Theory: Mario’s Height

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Status High Consensus
Author Seán D. Walsh, Simsora13
Date of creation October 22nd, 2019


Mario’s height is 155 centimeters or 5 feet 1.024 inches tall.

This theory was originally proposed by MatPat of the Game Theorists. Unfortunately, MatPat never provided a valid source for his height claim, meaning we had no idea if we could trust it or not.


  • Argument 1: The officially licensed “actual size Mario statue” stands at 155cm tall. Since this official statue reportedly depicts Mario at “actual size”, this should be a valid source.

  • Argument 2: Using images and videos that I captured in Super Mario Odyssey with Simsora13 using the noclip website, we were able to find out the size of a tile in New Donk City in NoClip Units. We were able to then use the meters given in Balloon World to work out how many NCUs are in a Super Mario Odyssey meter. We then used a picture of Mario lying down on a tile to give us an approximate height of five foot two inches tall for Mario. With room for a slight margin of error, we can deduce that the statue is accurate and Mario’s height is indeed 5 foot 1.024 inches tall.