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Super Mario Odyssey was a worldwide adventure to stop the false wedding between Bowser and Princess Peach.


In the skies above Peach's Castle, Mario's in a losing battle against Bowser on his airship. Bowser special boomerang hat attack smacks Mario from the Mushroom Kingdom all the way to Bonneton.[1]

Mario wakes up in Bonneton and meets up with Cappy, who tells him about the damage Bowser has done to his place, including kidnapping his little sister, Tiara. Cappy decides to join alongside Mario, transforming into his iconic red cap. Mario soon finds out Cappy's special ability; that to capture others and control them.[2]

Their current plan is to reach Fossil Falls and get an airship of their own. But first they meet the Broodals, the hired wedding planners for Bowser and Peach's wedding.[3] After defeating Topper, the two reach Fossil Falls where Mario first meets Power Moons and the leader of the Broodals, Madame Broode. After collecting enough Power Moons, the Odyssey is restored and available for travel.[4]

Mario and Cappy travel to different parts of the world, both to collect enough fuel and to help the locals that were affected by Bowser's attack; in Tostarena, the land is freezing after Bowser's attack in stealing the pyramid's Binding Band;[5] Lake Lamode had its Lochlady Dress taken;[6] the Steam Gardens had its Soirée Bouquet stolen along with having its flowers sucked in by Torkdrift.[7]

Their trip to the Metro Kingdom is halted by the Odyssey meeting up with Bowser's airship.[8] The two face off in the Nimbus Arena of the ancient Cloud Kingdom. Mario won this round against Bowser, but couldn't fight against his round of cannonballs.

Mario and the Odyssey both fall into the Forgotten Isle, the ship needing some Power Moons to fix it.[9] After fixing her up, the duo continue with their adventure; they save New Donk City from having its power siphoned from the Mechawiggler and have a great party;[10] Shiveria had its cake, the Frost-Frosted Cake, taken from the Shiverians;[11] Bubblaine is having its Sparkle Water drank by Mollusque-Lanceur;[12] Mount Volbono's Stupendous Stew got nabbed and guarded by Cookatiel.[13]

Their next kingdom was Bowser's Kingdom, but their ship was shot down by the legendary Ruined Dragon from Crumbledon.[14] A fight with the Lord of Lightning later, and the Odyssey could resume its flight to Bowser's Kingdom. Their meeting with Bowser has him tell them that the wedding ceremony is on the Moon before sending in the RoboBrood.[15]

The Odyssey lands on Honeylune Ridge and the wedding chimes echo beyond the empty landscape.[16] Mario manages to make it in time and has one final show against Bowser.[17] Mario wins, but the impact of the fight causes their underground arena to buckle under the quakes.

With no other way out, Mario decides to capture the unconscious Bowser. With his powerful claws and fireballs, Mario, Bowser, and Peach make their way under the crumbling underground.[18]

With this intense action dying down, Mario and Peach have a quiet moment with eachother.[19] He jokingly presents his wedding suit to Peach, making her laugh at the sight. Cappy and Tiara then release themselves from eachother's heads, dancing happily in reunion.

Mario then decides to do something wild. He starts approaching Peach, Cappy and Tiara stare on in anticipation, and Peach wonders what Mario's planning. Mario is then violently bumped out of the way by Bowser, who presents a bundle of Piranha Plants, and Peach stares in amusement. Mario, now afraid, rashly jumps in front of Bowser with a flower of his own. Both are now fighting for Peach's affection, the flowers getting in her face as she's getting more and more worried.

Peach then firmly rejects both of their advances and walks to the Odyssey to go home, a tad miffed. Bowser cries to himself, Mario consoling him by patting his shell. On board, Peach calms down and calls for them. "Let's go home!" she yells, as Mario and Bowser chases after the lifting Odyssey. Mario jumps up, bumps Bowser's head, and joins the group.


Mario is napping peacefully in the Mushroom Kingdom, Cappy reminiscing about their adventure.[20] Cappy, of course, doesn't want their journey to end, so they continue exploring for more Power Moons. But first, they head to Peach's Castle.

They hear from a Toad that Peach has packed her bags and gone around the world with Tiara.[21] Mario and Cappy's revisits to their previous locations naturally leads to the two meeting Peach and Tiara. After concluding their travels, Peach fully realizes the importance of meeting other people and worlds and has thus invited everyone from around the world to her castle.[22]

Mario can also meet up with Luigi, who has invented a new game called Balloon World.[23]

During or after the adventure, Mario also meets up with Captain Toad, who has started traveling around the world searching for Power Moons.[24] He sometimes manages to find his way into illogical spaces, but he always finds a way out. He's happy to return to the Mushroom Kingdom, but his travels gave him a new perspective on the world, and is not planning to stop adventuring.[25]

After collecting enough Power Moons, the Odyssey is able to make it to Rabbit Ridge on the Dark Side of the moon.[26] Mario fights a rematch with the Broodals, whose defeat by Mario has ruined their resume to a point that nobody wants to hire them again.[27]

Mario and Cappy then gain enough Power Moons to make it to Culmina Crater. Everyone from around the world is there to cheer Mario on as he completes this fierce trial and climbs one of the remaining remnants of the civilization that once lived there.[28]

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