Mario the Juggler

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Mario the Juggler is when Mario juggled.


“One fine day, when Mario had been pestered by Mushroom retainers to have some fun juggling, Hammer Bros. nonchalantly appeared out of the blue. Then, after a while, a cloud carrying Lakitu arrived on the scene. There's no way these mutual enemies would absent mindedly approach each other! For a while, they watched from a distance, then before anybody realized, they were standing next to Mario. As they watched Mario enjoying himself, they were just itching to join in. And as their patience reached breaking point, they blurted out this plea: "Let us join in!" Here we go, the juggling encounter is about to begin...”
Instruction manual, Mario the Juggler

Mario was juggling a star, a heart, and a bomb to an audience of people and mutual enemies. Toad was also at the juggling encounter to laugh at Mario if he messed up juggling.[1]