Wario Land II

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Wario Land II was Wario's reclamation of his treasure from the Black Sugar Gang.


At Wario's personal island and castle, the Black Sugar Gang infiltrates the castle while Wario's asleep; they steal his treasure, flood it, leave a vicious snake in his cellar, and annoy him with a very loud alarm clock.[1]

Because of how multiple choice-centric the story is, it's difficult to place which one is the correct story. But in a broad sense; the Black Sugar Gang are defeated and Wario gets his treasure back after a fight with Captain Syrup or a large Pirate Goom.

Later on, Wario infiltrates Castle Syrup to then steal the gang's treasure. He manages to nab it and escapes while a giant spear guy from the Black Sugar Gang chases after him.[2]


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