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A Wiggler from Mario Party DS
Habitat Jungles
Related Species
- Tropical Wiggler
- Fuzzy Wiggler

Wigglers are a large species of long, multi-legged creatures found in Mario's Planet and in other Galaxies.


“Wiggler loves the garden and all the wonderful greenery that lives there. Except for that Piranha Plant, which makes Wiggler stomping mad!”
Collectible Character Figure description, Mario Party DS

Wigglers have a segmented body commonly made up of four body segments and a head, although the numbers of body segments can vary, with as many as 28 seen during New Super Mario Bros.[1] Each body segment contains a pair of limbs that can transform between feet wearing boots and hands wearing white gloves, depending on the use needed.[2] Their bodies are yellow with circular orange markings on each segment.

Their faces contain a large, dark brown-colored round nose, small beady eyes, and puffy cheeks, with a small white flower positioned on the top of their heads.

Relatively calm individuals, Wigglers may spend most of their time eating or sleeping and have been known to possess large appetites. One of Wiggler's most recognizable behaviors is their short temper. When enraged, they are able to charge at high speeds with great force, knock down debris, or send shockwaves through the ground. In their enraged state, their yellow bodies turn red, and steam bellows out of their nostrils and their flower spots.

Wigglers, in general, have a penchant for farming and gardening. In Dimble Woods, a family of Wigglers maintain the Wiggler Family Farm[3] where carrots and turnips are farmed. Additionally, the minigame Garden Grab[4] in Mario Party 6 depicts a Wiggler and Flutter village, complete with a carrot farm as well. A Wiggler planned to start a garden in Wakeport during the events of Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.[5]

Life Cycle

A Flutter, the winged form of a Wiggler
The infant form of a Wiggler is named Squiggler

Like many other species in Mario's planet, new Wigglers are born through wishes and are delivered by storks. Infant Wigglers, known as Squigglers, lack any limbs and have larger heads, lighter colored bodies and a soft red nose. Squigglers are rarely seen out in the open. Additionally, Wigglers may grow and transform into Flutters either temporarily or permanently. blackblur7X (November 15th, 2013). Retrieved December 1st, 2020</ref> or as a permanent stage in their life cycles, possibly caused by eating a large amount of food.[6]

As the winged form of Wigglers, Flutters only contain two limb segments (one pair of legs and one pair of arms), and a pair of white butterfly wings with blue spots on their back. They may have a soft red or a dark brown colored nose.


Aside from the strength shown when enraged, Wigglers also seem to possess the ability to walk over poison, although they are unable to ingest it. Additionally, Wigglers are shown to be skilled at digging, and prefer to live underground. As evidenced by the Wiggler in Bowser's Inside Story living under the Giga-carrot, the Wiggler in Super Mario 64 living in a cave in Tiny-Huge Island, or the Wigglers shown in New Super Mario Bros. Wii's World 5-2.


The preferred habitat of the Wiggler are jungles and forests across the Mushroom Continent, and have also been sighted residing in Dinosaur Land. Here is a list of known locations inhabited by them:

Related Species

Tropical Wiggler

Nature's Traffic Lights - The Tropical Wigglers found here are not aggressive and are mostly genial and pleasant creatures. You should, however, avoid touching them, for safety's sake. They stretch and contract their bodies constantly and have a habit of stretching across major pathways, so you may need to wait for the right moment to pass. This behavior has given them the nickname "traffic lights of the island." Be sure to look both ways before you cross.”
Crazy Cap Brochure, Super Mario Odyssey

The Tropical Wiggler is a distant relative of the Wiggler found only in the Lost Kingdom. Unlike their cousins, they are made up of 15 colorful prehensile body segments with spikes, similar to an accordion, and their head. Their feet are located on their heads and on the last segment of their bodies. They are not aggressive in nature and like to stretch across wide gaps and pathways.

Fuzzy Wiggler

Fuzzy Wigglers are another exotic species of Wigglers found only on Yoshi's Island. They resemble a normal Wiggler, but with thick green fur covering their entire body and a mushroom growing from their heads instead of a flower.

Fuzzy Wiggler as seen during Yoshi's Story


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