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Chain Chomp
Notable members

Chain Chomps are ghosts inhabiting balls, usually ones made of iron. Their demeanor is that of a wild dog; barking, biting, and thus found leashed up. Because of their dog-like behavior, they're often adopted as pets by owners.[1]


Previously, these spirits used to inhabit balls of stone to form Stone Chomps. These chomps were used as guard dogs to guard the treasure of Dry Dry Ruins.[2] Nowadays, Chain Chomps are created from iron balls.[3][4] Golden ball variants of Chain Chomps exist, but are quite rare.[5]

Chain Chomps are very tough orbs, with a large mouth sporting many sharp teeth. They're very excited and willing to pounce on anyone coming close-by. It's because of this that they're leashed up via a chain, but that doesn't stop them from charging at anyone coming by.[6][7]

Life Cycle

Current Chain Chomps are created in factories, a notable one being the factory in Chompworks Galaxy.[8] Chain Chomps can grow up over time, becoming many times their size.[9][10]

When the body of a Chain Chomp is destroyed, the spirit leaves it behind, presumably to inhabit another body. Otherwise, the spirit leaves the Chain Chomp body behind, leaving behind a blank ball with a chomp-indent on it. This is best seen with Stone Chomps leaving their bodies, resulting in a Chomp Rock.[11]


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