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Koopa Troopa
MP9 Koopa Troopa Artwork.png
Habitat Varied
Notable members
- Captain Koopa Troopa

- Corporal Paraplonk
- Hookbill
- Jr Troopa
- Kolorado
- Koopa The Quick
- Kooper
- Koopie Koo
- Koops
- Kuzzle
- Kylie Koopa
- Parakarry

Koopa Troopas also known as Koopas are a species of reptian beings and kind of Koopa (family of species). They are seen being both bipedal and quadrupedal and are well known for wearing artifical shells as clothing and a as armor[1]. They are found throughout many areas of Mario's Planet but are mainly found in the Mushroom Continent. They are shown to be common members of the Koopa Troop however some Koopa Troopas such as the ones living in Koopa Village are shown living peaceful lives.


Koopa Troopas have a pair of large eyes and a beak. Simular to other Koopas they wear a manmade shell that can come in a multitude of colors. They wear a pair of shoes that is typically the same color as their shell. Under their shells they wear a white tanktop. A Koopa Troopas scales are usually yellow but they can be other colors such as dark green[2], light blue[3] and brown[4]

A Koopa Troopa without its shell


Koopa Troopas mainly use their shells as a form of defense. They can also use their shells to attack by ramming it into foes[5] or kicking it towards foes. They are also shown using power ups to enhance their abilities. They use P-Wings to become Koopa Paratroopas and Cape Feathers to become Super Koopas

There are also more powerful higher ranking Koopa Troopas named Koopatrols that wear heavy amounts of armor. Many Koopa Troopas in the Koopa Troop dream of being Koopatrols[6]



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