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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, also known as simply Super Mario RPG, was the Smithy Gang's invasion and reparation of the Star Road.


Sudden Interruption

Princess Peach was hanging out near Mario's House, picking flowers when Bowser suddenly arrived from his Clown Car, kidnapping her. Mario noticed the sudden change in weather and followed Bowser all the way to Bowser's Castle.[1] Reaching the throne room, Mario fought Bowser on a pair of chandeliers and defeated him following a chain reaction. But while Mario was trying to reach Peach, the massive sword Exor descended from the sky, drilling itself through both the castle and the Star Road.[2] Everyone was flown away, including Mario who fell back into his own house.

Toad arrived to come pick up Peach, but finds out from Mario that she's gone, so Mario returned back to the castle. Having returned back to Bowser's Castle, the sentient sword spotted Mario and broke the bridge leading to the castle, having announced the castle's new ownership under the Smithy Gang.[3] Telling Toad that the bridge is out, the two decided to inform the Mushroom Kingdom chancellor about this. Going through Mushroom Way, saving Toad from its monsters multiple times, and defeating a pair of Hammer Bros., the duo reach the Mushroom Castle (and with a hammer Mario got from one of the defeated Hammer Bros.).[4]

Having presented the story to the Chancellor and the Mushroom Retrievers, Mario gets the basic task of returning Princess Peach. Being outside, Mario spotted a scene of a puffy boy named Mallow chasing after the thieving Croco for his grandfather's Frog Coin.[5] Mario decided to help Mallow get his Frog Coin back and followed Croco to Bandit's Way, where they fought him for the coin.[6]

Mack Tonight

Having gone back to the Mushroom Castle, they see that darkness has fallen around the area, and Shy Guys are bouncing, chasing, and terrrizing everyone inside.[7] Mario and Mallow headed inside and found out that this invasion seemed to have been under the hands of Claymorton, a member of the Smithy Gang. After defeating him, he left behind a blue star, which they took along.

Not knowing what to do with this star piece, they headed to Mallow's grandfather, the Frog Sage, for advice. First, they had to go through Kero Sewers, fought the hungry Belome, and engaged in the Midas River course before reaching Tadpole Pond.[8] By talking to the Frog Sage, they find out that Peach and Bowser are scattered across the Mushroom Kingdom, the Smithy Gang are wreaking havoc, that they must collect the rest of the star pieces, and that Mallow is not a frog and must find his birth parents.[9]

Going through Rose Way to reach Rose Town, Mario and Mallow found Bowser having a meeting with his troops who were planning to take back control of his castle.[10] When they left, the two arrived at Rose Town and found it cloaked in another darkness, this time under threat of flying arrows from the nearby forest that froze people when hit.[11] Helping the people in town, they went inside and found a boy called Gaz playing with his toys. After playing with the boy, Mario is knocked out by the Geno toy's hand cannon. That night, a mysterious light brings Geno to life, with the puppet heading inside the forest which Gaz noticed. Mario and Mallow followed Gaz' words and headed into Forest Maze.[12]

Geno and the Star Road Ahead

Having trutted deeper inside Forest Maze, they find the culprit behind the barrage of arrows: Bowyer, another member of the Smithy Gang.[13] At the same time, one of Bowyer's minions had found another star piece, but Geno wasn't going to let them take it. Mario, Mallow, and Geno teamed up and defeated Bowyer, utilizing a Triple Move at the end when Bowyer cursed all of their previous choices null. Geno explained that he came from a higher authority in order to repair the Star Road, an integral piece in granting the wishes of everyone on the planet. All of these star pieces were fragments of the Star Road, and Mario and gang had to collect them before the Smithy Gang could.

Before continuing on, the group took a detour from Pipe Vault to Yo'ster Isle.[14] Meeting up with Yoshi, a problem had arisen; Boshi was only allowing one-on-one races on the Mushroom Derby, so someone had to beat him and become the leader. By having defeated Boshi in a race, Yoshi demolished Yoshi Clan leadership and everyone was now allowed to race on the Mushroom Derby, along with having uncovered the cookie stash.[15]

Mine Tracking along

Back at the beaten path and in Moleville, the fallen star piece had caused trouble to the moles mining inside as the star crashed a cave-in, which caused them to be trapped inside. What's more, Ma and Pa Mole's children, Dyna and Mite, were among the moles trapped inside.[16] So the three jumped and cleared out the caved-in entrances, got robbed for a small while by Croco, and fought the bomb-making Punchinello. Having defeated the bomb maker and retrieving the third star piece, the trio found Dyna and Mite about to head into a mine cart. By riding the mine cart back to their parents' house, Mario non-fatally returned the Mole family their children.

