WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!

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WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! was WarioWare, Inc.'s first foray into video games.


Wario was picking his nose while watching TV when he catches the news of the newly-released Pyoro game on the Game Boy Advance reaching high sales. This sparks up an idea in him to also create a game. Going to the store to buy himself a laptop, Wario begins his own software company in Diamond City: WarioWare, Inc.[1] He also upgrades his own house in the progress.

Wario immediately becomes tired after the first few seconds of coding, so he calls his friends for help: Jimmy T., Mona, Dribble, Spitz, Kat, Ana, 9-Volt, Dr. Crygor, and Orbulon. With their help, Wario is able to create a lot of games, and a mountain of cash.[2]

Wario tests out his microgames by uploading them to his boombox and jumping inside. Some of the enemies from his Crazy Cars microgame escape the boombox, but Wario flattens them as he returns to normal.[3][4]

Joe opens up the restaurant at 7:53. Mona, also an employee there, drives there via scooter and has to arrive before 8. She gets caught up for a bit and has to drive beyond the speed limit as a result. A police chase ensues and Mona's pet monkey gets rid of them.[5] Luckily, Mona manages to reach work a minute before 8.[6]

Dr. Crygor is at his lab making really expressive dance moves. He drinks, causing him to want to go to the toilet extremely badly.[7] After finishing himself up, Crygor is extremely relieved, but then his toilet starts flooding his entire lab. Crygor luckily manages to escape and floats his way to the Gelateria.[8]

After Diamond Elementary is finished, 9-Volt skates his way back home to play some tunes and play retro Nintendo video games.[9] After finishing playing, 9-Volt hears the news about the Game Boy Advance SP being in stores and zooms away. After buying the GBA SP, 9-Volt relaxes at the Gelateria.[10]

With Jimmy T., he finished making his microgames before dancing at Club Sugar. After finishing dancing, he gets sent a variety of cell mail with different animals. He then rests at Gelateria.[11][12]

Dribble and Spitz, at the Diamond Taxi, were off riding their taxi as usual business. They catch a customer who wants to be at the pier. While driving there, the duo have their customer try out their microgames, promising a cut of the deal on the fare. After arriving at the pier, it turns out their customer was a merperson and swims away, not paying for the fare.[13][14][15]

An asteroid hits Orbulon's spaceship and he sends an SOS signal. The Alien Bunnies receive the signal and help Orbulon out of his ship via an elevator. The Alien Bunnies then drop the elevator he's in into his spaceship, causing a sudden landing towards Mario's Planet. With some collision coursing, Urbulon's ship manages to make its way to the Gelateria.[16][17]

At night, Ana tries to save the possessed Prince inside the Diamond City Castle from Boneheads. Ana ultimately fails, so she requires the aid of Kat before being tied up herself. Kat receives the ask for help and travels to the castle. She climbs her way up and defeats the evil Boneheads. Both then relax at the Gelateria[18][19]

Wario finished up his last batch of microgames before testing them out on his own again, but now via his laptop.[20][21] Wario himself then makes his way to the Gelateria.

3 weeks later, the Wario game proves a smash hit to consumers. Mona demands Wario pay for his employees, but Wario flees with the cash on hand and escapes in his rocket ship. He's almost successful in escaping but gets shot down by Crygor.[22]


  • Wario now lives in Diamond City, where he grew up, likely due to the destruction of his castle in Wario's Woods.
  • This game features a Minigame called “Dr. Wario” in which Wario issues megavitamins to defeat viruses. This implies that this game takes place after Dr. Mario 64, where Wario is trying to obtain Megavitamins from Mario for profit.
  • A Microgame based on Mario Clash appears, placing this game after Mario Clash.
  • According to the Japanese website for this title, Wario secretly rebuilds his Castle and moves in after the events of this game.[23]
  • According to Kat and Ana's Blog section of the official Japanese website, this title is set at some point after the events of Yoshi's Cookie and Mario Kart: Super Circuit, as they play games based on these events with 9-Volt.