Theory: Sarasaland's Location

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Sarasaland's Location

Theory: Sarasaland is located in the southern continent of the Super Mario Odyssey world map

  • Argument 1: Based on the colors and placement of the continent, it can be deduced it is sunny, sandy and subtropical, all characteristics that can be used to describe Sarasaland.[1]
  • Argument 2: The Gushen from the nearby Seaside Kingdom are similar in appearance and name to the Gunions, suggesting they might be biologically related.
  • Argument 3: The official Super Mario Maker Event Course "Adventure in Sarasaland" describes Sarasaland as being located an ocean away from the Mushroom Kingdom.[1]
  • Argument 4: The terrain of the continent has locations that could match Sarasaland's four kingdoms:[1]


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