Dr. Crygor

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Dr. Crygor
Species Human
Residence Dr. Crygor's Lab, Diamond City
Age Over 100[1]
Affiliation(s) WarioWare, Inc.

Dr. Crygor is a human scientist with cybernetic enhancements who lives in his laboratory near Diamond City. He has personally dedicated himself to researching all kinds of experiments, although his experiments have been called dangerous to others.[2]

Despite being relatively secluded, he has a group of friends and has developed many inventions for them, such as Wario's bike, Mona's moped, and Jimmy T's cell phone among other things.[3] He has a granddaughter named Penny who he also visits.


Early life

When Crygor was 10 years old, he discovered that gum will melt if you eat it with chocolate. He reported the results, using different types of gum, to his friends, who then believed him. The experience inspired him to become a researcher.[4] Growing up researching, Crygor was also a dashing romantic at a young age (as he himself claimed).[5]

One experiment during the time he had bushy hair was about researching the speed and lifespan of hair.[6] To keep himself young forever, he invented a life-prolonging suit that would keep him young forever. However, he left a part of his head open, causing that part of hair to eventually fall out, leaving him bald.[7]

One of Dr. Crygor's earlier inventions was Doris 1, who he then abandoned inside the Agate Forest and promptly forgot ever inventing.[8]

WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!

After Dribble and Spitz taught Wario how to drive, Dr. Crygor built Wario his own car.[9] His current research during Mega Microgame$! was researching a hair growth formula.[10]

Crygor was called by Wario and was asked to develop a batch of microgames to be put inside the game that's being developed by his new company: WarioWare, Inc. Crygor developed his microgames in what he calls a "realistic" style and sent them to Wario.

Crygor began a public research results diary on February 28th.[11] Most of his research was small experiments, such as the taste of sweet gummies in a frying pan on March 3rd.

Dancing himself tired at his lab on March 1st, Crygor accidentally drank a concoction that forced him to immediately relieve himself.[12] Although he relieved himself successfully, his toilet immediately began to overflow with water, drowning his entire lab in toilet water, the overflow causing him to shoot himself out of his lab. His trusty jetpack malfunctioned, but a bird managed to catch him before he fell to the ground. Crygor then managed to fly his way to the Gelateria along with the other WarioWare, Inc. employees.

Despite describing the journal as his research results, on March 2nd he detailed going to 9-Volt's house to play in a game tournament to play Nintendo Puzzle Collection.[13] At the tournament, Crygor had his first encounter with Fronk.

On March 4th, after his jetpack ran out of fuel and he had to swim back to his island where his laboratory is located, he spend the next day repairing the jetpack while pondering about increasing its battery size. The next two days got him to discover the weird mixed taste between coffee and his usual black tea. The day after, on March 8th, Crygor was invited by Wario to have a barbeque with the other co-workers, but everyone had to bring one ingredient. Crygor decided to invent a drink that makes you smart, which he then gave to Wario. Wario was in an odd state but returned to normal when he excreted it the next day.

On March 14th, Crygor gained assistance from Orbulon to research his spacecraft. After trying to dance the flamenco on March 15th, he converted Kat and Ana's swords into high-tech swords on the 16th, but Kat came back on the same day for Crygor to find out the battery had died. The next day, 9-Volt asked Crygor to repair his skateboard. The day after, Orbulon asked for repairs to his spaceship.

At March 19th, Wario asked Crygor to build him a spaceship to fit all of WarioWare's co-workers by tomorrow. The spaceship, by imitating Orbulon's spaceship, managed to be crafted, but the time dilation from the warping technology resulted in them returning to Diamond City on April 15th.

3 weeks after the development of the new WarioWare game, it eventually hit store shelves on March 21st with resounding success.[14][15] Wario fled from wanting to pay his employees, entering his own rocket ship and flying off. The ship accidentally collided with Crygor, who happened to be drifting in the air at that time.[16] Both Wario and Crygor crash into the sea, with Crygor holding onto Wario who is swimming onto land.[17]

Crygor was then curious about what the general audience thought of the new WarioWare game that featured his games. After asking the children in Diamond City on April 19th, Mona's report on the impressions let Crygor know that some people wrote about wanting to be Crygor's assistant. After a few repairs on Spitz and Wario's vehicles, Crygor posted a report about tobacco and its negative effects.

After being threatened into an employee roundtable discussion by Wario on April 24th, Crygor learned about being inspired to make games. The next day, Crygor finished off his diary, detailing he wants to fully immerse himself in his research to study the time dilation, which he perceived as time travel, that he caused a few days ago.

WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$!

On August 10th, Crygor made a little invention using the theory of balloonic entropy. The invention caused storm clouds to appear that night. The day after, Wario promised Crygor to help with his rent if he wrote in his diary that day. Crygor's diary entry that day detailed the Balloon Bang mode in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Party Game$!.[18]

WarioWare: Twisted!

Between WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! and Twisted!, Crygor had a bridge placed between Diamond City and his lab.[19]

Dr. Crygor has recently finished his newest invention, the Gravitator, a washing machine that defies the very law of gravity.[20][21] After boogying down in his victory, Crygor places a bunch of items inside the machine, the combined items creating a giant mech that he then flies around in. Taking it for a test drive, the mech bounces into Shuriken the Falcon, which causes the entire mech to disassemble. Crygor falls, but Shuriken saves him.

Wario came to his lab to fix the Game Boy Advance he had broken. Crygor throws the console inside the Gravitator, which results in a bunch of buttonless versions of the Game Boy Advance spewing out which all have the feature of utilizing tilt gameplay. Mona and 9-Volt then arrive at the lab and enjoy the consoles, inspiring Wario to sell the consoles for a lot of cash.

