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A Thwomp from Super Mario Galaxy
Notable members
Mrs. Thwomp
Mr. Thwomp

Thwomps are pieces of solid stone that gained sentience through a spirit inhabiting it. They are most often seen in Mario’s Planet and in other Galaxies.


“A nasty stone ghost that guards the castles and fortresses for the Koopas.”
Instruction manual, Super Mario World

Thwomps are pieces of solid stone that always sport a mean frown and (most often) red pupils. They can be chiseled into many forms, their most popular being rectangles with a row of either spikes or beveled edges. Some variants have faces on both the front and back, although these variants have only been seen in Galaxies outside Mario’s Planet.

They are often placed as guards inside the Koopa Troop’s castles and fortresses. While a Thwomp’s most preferred method of guarding is by smashing down on them, there are some who guard the way via a quiz show.[1][2]

Life Cycle

A Thwomp is created in the Thwomp Volcano. During its eruption, they are launched out of the volcano and spread out across the surrounding area. In their raw form, they are pieces of rough squares but are chiseled out into more effective forms such as having an outer row of spikes.

As seen by a Sniffle Thwomp, their bodies can get sick by gaining a fever. In this case, placing an ice pack will help with their affliction.

Since they’re ghosts, they can leave their stone bodies either out of their free will or if their bodies are destroyed. When doing so, their eyes and mouths close.


Thwomps can float indefinitely in the air and remain stationary. Their attack pattern is either to stay stationary until someone closes in, or move in a set pattern. In both cases, they rely heavily on their sheer weight to crush someone in their path.

Their stone bodies are able to use power-ups. Super Leaves turn them into Tail Thwomps, where they can float in midair before slamming down. Super Stars turn Thwomps into Star Thwomps.


Because Thwomps lead a sapient life, they live wherever they want to live. After its spirit has left its rock body, they are usually left behind in deserts.


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