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Super Paper Mario was the rescue of all dimensions from an all-destroying Void.



One peaceful day, Mario & Luigi hung out at their home. With nothing to do, they decided to go to Peach's place to hang out there. They went outside to see Toad rushing towards them; Peach had been kidnapped. It took the two Bros. a while, but they figured out that only Bowser could be behind this. The two ran all the way to Bowser's Castle to confront Bowser, but he had yet to perform a kidnapping. Suddenly, Peach appeared in a cubed hexagon prison, and then Count Bleck appeared. He fully explained his plan of destroying the world and knocked out Mario before taking Bowser, his minions, and Luigi to a wedding altar.[1]

After being taken from his castle, Bowser and Peach were forced to be wed. This caused the Chaos Heart to be summoned, and Count Bleck used it to open forth The Void. Luigi awakened and jumped on the Chaos Heart, but nothing happened.[2]

Mario was then awakened by a butterfly Pixl named Tippi. Mario assumed she was an enemy, but she explained that she was here to help before warping the two to Flipside, a world between dimensions. Merlon, a descendant of the Tribe of Ancients, explained that Count Bleck had followed the Dark Prognosticus' instructions to open up the Void. But the Tribe of Ancients wrote a counter-book called the Light Prognosticus that explained how to destroy the Void. The hero would need the power of eight Pure Hearts to destroy the one protected by this dark power. Merlon already had one Pure Heart in his hands and directed Mario to insert it inside a Heart Pillar.[3]

After slotting it inside, the Flipside Tower opened up a dimensional door to Lineland, a whole other dimension different from Mario's. Following the Light Prognosticus' instructions, Mario had to meet with the Flip Wizard, Bestovius, who would give him the power to Flip. Over at the evil lair, Nastasia informed Count Bleck that the hero of prophecy had likely crossed dimensions. O'Chunks offered to chunk up the hero and jumped off his seat.[4]

Chapter 1

Mario reached Bestovius, who asked him for the power to Flip. Bestovius prioritized money over saving all life in the universe, but it took some bartering for him to do it for free.[5] Using the power of Flip, Mario reached Mount Lineland and entered Yold Town. Going down the toilet, Mario freed another Pixl named Thoreau. Mario used Thoreau to convince Old Man Watchitt to let him through town and into Yold Desert.[6] Crossing the desert, Mario encountered, fought, and beat O'Chunks before moving on and entering Yold Ruins.[7] Tippi felt the Pure Heart nearby, so the group entered deeper inside.

Crossing the ruins' tricky puzzles, the group entered outside and encountered Fracktail, guardian of the Pure Heart of this dimension. He was about to let the hero pass, but Dimentio arrived to corrupt the robotic dragon, forcing the two to fight. After defeating the dragon, Mario entered a room to encounter the spirit of Merlumina, who had lingered long enough for her to explain her love life to the hero of prophecy before giving them the Pure Heart.[8] Mario returned to Flipside after being given the Pure Heart.

Meanwhile, over at Castle Bleck, Peach woke up in a random place on the castle roofs and tried to escape with some Koopa Troopas. As they tried to leave, they were cornered by Nastasia, who prepared to hypnotize the bunch. Suddenly, Peach was teleported away.[9] While Mario showcased the Pure Heart to Merlon, he was notified of a girl having fallen from the sky. It was Princess Peach, and Mario made some Spicy Soup to wake her up. Peach decided to help Mario save the world and joined alongside him. After slotting in the next Pure Heart, the dimensional doorway to Gloam Valley appeared, and the group entered inside.

Chapter 2

Merlon said Merlee was the key to finding the next Pure Heart, so the group journeyed through Gloam Valley and into Merlee's Mansion, picking up the bomb Pixl Boomer along the way.[10] The group entered the mansion and let loose a savage beast onto the mansion's maid before continuing on.[11] The group then broke apart a vase, allowing the mansion maid to place the group into 1,000,000 rubees in debt. Thanks to some words from the prisoners and the Pixl Slim, the group continued further after exploding the maid with their quick payment.[12]

Finding Merlee inside the mansion basement, they fought Mimi, a servant of Bleck who had been impersonating as the mansion maid all this time. Before handing the Pure Heart, Merlee explained that the prophecy, unwritten by the Light Prognositcus, also stated that there were four heroes who would stop the Chaos Heart. Mario and Peach had been given the task to find the other two heroes before giving them the next Pure Heart.[13] Meanwhile, Luigi woke up at Castle Bleck and got brainwashed by Nastasia. Back at Flipside, Mario and Peach slotted in the next Pure Heart which led to the Bitlands.[14]

