World, this raining fire took the form of a spooky face. Super Mario World, Super Mario 64
Fire Ball Using his Flame Pipe, Bowser shoots a floating stream of fire.[2] While usually yellow or red, Bowser's fireballs can also turn pink.[27] While his Dry Bowser form is characterized by his blue flame, he can also shoot blue fire while revitalized.[28] This change in color doesn't change anything and is purely for aesthetics. In games like Mario Party 9 or Bowser's Fury, Bowser was capable of shooting multiple Fire Balls all at once.[29][24] Super Mario Bros., Super Mario 3D Land
Shell Roll Bowser retreats into his shell and spins around. He can even jump while spinning around.[30] Another neat feature is his ability to burrow under the ground while doing it.[31] Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, New Super Mario Bros. U
Spike Ball After Mario & Luigi relieved Bowser of his back pain in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, his back was made more flexible, allowing him to roll up into his own shell and roll around.[32] This help bit Mario later on, as Bowser used this move against him in Super Mario Galaxy, where he even learned to rev himself up before charging straight at him.[33] Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Super Mario Galaxy
Tail Swipe Bowser makes use of his tail and swipes at his opponent, usually via a whole 360-degree spin. In Super Mario Odyssey, he combined this swipe with some magic to create a fire-based Shock Wave.[34] After using this move, Bowser is usually left dizzied and needs a few seconds to clear his head. Super Mario 3D Land, Super Mario Odyssey

With Wish Magic

Bowser has used Wish Magic to perform several abilities. Note that Wish Magic is not an ability exclusive to Bowser and that everyone else is capable of performing this.

Move Description Seen in
Fire Boomerang Bowser summons from his hand a bundle of fire shaped like a boomerang. When thrown, the boomerang flies around before flying away.[35] Mario Party 4
Flight Bowser's been flying on many different occasions, either in orbit or having complete control under no gravity. Sometimes he even flutters his legs while flying.[36] Mario Party 9, Super Mario 3D Land
Summoning In his first adult confrontation with Mario, Bowser threw a bunch of hammers.[2] Since then, Bowser had summoned a few more items in later fights. In Mario Party 5, Bowser summoned concentrated red energy balls of fire, and purple ones that gave out Shock Waves.[23] In Super Mario 3D Land, Bowser threw Spiked Balls and Barrels.[37] In Mario Party 9, he summoned his enemies via a big ball of dark energy and dices.[38][29] In Super Mario Galaxy 2, he summoned magical meteors bearing the Mandibug Clan insignia.[39] In Super Mario Odyssey, he summoned a castle in the shape of a ball and purple mimics of his wedding hat,[40] later on extending this to flaming balls of his own shells.[34] In Bowser's Fury, he summoned large stakes.[24]

As Dry Bowser, he summons bones to throw.

Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Odyssey

With Star Magic

Bowser has used Star Magic to perform several abilities. Note that Star Magic is not an ability exclusive to Bowser and that everyone else is capable of performing this.

Move Description Seen in
Boulder Roll Summoning a bunch of rocks together, Bowser rolls into a rocky ball he can control the direction of. This leaves his face wide open though, making that his weak spot.[33] Super Mario Galaxy
Bubble Trap Bowser had Peach trapped in an evil purple bubble in Super Mario Galaxy 2.[41] He could summon and move the bubble wherever he wished. A more crystalline bubble was used to trap the Giga Bells in Bowser's Fury.[24] Super Mario Galaxy 2, Bowser's Fury
Electricity Bowser has shot out lightning from his hands once. In Super Mario Galaxy, he used it to present the UFO taking Peach's Castle.[42] Super Mario Galaxy
Enlargement In more recent adventures, this has been Bowser's go-to last resort. In Mario Party 5, Bowser drank a magical potion that grew him in size.[23] In New Super Mario Bros. Wii and New Super Mario Bros. U, Kamek used his Star Magic to grow Bowser in size;[43][30] and in New Super Mario Bros. 2, the Koopalings were responsible.[44] In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Bowser grew in size after eating a Grand Star, shrinking when it was regurgitated out of him.[45] Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Mind control Bowser used mind control to convert people to his army. In Super Mario World, the Reznors were put under a terrible spell to guard the fortresses. In Tetris Attack, Yoshi's friends were also put under a spell to attack Yoshi. Super Mario World, Tetris Attack
Punch Beam By eating a Grand Star and growing in size, Bowser's fist can radiate a magical purple aura that, when struck to a surface, unleashes a line of beams from all sides. Super Mario Galaxy 2
Ring of Fire While using his Fire Blast in Super Mario Odyssey, Bowser unleashed a ring of fire that lasted as long as his breath could.[34] Super Mario Odyssey
Shock Wave By using his heavy stomp, Bowser spreads a magic ring that hurts anyway crossing it. In Super Mario 64, by using the power of the Jumbo Star, one stomp of his released 2 at once.[46] In Super Mario Galaxy, his shockwaves were more electrical in nature.[47] In Super Mario Odyssey, Bowser's shockwaves were fire, and his butt stomp could even release three rings at once.[40] Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy
Spin Attack Bowser used the same Spin Attack Mario was granted by the Baby Luma. In Bowser's case, this spin took on a more evil aesthetic, being purple and black.[48] Bowser also combined this Spin Attack with his Teleportation spell. Super Mario Galaxy
Teleportation Bowser teleported away in several instances after his defeat by Mario. Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy
Transformation In Super Mario Bros., Bowser once cast a spell to turn the Toads of the Mushroom Kingdom into stones, bricks, and even field horse-hair plants.[49] In Yoshi Topsy-Turvy, Bowser turned the Egglings of Eggland into apples so they wouldn't run away.[10] Super Mario Bros., Yoshi Topsy-Turvy


