Theory: Location of Emerald Woods and Gold Links and Crystal Beach

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Status High Consensus
Author SlamOtomai
Date of creation August 23rd, 2020


Emerald Woods, Gold Links and Crystal Beach, golf courses from Mario Sports Superstar, are all located in the Diamond City Region (WarioWare games + other implied appearances).


  • Argument 1: Diamond City has suburbs around it, as shown by one of Mona's cutscenes, where the young redheaded woman is going through them to reach the city.

  • Argument 3: Terracotta orange roof houses are featured both in Crystal Beach & Gold Links and in the suburbs. Gold Links has many other terracotta houses scattered in its background.

  • Argument 4: Crystal Beach, Gold Links and Emerald Woods follow the gem naming convention that the locations of the Diamond City region follow.
Golf Courses Collages.png