Chapter 3

Tippi was immediately kidnapped by Francis, a super geek. Without their guide, they continued forth where they encountered Bowser, who had managed to arrive here. He joined the team after being convinced that the destruction of everything wouldn't allow him to rule the world.[15] They crossed the Tile Pool, achieved the ground-pounding Pixl Thudley, and defeated the giant Blooper to reach the giant Dotwood Tree.[16] They climbed the tree, defeating an encounter with Dimentio as they reached Fort Francis.[17] Wading through his geek lair, they found and freed Tippi, her joy bringing forth the next Pure Heart.[18]

At Bleck's lair, they planned on unleashing their new recruit to stop the heroes. Back at the heroes, they headed back and recruited the prickly Pixl Barry before sticking the next Pure Heart towards Outer Space. Unfortunately, heading into space required a space helmet, so the team retrieved one before heading back into space.[19]

Chapter 4

Back in space, the gang encountered Squirps who knew exactly that they were here to find the next Pure Heart. Tippi assumed he was allied with Count Bleck, but Squirps proved himself a valuable ally by guiding the heroes through the cold reaches of space and closer to the Pure Heart.[20] On Planet Blobule, Squirps needed to go to the toilet, but someone had been inside it for centuries waiting for toilet paper. Giving them toilet paper, it turned out to have been the reversible Pixl Fleep inside the stall all this time. Thankfully, his help was just needed for the gang to continue further into the Space Bypass.[21]

Squirps explained that they had to go through the Space Bypass to enter the Whoa Zone.[22] Passing through this maze, they fought a most mysterious Green Thunder who called himself "Mr. L". After fighting him and his Brobot, they reached the end of the Whoa Zone and received the Pure Heart.[23]

Over at the evil lair, Nastasia confessed to Count Bleck about her doubts regarding his henchmen's efforts. Back at the heroes, Tippi almost died as she started to die from her Pixl form. Merlon explained that he found Tippi wandering the dimensions, almost dying before he transformed her soul into a Pixl. The gang entered Flopside, an antithesis to Flipside, and slotted in the next Pure Heart which led to the Land of the Cragnons. Tippi recovered enough for her to join the team.[24]

Chapter 5

The group dropped onto the Downtown of Crag to notice a conflict between the Cragnons and Floro Sapiens. Right now, all they knew was that the Floro Sapiens were kidnapping the Cragnons under the order of King Croacus and taking them to his lair. Mario and the gang followed the kidnappees to the Gap of Crag.[25] They fought O'Chunks at the Gap of Crag and continued further, delving deeper into the Floro Caverns.[26] Inside the caverns, they met a peculiar host called Flint Cragley, star of his own show "Flint Cragley, Cragtrotter". His crew seemed to have gone missing and asked Mario and the crew to find them if possible. The group found the crew and headed deeper inside the cave.[27]

Heading deeper into the cave, Dimentio threw O'Chunks at the team under control by a Floro Sprout given to Dimentio by an acquaintance of the land. Thankfully, using O'Chunks' now-dead and detached Floro Sprout proved effective in infiltrating the Floro capital. They defeated King Croacus, and found out that his madness came about because of the Cragnons' pollution of the water. Flint Cragley heard about this and reported live on crag-vision to not pollute the waters. This helped, and the heroes were granted the next Pure Heart.[28]

At the evil company, Dimentio manipulated Mimi and Mr. L to stage a surprise attack against the heroes. In Flopside, the heroes went through a lengthy back-and-forth fetch quest, including getting Merlee's crystal ball to get a key leading them to recruit the Pixl Piccolo. The heroes slotted in the next Pure Heart, opening the dimensional doorway into the Sammer's Kingdom.[29]

Chapter 6

The group arrived at the kingdom and noticed that the Void was much closer here than in other dimensions. It seemed this dimension was set to be destroyed far earlier than the other ones. The group continued further and was forced to compete in the Duel of 100 competition; defeat all 100 of King Sammer's men for the Pure Heart. After defeating Rolling Thwomp in the 20th round, the growing Void sent tremors across the world. This situation was growing more dire, causing the Sammer Guys to yield for Mario and friends to rush ahead.[30] Mimi appeared to stall the heroes and then left, unfortunately causing the ultimate demise of this world.

