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Mario Party Superstars was about revisiting old locations to fix new problems that have been raised, all in the form of a Mario Party.


Everyone's back in Mushroom Village to hold a Mario Party.[1] While Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Wario, Donkey Kong, and Yoshi are familiar with this location, there are some newbies such as Princess Daisy, Birdo, Waluigi, and Rosalina.

The Warp Pipe in the middle will be used to return to locations that haven't been visited in some time. Heading to these locations, new problems have arisen that need fixing and the person that's able to fix it will be the Super Star.

Yoshi's Tropical Island

In Mario Party, the Super Star arrived at Yoshi's Tropical Island and saved a Yoshi trapped on an island, surrounded by whirlpools. The Yoshis were so appreciative of the Super Star's kindness that they have been waiting here since for the next Super Star to appear.[2]

Their wait was worth it, as the Super Star revealed themselves to play on their island again.

Peach's Birthday Cake

In Mario Party, Peach's birthday was saved by putting massive candles on her birthday cake. Although it's not Peach's birthday anymore, the birthday cake will still be used to commemorate the birth of a Super Star.[3]

Space Land

In Mario Party 2, King Black Hole Bowser was defeated on this Space Land space station, which restored peace to the galaxy. Currently, although the galaxy is at peace, signs of trouble lurk just over the horizon. A savior is needed to hold that peace.[4]

Collecting all those Power Stars sure proved to the galaxy that there is a savior in the form of the Super Star.

Horror Land

In Horror Land, Wizard Bowser was driven away by the Super Star after an intense magic battle. (The photograph says it was Mario who did it.) The spooky woods returned to normal, but spooky spirits returned to make everything spooky again. The Super Star has to save this forest from its scary fate.[5]

Woody's Woods

Woody's Woods was once part of a quest for someone to become the Super Star of the universe in Mario Party 3. There was no clear victor, according to the Koopa Troopa guide, so it was time to revisit these woods to truly find out who's the Super Star.[6]


  • King Boo appears, placing this title before he is recaptured in Luigi’s Mansion 3.
  • This title features Minigames from Mario Party games up to Mario Party 10, placing it after those titles, though not Super Mario Party, indicating Super Mario Party happened recently enough that the cast didn’t want to reuse minigames from it.
  • Birdo takes part in this Mario Party after being nostalgic about her past involvement with the events in Super Mario Party.


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