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In-game artwork of an Octoomba from Dr. Mario World
Habitat Space
Cold regions
Related Species
- Elite Octoomba
- Octoguy
- Rocto

Octoombas are creatures that bear a resemblance to Goombas. However, they distinguish themselves with their unique ability to spit rocks.


Octoombas are characterized by their blue bodies adorned with several yellow spots. They possess funnel-shaped mouths, which they use for spitting rocks. Their heads are topped with antennae, and they move by hopping side to side on their three rounded feet. Their eyes glow and are set deep into their faces, giving them a constant scowl.


Octoombas have the ability to spit rocks. Before launching their attack, they change color and rear their heads, providing warning to those familiar with their behavior. Octoombas are defeated by a spin or a stomp. The green Elite Octoomba, a variant of the species, is known for its speed and ability to spit two rocks at once.


Octoombas are known to inhabit a variety of locations across the universe. They have been spotted in several galaxies and areas, including: