Theory: Shooting Star Summit is not Star Hill

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Status High Consensus
Author Marhiin
Seán D. Walsh
Lady Sophie
Date of creation September 5th, 2020


Shooting Star Summit (Paper Mario) is not the same as either Star Hill (Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars) or Star Hill (Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time).


“Hey! Mario! Word is you're needed on Shooting Star Summit. You never been? Just go through that blue gat there and bear right at Peach's Castle.”
Toad, Paper Mario

  • Argument 2: Shooting Star Summit is explicitly said to be east of Peach's Castle in Paper Mario. This contradicts the placement in SMRPG and PiT, where it is roughly to the southwest respectively to the north (Although the World Map of PiT is generally incorrect and ought to be discarded).
“So I guess now you can travel east to Toad Town and Shooting Star Summit, huh?.”
Toad, Paper Mario

  • Argument 3: Shooting Star Summit, while sharing its Japanese name with Star Hill (RPG), is obviously not called Star Hill in the English versions. Spanish, French, and German also makes the distinction of calling it Star Hill in PiT and Shooting Star Summit in PM.

  • Argument 4: Shooting Star Summit is a shade of purple, while the other two are a shade of blue.