Leaving the Mole family's house, they got word from some odd Snifsters who tried to catch a beetle that someone named Booster was taking care of a pink girl that had fallen from the sky.

Booster Moment

First moving through Booster Pass, they reach the entrance to Booster Tower.[17] Bowser also happened to be there, reminiscing about once having a castle. Bowser smashed open the entrance to Booster Tower and, regrettably, had the three join him as his minions.[18] While climbing the tower, Bowser freed a Chain Chomp that had been locked by Booster. Climbing up further along the way and playing Booster's childish or deadly games, they reached the top and hide from Booster. His plan with keeping Peach hostage was to eventually marry her, which nobody wanted. The four follow him, but are stopped by Knife Guy and Grate Guy.

After their defeat, they chase after Booster up Booster Hill and into Marrymore.[19] Barging through the chalpel, the crash caused Peach to lose all of her accessories, and she's forced to be wed with Booster, so she's crying. After having her stuff retrieved, everyone was planning to leave, but then the Torte chefs arrive with their cake, but then the cake, called Bundt and Raspberry, turned alive and attacked everyone, but Booster ate the entire cake down in one gulp, saving everyone. With the cake eaten, the wedding is over so everyone could go home.

Back at the Mushroom Castle, Peach is returned safely, but the threat of the Smithy Gang still lingered above the Mushroom Kingdom, so Mario, Mallow, Geno, and Bowser still had to collect all of the star pieces to restore the Star Road.[20] However, after going outside, they spot Peach jumping off of her room's window and begged Mario to join him on this adventure. After having consulted the Frog Sage on the star piece's next location, they go through Star Hill and find the fourth star piece after going through enough doors.[21] Peach advised the team that Seaside Town would be a good next destination, so the group headed there.

Spearing the Smithy Gang

Seaside Town's citizens seemed weird, having blue skin and speaking very slow. Despite that, they told that a star piece had fallen into the ocean and was held by Jonathan Jones inside the nearby Sunken Ship.[22] The group headed underwater and delved into the broken ship, and fought the King Calamari that took down the ship in the first place.[23] Their ship's journey led them to Johnathan Jones, who fought the group, and later Mario one-on-one, before relinquishing the fifth star piece.

Returning back to Seaside Town, they're ambushed by the town's citizens, who turned out to have been Speardovich in disguise, another member of the Smithy Gang. They force the group to release the star piece, but are then ambushed themselves by Johnathan. Speardovich is forced to reveal his true form and fought the group, but is defeated.[24] For a second time, Mario's group got the fifth star piece, but were now aware that the Smithy Gang are doing everything necessary to get the star pieces.

Regardless of this news, the real citizens of Seaside Town were released and the group continued their journey to Monstro Town, a town of reformed monsters and also likely a star piece.

Land's High

Having gone through Land's End, the group had to cross Belome Temple to fight Belome yet again before reaching Monstro Town.[25] After being confused with a Starslap instead of a star piece, Monstermama of Monstro Town speculated that the next star piece could be in the sky.[26] After taking a rest, Mario is greeted by the Three Musty Fears who told him to find three flags hidden around the world for a special prize. After having found all of the flags, the Three Musty Fears rewarded Mario with a Ghost Medal.[27] The group also fought Jinx at his dojo.

With help from Monstermama who summoned Sergeant Flutter, the group climbed up into Bean Valley, fought Megasmilax, and reached a beanstalk that reached Nimbus Land.[28] There, its citizens are saddened by the news of Valentina that King Nimbus remains gravely ill. However, their son, Prince Mallow, has been found by her, but looks like a giant fat bird.[29] Having snuck inside Nimbus Castle disguised as a golden statue, the gang found out that "Prince Mallow" turned out to be Dodo, a henchman of Valentina's. What's more, she was doing all of this for the selfish desire to be queen. Having chased Valentina throughout the castle, she escaped with Dodo, leaving behind the key to free King and Queen Nimbus.[30]

With the two freed, King and Queen Nimbus mentioned that they have seen a star piece fall into the Barrel Volcano, just underneath Nimbus Land. But the volcano itself is guarded by the Czar Dragon. Having dived inside the volcano, and being recommended the help of Cinder Toad, the group reached their way to the Czar Dragon and defeated it.[31] While the star piece was waiting for them, they're ambushed again by members of the Smithy Gang, this time being a group of 5 chaotic coroners called the Axem Rangers. Following the group as they're about to board the Blade, the group defeated the team and got their sixth star piece.

