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Mario Party was a string of adventures that originated from a squabble regarding which one in Mario's group held the title of Super Star.


Mario threw a party to hang out with some of his friends; Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Yoshi, Wario, and Donkey Kong. They laughed and talked about the adventures they shared together in the past. After finishing talking about the past, they moved on to their dreams for the future. They all had the same idea: to become a Super Star everyone could rely upon.[1]

Wario then started asking which one of them was the biggest Super Star. They were all arguing among themselves about which one holds the title of Super Star. Everyone had different ideas of what being a Super Star is, so Toad came up with a compromise that, in order to become a Super Star, they need to have a lot of things: Strength, Courage, Wisdom, and Kindness.

To test which one holds all these features, Toad invites the group to use the Warp Pipe in Mushroom Village to head out into several adventures. The person coming out on top would be the Super Star.[2] In each of the adventures, they would be joined by a Koopa Troopa as their guide.

All throughout each adventure, they were haunted by Bowser. He would often take their coins or Power Stars via trickeries and misdeeds.

DK's Jungle Adventure

A great treasure is hiding inside these ancient ruins.[3] After a long search, the Super Star forms the Jumbo Star as a key to open up the treasure hidden inside: a golden statue of a bundle of bananas.[4]

Peach's Birthday Cake

On top of a massive birthday cake, the cake was in grave danger; it had not enough decorations.[5][6] Thankfully, by creating the Jumbo Star, the candles could be placed on top of it.[7]

Yoshi's Tropical Island

On Watermelon Island and Cantaloupe Island, the Yoshi on the middle island is surrounded by whirlpools and can't escape. Nobody can really do anything so the other Yoshis are looking worried at the situation.[8] By using the power of the Stars, the Super Star removed the whirlpools and created a bridge towards the trapped Yoshi, saving them.[9]

Wario's Battle Canyon

A great war is currently occurring between the red and black Bob-ombs. Everyone's just shooting cannons at each other, even using the people playing on this board as ammunition.[10] After a long search for the Power Stars, the Super Star loads the cannon with a Jumbo Star, and it lets out a stream of fireworks. The light show causes a truce between both sides of the war.[11]

Luigi's Engine Room

Inside the Engine Room, the engine in its center is depleted of all its energy, causing it to not function anymore.[12] Plugging the Jumbo Star as its fuel source, the engine was allowed to move again, revealing that the engine room was inside of a flying airship.[13]

Mario's Rainbow Castle

The once beautiful Rainbow Castle had its rainbow disappear, causing its name to be forgotten. The group had to recover the castle namesake by making its rainbow return.[14]

Combining the seven Power Stars together to form a Jumbo Star, it created a large number of rainbows around the castle, returning the Rainbow Castle back to its beauty.[15]

Bowser's Magma Mountain

Failing to bring the group's adventures to an end, Bowser is entrenched in his volcano and is forcing them to head towards him for a battle. The person that defeats him would be regarded as the Super Star.[16] Using the power of using the Jumbo Star as a blunt weapon, Bowser is defeated.[17]

Eternal Star

After the fight, Mushroom Village was invaded by Bowser; he has taken all of the Power Stars from the Mushroom Bank.[18] Taking the Warp Pipe again, they arrive at Eternal Star, a Star that has been broken up by Bowser and vandalized with graffiti.[19]

Bowser steals the show, removing Toad and the Koopa Troopa guide and replacing them with Koopa Kid. If they ever hope to heal the Eternal Star's damaged state, they would have to get their Power Stars back. Luckily, they managed to fix the Eternal Star, bashing Bowser and Koopa Kid off of its surface.[20]

According to Mario Party 2, Wario ended up being Mario Party's Super Star.[21]

Between all that

Two people in the group went on a raft to head towards Mini-Game Island to face the challenge of crossing through its 9 worlds of mini-games and reach the goal.[22][23]



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