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Mario Kart DS was an 8-cup racing tournament held mainly in the Mushroom Continent.


The scope of the tournament evolved in scale compared to the previous Mario Kart tournament, with 24 racing tracks. And, while not too different from the previous roster, still held the same number of 20 racers:

Likely before the tournament, Professor E. Gadd had developed a new model in his Poltergust series: the Poltergust 4000, acting as both a vacuum and kart.

Before, during, or after the tournament, the first 8 racers were participating in a series of small missions that were featured in the courses from the tournament. This was spread out into 7 levels, with 8 missions each, and a boss at the end. Those bosses would be held in separate arenas.[1] Those bosses, in order, were:

Locations Visited





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