Theory: Kingdom of Shrooms' Relation and Influence

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Status High Consensus
Author Cad48
Date of creation February 15th, 2022


The mysterious civilization seen throughout Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is the Kingdom of Shrooms seen in Paper Mario: The Origami King, as well as in Drybake Stadium in Paper Mario: Sticker Star and Shy Guy Bazaar in Mario Kart 7. Subcon was also influenced culturally by this civilization.


  • Argument 1: All three civilizations have very similar, Arabian-esque architecture not seen anywhere else in the series, with distinctive domes being the most unique feature. It’s very unique for series standards, and can be seen in locations such as the Shroom City Royal Hotel and Double Cherry Palace.

  • Argument 3: Both Subcon and the Treasure Tracker civilization have an emphasis on cherries, with cherries seen all over Subcon and two levels in Treasure Tracker constructed by them containing, and being named after, Double Cherries. In addition, both Subcon and the locations in Treasure Tracker have many Turnips.

  • Argument 5: Within both Flip Panel Footpath and the Grand Labyrinth, Mummy-Mes, ghostly Toadmummies, can be found. In addition, within the Grand Labyrinth was the Super Crown, a one-of-a-kind artifact with mushroom patterning. In addition, many Golden Mushrooms are found within the Grand Labyrinth. These things suggest a connection to Toads and Mushrooms, one not seen elsewhere within Treasure Tracker.