Wrecking Crew '98

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Wrecking Crew '98 is about Mario destroying the skyscrapers put in the Mushroom Kingdom by Bowser.


Mario returned to the Mushroom Kingdom after a vacation to discover that the land has suddenly been filled with towering skyscrapers. These buildings are revealed to be numerous secret bases built by Bowser, and these buildings are also causing the flowers underneath to die due to lack of sunlight. Mario heads inside his home to grab the hammer he used during Wrecking Crew and will be using it to destroy these buildings one by one.[1]

Mario encounters a variety of opponents that try to stop him, some during Wrecking Crew, and some completely new people.[2] One especially important person is Foreman Spike, who seems to be responsible for the construction of all these buildings to get revenge on Mario again.[3] Defeating Spike, he gives Mario the location of Bowser's super secret base.

Mario arrives at Bowser's secret base before its completion and defeats him.[4] After all of the bases are destroyed, Bowser figures out he had been used by Spike and chases after him in rage.[5]



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