Yoshi's Safari

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Yoshi's Safari is the saving of Jewelry Land from Bowser's invasion.


Princess Peach got a notice that Bowser has invaded Jewelry Land and taken their 12 gems. Those 12 gems help keep their world stable, so their removal caused the land to be split into a Light and Dark Realm.[1] Members of their royal family, King Fret and Prince Pine, were also kidnapped.

Meeting up at the Mushroom World, Peach asks Mario and Yoshi a favor to journey to Jewelry Land and stop the invasion. Naturally, Mario and Yoshi head out towards Jewelry Land.[2]

At the end of each area, they would be stopped by one of the Koopalings. All of them were riding a personalized mech, except Wendy; she got to go into pipes.

After saving King Fret, Mario and Yoshi head towards the Dark Realm to return the five remaining gems and save Prince Pine.[3] After defeating Bowser, Prince Pine tells Mario about the secret power behind the 12 gems and asks him to use it to reunite the Light and Dark realm back into the peaceful Jewelry Land.[4]

After this adventure, Mario and Yoshi return back to Princess Peach back at Mushroom World.



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