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SuperMarioParty Waluigi.png
Species Human
Place of Origin Unknown
Residence Waluigi's Island
Age ~30 (same age as Luigi)
Height ~2.37 m (~7,7)

Waluigi is the self-proclaimed rival of Luigi. Envious of Mario & Luigi’s fame, Waluigi schemes to become more popular than the brothers. Contrary to popular belief, Waluigi is not Wario's brother, but rather a persona made up to gain relevance in the Mushroom Kingdom. As such, he likely intentionally designed his name and appearance to contrast Luigi's.



Waluigi was born around the same time as the Mario Bros. He noticed the brothers rising to fame, with Waluigi taking a close eye on Luigi's rise to Superstardom. Fueled by envy, Waluigi spent a long time watching and studying Mario and Luigi from the shadows, building up the strength to compete with them eventually.[1]

Mario Party 3

Waluigi first made himself known to Mario and Luigi during the third Mario Party. Having stolen the Mischief Star Stamp, he introduced himself before defeating Bowser in a fight. Here, he challenges the player on his board. Once he is defeated, he claims that he won’t forget this and runs off.

Mario Tennis

After observing them and training, the perfect opportunity presented itself when a Mario Tennis tournament was held. Waluigi entered himself in and claimed to be "Luigi's arch nemesis", teaming up with Wario to steal the brothers' fame.

Mario Party 4

Waluigi attended the fourth Mario Party inside the Party Cube.

Mario Kart Arcade GP / Mario Kart Arcade GP 2

Waluigi took part in the Mario Kart Arcade Grand Prix, where there was a cup dedicated to him.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Waluigi took part in the Mario Kart Double Dash Grand Prix, where he once again teamed up with Wario. Their vehicles of choice were the Wario Car and the Waluigi Racer. His signature item is the Bob-omb, and he has a course dedicated to him.

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour

Waluigi made his debut as a golfer in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour. After seeing Luigi almost get a hole-in-one, Wario and Waluigi decided to brush up on their golf skills by challenging various other golfers. They started by challenging Yoshi and Koopa Troopa to a round of golf. Waluigi approached the green, but his ball continuously missed the hole. After failing to sink his ball for the fourth time, Wario notified Waluigi that Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong have joined the golfing competition as well, and decided to challenge them next. During this round, Wario hit his ball really far, but he suddenly heard a loud roaring sound shortly after. It is then revealed that Wario's golf ball had given Bowser a black eye, and he began to chase after the duo with his Koopa Clown Car. They managed to lose Bowser by jumping through a Warp Pipe, but little did they know, Bowser's Castle was on the other side. Bowser caught up to them once again and attempted to throw a Bob-omb at the duo. Just as Bowser was about to throw the Bob-omb, Mario's ball bounced off of Wario and Waluigi, giving them black eyes too, and knocked the Bob-omb off Bowser's hand. The Bob-omb exploded on Wario, Waluigi, and Bowser.

Mario Golf: Advance Tour

Waluigi showed off his golfing skills once again in Mario Golf: Advance Tour.

Mario Power Tennis

Waluigi participated in the Mario Power Tennis tournament, where Wario was once again his doubles partner. They lost to Mario and Luigi in the first round of the tournament. Furious, they decided to vandalize Mario and Luigi's picture on the tournament bracket, which caught the attention of the police. Wario and Waluigi ran from the police for a while until they found a side room in Peach Dome, which is revealed to be Bowser's workout room. Bowser offered to ally with Wario and Waluigi, to which they happily agreed.

Throughout the rest of the tournament, Wario and Waluigi trained in Bowser's workout room. During the final round, the two of them interrupted what was supposed to be a match between Mario & Luigi and Yoshi & Donkey Kong. They pulled out a Bob-omb launcher and attempted to shoot Bob-ombs at the Mario Bros, with Bowser also throwing Bob-ombs from a hot air balloon. After missing several times, Bowser fired a Bullet Bill at Mario. Mario deflected the Bullet Bill with his tennis racket, sending it towards Wario and Waluigi's Bob-omb launcher. The Bob-omb launcher malfunctioned and launched a Bob-omb at Bowser's hot air balloon. Because the balloon's base was filled with Bob-ombs, it caused a huge explosion when it crashed into the ground. Bowser, Wario, and Waluigi all fainted as a result.

Mario Tennis Power Tour

Waluigi also took part in the Mario Tennis: Power Tour tournament, this time without Wario.

Super Mario Strikers

Waluigi participated in the Super Mario Strikers tournament, where he was the captain of his soccer team. He also assisted in the construction of the Underground field.

Mario Party 5

Waluigi attended the fifth Mario Party that was held in the Dream Depot.

Mario Party DS

Waluigi was one of the eight people to receive an invitation to a free buffet at Bowser's Castle. However, the invitation was a trap to get them kidnapped so that Bowser could use his Minimizer to shrink them down to the size of chess pieces. After being thrown to a distant location by Kamek, Waluigi and the rest of the group set off on their journey to Bowser's Castle. Along the way, the eight of them competed for the title of Superstar.

Mario Party 6

Waluigi attended the sixth Mario Party, where he helped collect Stars to fill the Star Bank and end Brighton and Twila's feud.

