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Mario Party 5 was the rescue of the Dream Depot from Bowser and Koopa Kid.


Bowser and Koopa Kid have managed to access the Dream Depot, a world created from everybody's dreams. There, they plan to destroy everyone's good dreams and replace it with theirs, making their dreams always come true.[1] The Star Spirits defend by deciding to bring along Mario and his closest friends as they are the biggest dreamers.[2] Toad also decides to tag along.[3]

At Toy Dream, Bowser and Koopa Kid were just about to destroy it, until Mario and friends arrive. Bowser then reveals a trick up his sleeve with Koopa Kid splitting into three; Red, Green, and Blue Koopa Kid.[4]

Ridding the three Koopa Kids of their coins, Bowser and Koopa Kid head into another dream to try again.[5] This happens at three more dream worlds.[6][7][8] After these attempts, Bowser wants to personally settle it with the dreamer in a dream of his own making: Bowser Nightmare.

The three Koopa Kids still couldn't best the dreamer, and so Bowser is going to duke it out at his stage of terror.[9] As a last resort, Bowser drinks a concoction that grows him in size, but accidentally digs himself into the arena's floor. Knocking Bowser loose, he falls into the vortex behind him.[10]

As it turns out, Bowser only wished for a strong opponent and so he won regardless. Bowser leaves, and Misstar thanks the dreamer for restoring peace to the Dream Depot.



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