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Mario & Wario is Wanda helping Mario's friends from not aimlessly walking to their deaths after having their eyes covered up by Wario.


The Fairy Forest is said to grant happiness to whoever sees the fairies living there.[1] Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi, and Yoshi visited the forest to see if the legend were true. Luigi then became separated from the group and, while searching for him, Wario suddenly drops a bucket on Mario's head.[2] This also happens to Peach and Yoshi at some times in the game. Sometimes it's also something different dropped on their head other than a bucket, like a barrel, a vase, or Wario's own explorer hat.

Luckily, Wanda, a resident of the forest, is there to help whoever is wandering aimlessly with the obstruction on their head. As she herself can't lift the bucket, she needs to lead the person to Luigi, who is capable of removing the obstruction.

This bothering extends outside the Fairy Forest all the way to Wario's house. Mario's had enough and chases after Wario in his own plane and drops an oil drum on his head.[3]


  • Wario loses his explorer hat when he throws it out of his plane while trying to cover Mario’s eyes during this game.
  • Wario’s Plane, the Bulldog, appears.