Mario Superstar Baseball

Wario received an invitation to Bowser's baseball tournament and brought Waluigi to play on his team. They managed to advance to the finals but ended up losing to Mario's team.

Mario Party 7

Waluigi was invited by Toadsworth to go on a cruise for the seventh Mario Party.

Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix

To become the Mushroom Kingdom's best dancer, Waluigi stole the Music Keys from Truffle Tower. He kept one for himself and entrusted Big Blooper, Wario, and Freezie with the other three. Waluigi was forced to forfeit his music key to Mario after losing to him in a dance-off. This is where we first get a glimpse of Waluigi’s love for dancing.

Mario Party 8

Waluigi attended the eighth Mario Party, which was held at the Star Carnival.

Mario Kart DS

Waluigi took part in the Mario Kart DS Grand Prix. His vehicles of choice were the Standard WL, the Zipper, and the Gold Mantis. He once again has a track dedicated to him.

Mario Strikers Charged

Waluigi's soccer team returned to participate in the Mario Strikers Charged tournament.

Mario Super Sluggers

During Bowser Jr's invasion of the Baseball Kingdom, Waluigi was spotted on a building in Wario City, guarding a treasure chest. However, Wario argued that because he is the ballpark's namesake, everything in it belongs to him, including treasure chests. Waluigi agreed to let Wario have the chest, but only if he could complete a baseball challenge that he had set up. Wario won the challenge, and Waluigi was forced to hand over the treasure chest.

Mario Hoops 3-on-3

Waluigi participated in the Mario Hoops 3-on-3 basketball tournament.

Mario Party 9

Mario Sports Mix

Mario Kart Wii

Mario Tennis Open

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

Mario Party: Island Tour

Mario Golf: World Tour

Mario Party 10

Mario Sports Superstars

Mario Kart 8

Mario Party: Star Rush

Mario Party: The Top 100

Super Mario Party

Mario Tennis Aces

Dr. Mario World

During the Mushroom Kingdom's invasion of the Viruses, Waluigi joined the team as Dr. Waluigi.

Mario Party Superstars

Waluigi entered the Warp Pipe in Mushroom Village to help with troubles that have arisen since they were gone, all to cement himself as the Superstar.

Mario Kart Tour

Waluigi participated in Mario Kart Tour, where his base special items were using double Bob-ombs. During the London Tour, Waluigi dressed up as a bus driver with Triple Bananas being his special items. In the 2021 Halloween Tour, Waluigi wore a vampire costume with his special item being a Bob-omb Cannon.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Booster Course Pass

Waluigi raced in the Booster Course Pass, a continuation of the Mario Kart 8 Grand Prix, where he raced in 12 additional cups.

Mario Golf: Super Rush

Waluigi joined Wario in finding the Lightning Sword at Wildweather Woods, but they were blocked from access by being repeatedly struck by lightning by an invisible presence. After Anna took the Lightning Sword, the Wario Bros. decide to let her find the treasure for them. They were even used as energy conduits for Anna to defeat the Sacred Flamebeast in Balmy Dunes.

He, Wario, and Anna then entered Bowser Highlands and passed through all of the Snow King's defenses. When the road ahead proved too difficult, Waluigi and Wario then decided to defend the fort so Anna could move on without them, where they were granted lightning-based abilities to help in their efforts. After Anna had defeated the Snow King, Waluigi and Wario struck the king with lightning before he could reform himself.

Mario Strikers: Battle League

Waluigi participated in this season's Strikers. His Hyper Strike was called the Thorn Barrier, which spawned a bunch of thorns that ensnared anyone in its path.

Physical Appearance

Waluigi is a tall, gaunt, man wearing black/navy blue overalls, a purple long-sleeved shirt, and a purple hat with a yellow upside-down L. He has a large pink nose, a thin handlebar mustache pointing upwards, and blue bags under his eyes.


Waluigi is a cunning and devious man. [2] [3] He is very arrogant and thinks highly of himself, sometimes exaggerating how good he is. And being so delusional, he rarely admits when he has lost, usually just blaming it on cheating.[4] And hypocritically, he also tends to brag about his ability to cheat. [5] One of his main personality traits is jealousy. He feels that he has to be better than everyone else, and he usually resorts to sabotage because of this. Another personality trait of his is his flashiness: he always has a rose on hand to pose with, [6] he loves to dance, [7] and he always gloats whenever he wins. [8]



Waluigi considers himself to be Luigi’s rival. He trained night and day for a long time just to best Luigi. It is unknown why Waluigi has such a burning hatred for Luigi, but we do know that Luigi just doesn’t care.[9]


Wario is Waluigi’s partner in crime and sports. They are often portrayed as comic relief characters, getting into various mishaps when executing their plans.[10][11]

Princess Daisy

The two seemingly have a negative relationship. They both share bad chemistry, and they appear to have been rivals in some events such as Super Mario Strikers and Mario Kart 8.


Bowser and Waluigi have a neutral relationship. They are presumed to be allies, having teamed up in Mario Power Tennis. However, they also seem to have a negative relationship, having gotten into conflict on multiple occasions. [12]


Waluigi is quite strong, having beaten Bowser in a fistfight in Mario Party 3.

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