One thing you can't describe Bowser as is a quitter.[50][51] This evil,[52] intimidating,[53] awful,[54] and scary[55] King of all the Koopas[56][57] is a destructive person with fits of rage pumping through his veins,[58][59] and who isn't gallant when it comes to his goals,[60] always determined to crush his opponents like a bug.[61] He is a nasty as he looks,[62] and ugly to others.[63] This amount of monstrous power can certainly be boasted about,[64][65] and he is indeed prideful of it,[66] calling his power unparalled with a beyond-question authority.[67] He's even described to possess more charisma and destructive power than a trillion Marios.[68]

His main operandi is selfish conquest, of which he has many attempts under his claws, most prominently being the Mushroom Kingdom which he likes wrecking up in order to capture Princess Peach, him dreaming to rule over it.[69][52][70] The times he has fully invaded the Mushroom Kingdom, or atleast parts of it, Bowser has turned its citizens into inanimate objects in Super Mario Bros., and forced its Toad citizens to work for him in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. Other locations affected include the Sprixie Kingdom, Jewelry Land, Dinosaur Land, and many other Kingdoms Bowser trashed around to fulfill his own desires. In one case where he did successfully take over a kingdom, Bowser has removed nearly all of its culture, its origin becoming so unrecognizable that a brochure describing the kingdom believed Bowser's Kingdom was always Bowser's. Bowser's ultimate goal is to become the ruler of not just the world,[71] but every corner of the universe.[72]

Bowser's problems are his inability to think up the best of plans,[73] often being content with his first few steps and taking an extended time before continuing off from that.[74] His anger is also an ultimate factor, letting it control him and throwing fire around everywhere. One thing that really angers him, fuels him with unquenchable rage, is not being invited, such as with meetings or vacations.[75][76]

Bowser is willing to set aside his destructive tendencies to save the world,[77] though he'll grumble along the way.[78] While he'll do the same for sporting events, he'll put his full passion inside the sport, causing mayhem and destruction along the way,[79] sometimes being too much to handle or too baffling for other players.[80][81] He's described as a megaton of a player for this reason,[82] with historical wins under his belt.[83] When he's outmatched all other players, he'll proudly declare the sport he's playing to be too boring.[84] Or even when he hasn't played against other players yet, he'll boast he'll obviously win.[85]

Other minor traits of him include having the fanciest sticker collection in all of the Mushroom Kingdom.[86] He's also noted to show fear towards Mario's gold form,[87] human skeleton,[88] clowns.[89] and Mario in only his swimming trunks.[90]



Mario is Bowser's eternal arch-enemy,[55][91] always causing him to use up all of his assets to halt his progress.[56][73] When it does come to their eventual showdown, Bowser awaits him personally in order to fight him.[52] He's Mario's greatest foe,[92] and it's presumed their squabble to continue until the end of time.[93] Part of his hobbies are thinking of ways to foil Mario once and for all.[94]

Despite their bitter rivalry, he's willing to set it aside for other matters, such as the sake of the sport or saving the world.[95][77] Despite the temporary alliance, he's not happy working alongside him.[78] The sight of Mario's face will also outright spark Bowser to fly into a fit of rage,[96] and Bowser's motivation with most sporting events are to beat Mario as a petty win against him.[97][98][99][100]

Princess Peach

Bowser started kidnapping Peach to take control of the Mushroom Kingdom without anyone to save it. As time has rolled around, however, Bowser has fallen in love with her.[101] Bowser keeps snatching Peach,[102] and he also believes he's the only person fit to kidnap Peach.[103] Bowser's kidnappings are, in his own way, an affectionate way of telling Peach that he loves her. In his own wishes, Bowser wants Peach to love him.[104]

Despite his love, when Bowser's anger bubbles up, such as not being invited to meetings, Bowser will resort to insulting Peach as he does with everyone else.[75]

Koopa Troop

Bowser is a beloved king to his minions,[68] his unyielding determination rallying them all together for him.[51] Despite his selfishness, Bowser takes good care of his underlings.[58] If his minions are in danger, or sees having them turned against him, Bowser is prepared to fight against the person responsible for this.[105]

Bowser strongly believes in his troops, as he sees them as the highest-grade minions,[106] and even finding it impressive if someone manages to defeat one of his top men.[107] Despite his pride over them, he still wants them at their peak performance and earn their paychecks.[108]

Bowser Jr.

Bowser Jr. is Bowser's only child, affectionately called "Junior" by Bowser, and also what causes Bowser to behave himself.[109] Bowser's responsible for spoiling him a bit too much[110] and he knows that, believing that with enough guidance from other people, that he can grow up strong and wise.[111]

Other enemies

In Mario Super Sluggers, Bowser has bad chemistry with everyone that lives in the Mushroom Kingdom, such as Toadette and Toadsworth. In the same game, he also has bad chemistry with King K. Rool.


  • His favorite food is barbequed beef.[112]


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