Theory: Octopuses and Shy Guys created Factory in Weapon World

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Status High Consensus
Author Seán D. Walsh
Date of creation January 26, 2024

Octopuses and Shy Guys created the original Smithy and the Factory in Weapon World


This theory builds upon a previous High Consensus Theory about octopuses and Shy Guys, which is recommended reading for understanding the context of this theory.



  • Argument 2: The Smithy that leads the Smithy Gang in Super Mario RPG does not appear to be the only or even original Smithy, with several scrapped Smithy parts of various sizes and conditions laying around in the depths of the Factory. This may imply that someone else designed Smithy/Smithies to act as the head(s) of the Factory in the past.

  • Argument 3: It’s implied that the rest of the Smithy Gang’s members were forged by Smithy based on existing weapons, such as swords, bows, spears and axes, which would require a pre-existing culture for Smithy to be familiar with using said weapons.

  • Argument 4: The Smelter used by Smithy, which produces the magical, molten steel he uses to make his minions, has an octopus face. This is made particularly apparent by its distinct circular, protruding octopus “mouth”. Such a significant item for the origin of life in this civilisation being designed in such a specific way may carry some cultural significance.

  • Argument 5: The enemies Octolots and Octovaders from Super Mario RPG may be related to the Smithy Gang, the main antagonists of said game. The name “Octovader” appears to be a portmanteau of octopus and invader, which is befitting of the Smithy Gang themselves being alien invaders.

  • Argument 6: The Axem Rangers team all feature the same circular, protruding mouths seen on octopuses, Snifit masks and the Smelter of the Factory.

  • Argument 7: Shymores, Springers and Shypers are minions of the Smithy Gang forged in the Factory which are near-identical in appearance to Shy Guys, despite apparently being “Smithy originals”. However, it’s stated in Super Mario RPG that these minions were “designed for mass production from the start”, implying they’re some of the most basic, expendable minions of the Smithy Gang. The Factory Chief also thinks about the production goal of 1,000 Shymore units before the month is out. If Shy Guys had a hand in the establishment of the factory, this would explain the significant presence of Shy Guy-like creations within the Smithy Gang’s ranks.

  • Argument 8: The alien Shy Guys seen in Mario Party 8 have silver, metallic bodies strongly resembling those of freshly made, unpainted Shypers.

  • Argument 9: The majority of non-weapon beings found in the Weapon World are ghosts such as High Boos and Doppels. Appearing prominently amongst these are the Glum Reapers, which are Shy Guy ghosts, implying Shy Guys once lived and died in this world.

  • Argument 10: Shymores, Springers and Bodyguards can all perform the Spell “Hot Shot”, which allows them to shoot a single, small fireball from their mouths. This Spell can also be performed by Snifits. Claymorton and Octolots share a similar attack, simply called Flame, which also produces a fireball.