Theory: Rogueport's Location

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Status High Consensus
Author PipMcGee
Date of creation May 29th, 2020


Rogueport, and the surrounding areas (Petal Meadows, Boggly Woods, the Waffle Kingdom, etc.) are around the area covered by the red box shown in the image (north of the Cascade Kingdom, east of the Mushroom Kingdom, and west of the continent that resembles a bird.)


  • Argument 1: Boats appear to arrive from the west when going from Rogueport to the Mushroom Kingdom. Likewise, they face westward when returning to the Mushroom Kingdom.

  • Argument 2: A Yoshi egg is brought to Glitzville from a location south of Glitzville. This egg likely came from an island in or around the Cascade Kingdom.

  • Argument 4: what appear to be Tostarenan Skulls can be seen around the Rogueport area, much like the ones seen on Yoshi’s Island and in the Sand Kingdom, which are both nearby according to this map

Clarified maps

These maps clarify the locations in PipMcGee's High Consensus Theory. By Jupiter Red.