Figure-8 Circuit

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A picture of Figure-8 Circuit

Figure-8 Circuit is a racetrack used in Mario Kart DS. It was the first course in the Mushroom Cup, and is located in Grass Land.


Map of Figure-8 Circuit
“This figure-eight shaped course boasts a wide racetrack with easy corners. It’s ideal for constant top-speed racing.”
Instruction Manual, Mario Kart DS[1]

Figure-8 Circuit has a relatively simplistic layout, with it just being shaped like a figure 8. From the starting line, there are many bleachers on the right, followed immediately by a pit stop. From there, the track loops around, providing a great view of Grass Land's rolling hills, Bolted Blocks, and Warp Pipes, before passing under itself through a tunnel made of Brick Blocks and going back to the starting line.


Yoshi racing on Figure-8 Circuit

Two Missions took place on this track. The first mission of the first set saw Mario in his Standard Kart driving through gates on this course, while the second mission of the second set saw Yoshi in his Standard Kart collecting Coins on this course.