Theory: RPG Star Hill is Partners in Time Star Hill

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Status High Consensus
Author Marhiin
Seán D. Walsh
Date of creation September 5th, 2020


Star Hill (Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars) is the same as Star Hill (Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time)


  • Argument 1: Star Hill (PiT) does not need to be north of Peach's Castle. The Partners in Time world map can be disregarded due to other inaccuracies (Bowser's Castle and Yoshi's Island). Star Hill is only reached via pipe and time hole and thus not tied directly to any other location.

  • Argument 2: Although Star Hill (RPG) shares its Japanese name with Shooting Star Summit (Paper Mario), it is obviously not called Shooting Star Summit in the English versions. Spanish, French, and German also makes the distinction of calling it Star Hill in Partners in Time and Shooting Star Summit in Paper Mario.

  • Argument 3: See Picture.