Heading to Bowser's Castle

Having returned to Nimbus Castle to discuss on how to get the last star piece, the royal family concluded that the last piece could be in Bowser's Castle.[32] By having allowed the team to travel there using the royal bus, the group were able to reach the castle, taken over by the Smithy Gang and Bowser's hypnotized minions. Their trek though the castle's many puzzles lead to a fight with the hypnotized Kamek and, after releasing him from his control, granted the group with a magical treasure box that won't run out of coins.[33]

Back at the same throne room from long ago, Boomer, the noble member of the Smithy Gang, awaited the group, but he was taken care of.[34] The group were then led up to the roof of the castle, where they fought the sword Exor. By having defeated Exor, his mouth opened up which turned out to be a portal to where the Smithy Gang originated from: Weapon World. Going through Weapon World, the group defeated Count Down and its Ring-a-Dings. They also found out that, other than minor minions, important members such as Bowyer or the Axem Rangers are being reproduced here

Having defeated Cloaker, Domino, and the Bad Adder, the group reached Factory.[35] Before fully continuing, Toad had managed to catch up with the team with any items they'd need before the team would continue deeper. The group then saw the entrance to where Smithy would be. But, before entering for their final fight, they rested up back at their own world.

Post-pre game

Mario was having a big snooze back at his own house, having dreamed of defeating Smithy. After being woken up, Toad offered Mario to sleep at Merrymore Hotel for a better snoozing experience.[36] While asleep, Geno noticed a bright light had fallen on Star Hill and wanted to investigate. Having investigated deeper through Star Hill, a variety of wishes seemed to have been granted, judging by the arrival of these new purple stars.[37] Talking with the Frog Sage, it looked like many of these wishes were from foes Mario had battled throughout this adventure.

Using the Shiny Stone traded with a mole girl in Moleville, they opened a strange door through Monstro Town. There, Culex, Dark Knight of Vanda, fought the Mario team in honor of the Dark Mage. Although he was powerful, his two-dimensional form couldn't compare against the power of the team's third dimension.[38] Culex swore to return when he would gain the power of the third dimension.

Belome's throat had been scratchy, so the group's arrival and punching relieved him of his scratchiness. Punchinello asked for a second round against the Mario gang, this time with new bombs. Although they defeated his method of becoming famous, Bowser offered him a position with his minions which he happily accepted.[39] Booster wanted someone to play with him and his overpowered exploding train.[40] The Chef Tortes over at Marrymore spent all night making another cake, but it turned sentient again, so they needed the Mario gang's help battering it into submission.[41] Jonathan Jones simply requested another one-on-one rematch with Mario.[42] Jinx and Jagger needed a demonstration of the team's Triple Move.[43] Culex returned, bearing a magnificent three-dimensional body against the team. But he was defeated nonetheless, and so his malevolent power faded, along with his depth. Although defeated, he would always await for a rematch, refilled with 3D splendor.[44]

On Melody Bay, Mario helped Toadovsky compose a new piece for his song.[45]

Smithy Confrontation

The group entered where Smithy has been smiting his troops.[46] He's also holding the last star piece on his chest, so the team definitely needed to defeat him. It was a grueling fight, one that landed everyone into the darkest depths of the Factory, but Smithy's defeat had him destroyed and the last star piece retrieved. With Geno's journey complete, the star left his puppet host and reascended back into the sky, reuniting the star pieces back to the complete Star Road. With its completion, Exor is also destroyed to close the gap between the two worlds.


The complete Star Road's effects were felt throughout the Mushroom Kingdom.[47] Toadovsky was performing his complete piece, Gaz and his mother finally had time to play with eachother, the Mushroom Derby could continue, Valentina was up to marry Booster in Merrymore, the Starslap in Monstro Town was performing to everyone in town, Jonathan Jones stared at the wide ocean in sunset, Mallow returned to rule as prince of Nimbus Land, and Bowser and his troops were repairing his castle.

A parade was held in honor of the Mario gang's victory, led by Luigi himself. ♡♪!?, the star that hosted Geno, was there to wave everyone off before returning back to the Star Road.


  • Mario cannot speak the Yoshi language here and needs Yoshi to translate, placing it before future games in which Mario can understand the Yoshis.[48]
  • Yoshi is still living on Yoshi’s Island, placing this game before future games in which Yoshi is living in the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • It’s heavily implied that this is Princess Peach’s first adventure, placing this game before Super Mario Bros. 2.[49]
  • Birdo is born here.[50]
  • Shy Guys are minions of Smithy here, not Bowser.
  • In this game some Shy Guys say “The mustachioed one is strong” in reference to Mario after Mack’s defeat, clearly surprised. This may imply that this is the Shy Guys’ first encounter with adult Mario.[51]
  • Gaz has Mario toys, though they aren’t Mini-Mario Toys, perhaps suggesting that while the Mario Toy Company is open, Mario vs. Donkey Kong hasn’t happened yet.
  • This game is implied to be Kamek’s first encounter with adult Mario.[52]


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