Tropical Wiggler

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Tropical Wiggler
Tropical Wiggler Icon SMO.webp
A Tropical Wiggler from Super Mario Odyssey
Habitat Jungles
Related Species
- Wiggler
- Fuzzy Wiggler

Tropical Wigglers are a colorful island species of Wigglers. They first appear in Super Mario Odyssey, where they can be found in the Lost Kingdom and the Moon Kingdom's Underground Moon Caverns.


Tropical Wigglers have a total of 16 segments, including the head and tail. Each segment alternates between cyan, yellow, and red and is adorned with spikes, except for the first and final segments. These two segments are distinct, featuring dark violet limbs that culminate in three-digited feet, with two at the front and one at the back. The tail segment is further characterized by a black tail that ends in a red spiked ball. Unlike regular Wigglers that have a signature flower, Tropical Wigglers have a green sprout. Their faces are lime green, with black eyes dotted with white and surrounded by dark magenta circles. They also have a bulbous brown nose and a ‘m’ shaped mouth, from which a single tooth protrudes.


Tropical Wigglers can stretch their bodies outward before contracting, much like an accordion. This movement pattern, combined with their vibrant coloration, has earned them the nickname "traffic lights of the island.”[1]


Tropical Wigglers, like regular Wigglers, prefer poisonous jungles; however, Tropical Wigglers are almost exclusively found in the Lost Kingdom archipelago, though they can also be found in the Moon Kingdom's Underground Moon Caverns.



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