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Wario Land 4 was Wario's journey inside the Golden Pyramid.


Wario read in the newspaper that archeologist Mad Scienstein has discovered the Golden Pyramid. He hops into his Wario Car and drives out of the city and into the jungle.[1] Heading inside the pyramid's entrance, he is guided by a black cat and into a tutorial area that guides him around the rules of the pyramid.[2] Beating the Spoiled Rotten, the secret pyramid inside the Golden Pyramid reveals itself, but all of the pyramid's passages have to be beaten to reveal the true treasure inside.[3]

Fully motivated by what lies within, Wario beats all of the passages and the bosses lurking within. All throughout, being aided by the cat and a shadowy figure. The entrance to the actual Golden Pyramid finally opens itself up and Wario enters inside, coming face-to-face with the Golden Diva.[4][5] The Diva absorbs the black cat, which just adds more to Wario's motivation to fight her.

Wario's repeated smacking reduces the Diva to her lips, which he then promptly defeats. All of the treasure has been saved. Suddenly, the pyramid crumbles around everyone and Wario, alongside the black cat and Mad Scienstein, escapes the pyramid with all of the treasure in tow.[6] With everyone outside, a calm moment washes over Wario and the black cat as they both laugh.

The treasure that was obtained from the Golden Diva's defeat is returned to the black cat, returning her to her original form, that being Princess Shokora, the original inhabitant of the Golden Pyramid. She thanks Wario as a beam of light surrounds her as she is brought up in the sky by a group of cherubims. Wario recovers and returns home with all the treasure he obtained.

A few days later, Wario's back in his car to drive off in search of his newest treasure: an all-you-can-eat steak buffet.[7]



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