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Yoshi (species)
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Habitat Varied
Notable members
- Yoshi

- Boshi

Yoshis are a sapient species of omnivorous dinosaurs that come in a variety of colors.


Yoshis are characterised by their vibrant colours and distinctive physical features. Their bodies have a white underbelly that contrasts with the rest of their bodies. They come in various different colours, including green, red, blue, yellow, and pink; each colour is sometimes associated with a specific trait or ability.

Their heads are round and feature a set of expressive eyes and a large circular nose. On the back of their heads, they have a set of three orange spikes. One of their most notable features is their long, extendable tongue, which they use for various purposes.

Yoshis are often seen wearing pairs of shoes that are as colourful as they are. They also have a red shell on their back, typically used to allow other species to ride them. Some Yoshis are seen having hair,[1] but this is very rare.

Life Cycle

Yoshis are born out of eggs, which are spotted and match the colour of the Yoshi that will hatch from them. Their young, often referred to as Baby Yoshis, can have two different appearances. The first resembles a smaller version of a fully-grown Yoshi, complete with all the distinctive features of an adult. [2] The other type of Baby Yoshi is smaller and chubbier, often seen as more infantile and requiring more care.


Yoshis use their long, extendable tongues to eat and digest different species. This is not only a method for self-defense but also a way for Yoshis to interact with their environment. After swallowing an enemy, some Yoshis can even gain special abilities, further showcasing their adaptability and versatility. Some fruits also give special abilities, such as the Dash Pepper, Blimp Fruit, and Bulb Berry.


Yoshis are found in many places throughout the world, though they tend to thrive on lush tropical islands. They tend to live together in groups, forming tight-knit communities, living in harmony, showcasing their peaceful and friendly nature.

They live in these places:


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