Theory: Sunset Wilds' Location

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Status High Consensus
Author SlamOtomai
Date of creation August 23rd, 2020


Sunset Wilds are located in the Windblown Wilderness section of Yoshi’s Island.


  • Argument 1: Mesas, which are the biomes featured in Sunset Wilds, also appear in Windblown Wilderness (and other levels from the Yoshi’s Island DS World 2).

  • Argument 2: Wild Shy Guys appear in Sunset Wilds, just like the Spear Guys, the Dancing Spear Guys and all the different types of Shy Guys living on Yoshi’s Island.

  • Argument 3: During the race, totems formed with Shy Guys, Snifits and Toadies are seen. All three of those enemies appear simultaneously on Yoshi’s Island, unlike other places seen in the games.