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Across the hundreds of games in the Mario franchise, heights between characters can often vary wildly. Although there isn't one correct method to calculating their heights, the Project Marioverse opted to do so by comparing the characters to Mario, according to his theorized height of 1.55m.

Method Used

- Models are either extracted directly from the games' files or taken from Models Resource (if proven trustworthy enough). Each model is then opened in Blender side by side with that game's respective Mario model, which is assumed to be 1.55 m as per the previously mentioned theory. Preferably, only models from the Gamecube Era forward are used.

- After measuring each model, each height is then added to a spreadsheet containing every data collected for each character. Minimum and maximum range for the character's heights are determined using Interquartile Range. This determines outliers in the data collected.

- Lastly, an average is calculated without those outliers. That average is then used as our current estimation for a character's height.