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Habitat Forests

Whittles are a species of wooden spirits that take a humanoid form carved from wood. They are present in various Galaxies across the universe, and are generally friendly. They are known for speaking in short, broken, sentences.


Whittles have a small blocky body with blocky arms and legs. Their heads are large and take the form of geometrical shapes, such as a triangle or a square with one rounded corner. their mouths are a long carved notch across their faces and they have two small holes for eyes. Whittles usually have a single leaf growing out of their heads.

Their culture places great importance on courage and use Power Stars as symbols of bravery, awarded to those who reach the end of Tall Trunk's Big Slide.[1] They consider Tall Trunk Galaxy sacred and take upon themselves to protect its large tree.[2]


Across the universe, Whittles have been present in numerous locations. Almost always in nature or in places surrounded by it.


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