The heroes were returned to Flipside but re-entered through the dimensional doorway to find everything had turned into a blank void, with only stray architecture remaining of what once used to be the Sammer's Kingdom. After crossing through the empty expanse, they found the Pure Heart, although turned to stone. They fought Mr. L in his updated Brobot and grabbed the Chaos Heart. Mr. L was ashamed of seeing Count Bleck again after having failed twice, so Dimentio boxed him and exploded him into the Underwhere.[31]

Count Bleck was deep in thought back at his castle. During his taunting of the heroes back at the Sammer's Kingdom, he first encountered Tippi. He speculated if that Pixl could be Timpani but brushed it off and continued with his plan of destroying all dimensions. The Mario gang headed to Merlon to showcase the stoned Pure Heart, Merlon deeply troubled as he didn't know how to power it up to head to the next world. Then Dimentio appeared and fulfilled their desires by exploding Mario, Peach, and Bowser into the next world.

Mario woke up in the Underwhere and met up with Queen Jaydes, who asked him if he could retrieve Luvbi for her, and to also find out about this mysterious "man in green" that had recently fallen into the River Styx. Mario found out that this person was none other than Luigi. The two brothers reunited, they retrieved Luvbi and returned to Queen Jaydes. She saw that the Mario Bros. weren't killed but simply sent to the Underwhere. As a result, she returned them back to Flipside along with the revitalized Pure Heart. Slotting the Pure Heart for the next dimensional doorway, it seemed to return them back to the Underwhere.[32]

Chapter 7

Returning to Queen Jaydes, she asked if the Bros. could escort Luvbi to the Overthere.[33] First, they had to cross through Underwhere Road. While there, they heard of a rampaging beast, who just so happened to be Bowser. After re-recruiting him and climbing upwards, they eventually reached the Overthere Stairs.[34] They found Peach on Cloud 43, in a century-long slumber after having eaten a fruit. The group tried multiple fruits for her to eat, finally finding the taboo fruit that woke her up immediately.

With all four heroes, they crossed into the Overthere.[35] Apparently, there was a war going on: Bonechill had escaped from the darkest pits of the Underwhere and was out to take over the Overthere with his army of Skellobits. The group defeated him and learned that Luvbi was indeed a Pure Heart, transformed by Grambi and Queen Jaydes and taken care of like their child. Heartbroken, but understanding, Luvbi turned back into a Pure Heart.[36]

The group slotted in the next Pure Heart, opening the sole dimensional doorway at the Flopside Tower which leads to Castle Bleck.[37]

Chapter 8

Trembling through Castle Bleck, Bowser fought O'Chunks, and the two held open the collapsing ceiling for the rest of the gang to head through.[38] Continuing through the castle foyer, Peach fought Mimi, and they both fell into a pit.[39] Inside the castle interior, a long chase with Dimentio resulted in him and Luigi duking it out, leaving Mario alone to face Count Bleck.[40] Mario's allies returned and Bleck was defeated by using up the power of the Pure Hearts, but then Dimentio appeared and attempted to shoot Bleck behind his back. Dimentio assumed control of the Chaos Heart and directed a Floro Sprouted Luigi onto the Chaos Heart, merging all three into the impervious Super Dimentio.

Back in Dimension D, Count Bleck, Nastasia, and Tippi all retreated to this dimension. O'Chunks and Mimi then appeared and reaffirmed their love for the count. This mutual love caused all 8 Pure Hearts to appear again, allowing Mario & friends to defeat Super Dimentio. Unfortunately, Dimentio left behind a shadow of his power lasting long enough for the Chaos Heart to destroy everything. Using the power of love, Count Bleck and Tippi used the Pure Hearts to destroy the Chaos Heart, returning all worlds to normalcy, but leaving the two's whereabouts unknown.[41]


It's been a while, and things have changed. Tippi is still missing but believed to be alive. Mimi has been hired by Merlee as her handmaid while she's gone, but Mimi's been treating it as her home. Nastasia is still dealing with the loss of Count Bleck, him missing burning a deep pit inside of her. O'Chunks has been trying to cheer up Nastasia, himself feeling satisfied with all this peace. Francis has recovered from the hospital after his fight with the heroes and created Tiptron, a 1:1 replica of Tippi.[42] Luvbi's also back.

With the Sammer's Kingdom restored, the heroes fully participated in the Duel of 100, being rewarded at the end with several Catch Cards of Mario's previous allies.[43]

Between all that

Mario and friends delved deep inside both Pits of 100 Trials of Flipside and Flopside, facing Wracktail and meeting Shadoo respectively, being rewarded by the Pixl Dashell and another romp through the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials respectively.[44][42] After facing the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials again, the group fights Shadoo, their defeat allowing Mario to use the Flip ability without getting hurt.[45]



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