Dr. Crygor creates a bunch of spin-related microgames for the new console and travels to Club Sugar to dance with the other WarioWare employees.[22] The console eventually hits store shelves and breaks all sales records.[23]

Meanwhile, over at Dr. Crygor's Lab, many random objects are processed into the new consoles when Wario accidentally falls inside the Gravitator, resulting in him being turned into Wario-Man. Crygor throws Wario back inside the Gravitator to try and reverse the damage, but that results in the Gravitator gaining jet boosters, flying off into space, and turning into a mech. Dr. Crygor then went fishing as Wario fell back to Earth.

WarioWare: Touched!

Dr. Crygor finished his newest invention, the Tri-phonic Undulating Nanobot Automaton, which can make things younger and was hypothesised to be able to make him live for at least another 437 years.[24] After testing it out on an apple core, he placed himself inside the machine.[25] He fully upgraded and took his jetpack out for a joyride.

After upgrading, Crygor also finished his newest cleaning robot: Mike. Crygor went out and ordered the new robot to clean the lab.[26] Noticing Mike was gone from his lab, he asked Dribble and Spitz to drive him to Mike's location, which was on the planet of the alien bunnies.[27]

After returning home, Crygor asked Mike for a singing duet. Crygor's singing was 99.78% awful, but Crygor rebutted the estimation because he created Mike in the first place.

Both Crygor and Mike eventually travelled to the Hawt House to dance with the other WarioWare employees after completing the development of their microgames. Crygor's microgames were focused on rotating the touchpad screen using the stylus.

WarioWare: Smooth Moves

At the Diamond Academy, Dr. Crygor and his granddaughter, Penny, were fighting each other in an invent-off, with Mike cheering Crygor from outside the ring.[28] Penny's invention of a new Wario bike defeated Crygor, but Penny's singing made everyone dance together at the end.

The Kelorometer, a machine that turns anything slim, was then completed. To show off with the demonstration, Crygor also outfitted himself in a new yellow one-piece suit.[29] Crygor and Mike placed their assistant inside the machine and powered it up via their fast cycling.

WarioWare: D.I.Y.

Dr. Crygor had a nightmare about video game characters exiting the screen, which inspired him to invent the Super MakerMatic 21, which allows anyone to create microgames via a handy interface.[30] With help from Penny, the new inventions were mass-produced.

Wario came inside Crygor's lab to have his television fixed, but noticed the Super MakerMatic 21 and realized the marketability of the invention. The engine proved to be a success, with everything in the D.I.Y. shop being developed by the MakerMatic engine.[31]

Game & Wario

Dr. Crygor woke up with stomach pains and went to the toilet. He got stuck on its seat, so he flushed himself inside and landed in the underground part of his lab.[32]

Hearing the news about a new console utilizing two separate screens, Dr. Crygor developed a larger game which was about drawing perfect lines and geometrical shapes in accordance with the on-screen instructions.

WarioWare Gold

Wario had contacted Dr. Crygor to make another batch of microgames for Diamond City's new "Wario Bowl" tournament. Crygor developed several microgames which he then sent to Wario for the Wario Bowl.

Dr. Crygor and Mike went on a research expedition in the Agate Forest to research the fungi growing inside.[33] The two then encountered Doris 1, whose facial recognition system recognized Dr. Crygor as her creator. As revenge for abandoning her, Doris 1 chased Crygor through the forest intending to end him. The fungi were left behind during the chase. After everyone had calmed down in the chase, Doris 1 was welcomed back into Dr. Crygor's lab to continue living there, although Doris 1's information to both Crygor and Mike that ghosts indeed roam inside the Agate Forest, Crygor was scared into going back into the Agate Forest to recollect the fungi samples.

Crygor then visited Penny's lab to see that she had finished her Tonally Transformative Elixir. Crygor was the human test subject for Penny's new concoction, and the taste gave him an agonizing stomach pain despite the concoction working as intended. Penny made him drink a concoction that healed his stomach pain, which got Crygor to ask Penny if the Tonally Transformative Elixir's effects were temporary or not.[34] Crygor eventually got his voice back, as seen later at Club Joe.

At Club Joe, Crygor joined a bunch of his other friends, including Mona and Jimmy T to dance at the club. Crygor's dance moves scared away a bunch of people.[35]

After the Wario Bowl had concluded, the revenue was split amongst all of Wario's employees after Wario attempted to flee with the money. Crygor was the first to suggest the fair splitting.[36]

WarioWare: Get it Together!

Over at WarioWare Inc., Crygor and the rest of the employees finished the development of their newest console, his task being creating a level featuring his own microgames. However, the Supreme Developer sucked everyone inside to fix a bug Wario had caused during development.[37][38]

Inside the game world, Crygor found out he could swim-dash in mid-air. He was also found by Wario's group, who then helped him defeat the bugs inside his own level.[39] After smashing the bug away from his level, Crygor joined the rest of the crew in saving their game and friends.

Crygor returned to the game world after Wario noticed three people were still absent. After collecting all three golden treasures from the three towers, Wario asked Crygor if he could assemble the three treasures inside, but the scientist himself is confused about how to assemble them together.[40] Crygor contacted Penny for help, and she entered the game world. Her help allowed the three treasures to be assembled into a watering can, which was used to fill up a toilet where a beanstalk grows. Crygor helped the rest of the team defeat Pyoro, who in turn then joined the team.


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