Dr. Mario 64

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Dr. Mario 64 was the Megavitamin theft that occurred during flu season.


Flu season has struck and so, Dr. Mario has been curing people left and right thanks to his Megavitamins.[1] Wario notices the money he could gain if he had a hold of them, and Mad Scienstein also needs them for somebody. Mad Scienstein steals the Megavitamins while Mario was gone, which Wario happens to notice and runs after him. Mario returns to see his Megavitamins have been stolen, and assumes Wario's the culprit.

They both chase after Mad Scienstein and their chase leads them to who Scienstein's been following orders for: Rudy.[2] After defeating Rudy, then Wario, Mario figures out that Rudy needed the Megavitamins to cure his cold. Mario then cures him legitimately and returns home safely.[3]



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