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Habitat Mushroom Continent
Related Species
- Chuboomba

- Galoomba
- Goombo
- Goombrat
- Gritty Goomba
- Gromba
- Headbonk Goomba
- Hyper Goomba
- Mini Goomba

Notable members
- Captain Goomba

- Goombario
- Goombella
- Goomboss
- Private Goomp

Goombas are a race of mushroom-like beings that used to commonly reside in the Mushroom Kingdom. They once lived in peace with the Toads, but when Bowser invaded the Mushroom Kingdom they turned to his side, betraying the Toads and Joining the Koopa Troop. They are considered the lowest-ranking and weakest members of Bowser's army, but they are also some of the most common. A single family of Goombas are still living peacefully in the Mushroom Kingdom in a small village known as Goomba Village. Despite the fact that the majority of Goombas betrayed the Mushroom Kingdom, they are still permitted to enter Mushroom Castle without any issue.[1]


Goombas have smooth skin[2] A round chubby head and a stubby body and pair of legs. Goombas have a set of 2 large eyes, bushy eyebrows and a mouth with 2 protruding fangs. They are usually brown but can come in other colors such as dark blue [3], gray [4]

Life Cycle




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