Theory: Wario is Immortal

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Status High Consensus
Author Commended Wario
Date of creation September 1st, 2019


Wario is immortal/invulnerable.


“Wario Land 2 is much better than any of my previous games. Why, you ask? Because in this game, I am immortal! There is no Game Over!”
Wario, Wario Land II[1]

  • Argument 2: On Page 11 in the Wario Land II Manual it states
“No Matter how much damage I take, I am immortal! Ha ha! But I am not invincible. Some enemy attacks affect me in different ways.”
Wario, Wario Land II[2]

“Wario may be invincible, but when he's attacked by his enemies he takes damage. Just like in Wario Land 2, this game is chock-full of laughable reactions!”
Instruction manual, Wario Land 3[3]

  • Argument 4: On the Japanese Wario Land 4 FAQ. One of the questions is "Why did Wario become invulnerable?" Wario replies with:
“You don't want to die! I don't want to die!”
Wario, Wario Land 4
as his reason for being immortal/invulnerable.

  • Argument 5: After Virtual Boy Wario Land, Wario cannot die. There isn't a life system in some games and in the games where he has a heart meter, he gets blasted out the dimension. No Game Over. Even things like being burnt to complete ash doesn't keep him down.

  • Argument 6: In the Wario Land Shake It! developer interview. When Ebisu Etsunobu (Wario Land Shake It!'s producer) is asked "What kind of an image did you have of Wario?" Etsunobu states:
“I thought of him as reckless. But for some reason he doesn't die. (Laughs) He's completely different than Mario.”
Ebisu Etsunobu, Wario Land: Shake It![4]
(This one is up to interpretation, as it's not clear if he meant Wario was different than Mario in that he can't die and is reckless.)

  • Argument 7: In the Waro Land 3 Japanese commercial. Wario literally says "Thank You" to enemies inflicting damage on him, which could mean there's no real danger.[5]